RCVS 36.2

After inquiring about the little ginseng spirit, Dr. Fang took Yan Mu Lin somewhere else. While walking, he said to Yan Mu Lin: “He Yan’s case is more serious than the others. He had a happy family but his mother suddenly died in a car accident. After two years, his father remarried. Who would have thought that his stepmother’s child would abuse him? He Yan’s father did not know about it at first. He found out when He Yan’s illness was getting worse. When He Yan was sent here, he had body scars that could not be hidden.”


Yan Mu Lin’s heart felt heavy. He suffered in his previous life but no one abused him. He could eat and clothe himself, it was not necessary for him to blame others. After thinking about this, he thought that he even had a happy life.


Yan Mu Lin said: “Compared to him, aren’t we all blessed?”


Dr. Fang replied, “If you think about it this way, then we are.”


After meeting the little ginseng spirit and discovering his past, Dr. Fang took Yan Mu Lin to see “Crown Prince” Qin Ming. Compared to the others, this crown prince was more normal. While reading the book, he was holding it correctly.


After his contact with the two patients, Yan Mu Lin realized that his expectations towards them were lowered.


The prince sat on the swing, ignoring them. The doctor kneeled in front of him and started to talk to him. He just replied with “En” and “Ah”. His expression was filled with disdain. Compared to the one who waved a sword-shaped balloon at them, it was almost like they were two different people.


Dr. Fang asked him: “Qin Ming, your parents will come to see you the day after tomorrow. Do you want to see them?”


Qin Ming looked at Dr. Fang and waved his hand, “No.”


Dr. Fang said patiently, “Do I refuse for you now?”


Qin Ming said: “No, tell it tomorrow.”


When he looked up, he saw that Dr. Fang had other people around. Qin Ming asked Yan Mu Lin directly, “Who are you?”


Yan Mu Lin replied: “I am new here.”


Qin Ming frowned and uttered with disappointment, “You already saw this crown prince yet you still aren’t kneeling!”


Yan Mu Lin: “……”


Dr. Fang quickly whispered in Yan Mu Lin’s ear, “Do as he says. His “Crown Prince” syndrome is flaring up.”


Yan Mu Lin followed. He immediately kneeled in front of the “Crown Prince”: “Yes, Your Royal Highness.”


Not only Yan Mu Lin, even Dr. Fang and Peng Xiao Ru kneeled down on one knee. It was only Madam White Snake and the little ginseng spirit who was hidden from Qin Ming, so they did not have to kneel.


Seeing them collectively kneel down, the Crown Prince satisfactorily allowed everyone to get up, “Okay. Okay. Don’t forget this next time. Physician Fang, remember to teach newcomers about etiquette. His posture is incorrect.”


Dr. Fang agreed, “Yes, Your Royal Highness.”


Yan Mu Lin: “……” Practice posture? This is not a rehabilitation center, it’s a mental hospital!


The cameraman hiding behind them actually escaped this scam. Yan Mu Lin sulked silently. Fortunately, Dr. Fang and his assistant had to follow too, otherwise, it would be too miserable.


After comforting the “Crown Prince”, Dr. Fang, Yan Mu Lin, and the others left the room. He told the medical staff outside to monitor them. This was to avoid the patients from harming themselves.


After doing his rounds, Dr. Fang returned to the office with Yan Mu Lin. He gave him a detailed explanation of the three patients. Before this, Dr. Fang told Yan Mu Lin about how “Crown Prince” Qin caught his illness.


“Qin Ming’s case is a little special. We investigated his past. He was just a normal child preparing for junior high. However, on the first day of his schooling, he fell from a tree. When Qin Ming woke up, he suddenly yelled that he was a crown prince. There was no way for his family to communicate with him, so he was sent to us. Right now, the therapy had minimal effects on him.”


Yan Mu Lin opened his mouth and asked, “Doesn’t Qin Ming’s illness seem different from the other two?”


In fact, he could even be a transmigrator. How could therapy be successful? Unless he accepts the idea of advancing with the times, it would be ineffective.


After explaining the situation of the three patients, Dr. Fang said to him: “The program team wants you to choose a patient from the three and come into contact with them. Regardless of the outcome of your communication with them, the hospital will not blame you. The parents of the children also agreed to this activity. They also want to see if you could make any progress. You can do what you think can help.”


Yan Mu Lin was in a dilemma. It was hard to communicate with all three of them. Madam White Snake and the ginseng spirit was mentally ill. The crown prince was really a crown prince. He had to kneel to him when coming and leaving. Yan Mu Lin was afraid that he would get sick due to kneeling all the time…


Dr. Fang left the office so that Yan Mu Lin could think about it. A producer asked Yan Mu Lin, “Mu Lin, are you thinking about who to choose? Is it difficult?”


Yan Mu Lin faced the camera and said honestly, “I really don’t know who to choose. Ning Yu and He Yan’s experiences really make me feel bad. Although I did not have the same experiences as them, I think that I am quite similar to them. They have lonely childhoods. I really don’t know who to choose.”


Yan Mu Lin could actually talk about some of his past experiences but decided not to.


He had thought of doing this to win rouse sympathy from the viewers. This could also show the Sheng family what the previous Yan Mu Lin experienced and why he does not want to be in their family tree.


Yan Mu Lin is not a narrow-minded person by any means, but he could not understand Sheng family’s practices. Everyone acted arrogantly and commanded him to do what they think is right. Sheng Qing Dong might not have even listened to the words he said at the restaurant. That might even be the beginning of their tug-of-war. How annoying.


The screenwriter can roughly guess Yan Mu Lin’s choice. He paused and said, “I think you will select Qin Ming.” Compared to the other two, he was probably the most normal. Uhm. In some aspects.


After selecting a patient, Dr. Fang told him about Qin Ming’s treatment and habits. Right now, it is currently their lunch break. The shooting would resume after lunch as the patients were still young and had to rest.


Yan Mu Lin felt relieved after hearing about Qin Ming’s daily schedule.


Fortunately, Qin Ming is normal. During the afternoon, he liked to sit under the shade of a tree and read a book. His “Crown Prince” disease only attacks when he is in a bad mood. As long as he is in a good mood, it did not matter even if Madam White Snake calls him her official, or if the ginseng spirit hugs him. The Crown Prince was even a good conversationalist.


Yan Mu Lin did not have an easy time. At noon, he had to look for hints on Qin Ming’s patient evaluation. He had to confirm whether this Crown Prince was a true transmigrator or not. Yan Mu Lin wanted to test him this afternoon as he was not so sure.


So, how would he test him… He spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about this, wasting his break time.


Naturally, in front of the camera, it looked like Yan Mu Lin was wholeheartedly preparing to communicate with the patient. He looked like a serious and caring young man, a worthy role model for the youth.


Yan Mu Lin looked for the place where the Crown Prince usually sat in a daze and stayed there ahead of schedule, waiting for an “unexpected encounter”.


The prince wasn’t stupid. After seeing the newcomer appear in front of him, he said: “You’re purposely trying to get close to this prince, but for what reason?”


The cameraman said in his mind: His delusional disorder is quite serious ah.


However, Yan Mu Lin thought differently. He moved forward and said, “Why does the Crown Prince think so? Why would I scheme against you?”


Qin Ming did not hesitate to say, “Of course it would be for the throne.”


Yan Mu Lin sat in a chair that is opposite him and said softly, “Crown Prince, did no one tell you that we are not in the Tang Dynasty? That time has long passed.”


The cup that was held by the crown prince fell to the ground. He shouted at Yan Mu Lin coldly, “I don’t believe you!”


Before the Crown Prince could continue his outburst, Yan Mu Lin picked up the cup and approached him, whispering: “Crown Prince, I also did not believe it when I first transmigrated to this world. Do you want to hear my story?”


Qin Ming looked distracted and said, “What are you saying?”


Yan Mu Lin smiled at the Crown Prince. He knew that the fish took the bait.


The Crown Prince was actually someone who transmigrated.


Yan Mu Lin was also a transmigrator, he knew what he could and could not say in front of the camera. When he came near, the audience will assume that he was comforting the patient. No matter how Qin Ming responds, no one will doubt him.


In the situation that he actually convinced the Crown Prince to receive medical treatment, he would have to accept today’s modern technology. If he could accept the fact that Tang Dynasty was no more, then that was a plus. Therefore, Yan Mu Lin started to explain his own situation to Qin Ming.


“I’m originally not a person of this world…”


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  2. Interesting to see the opposite perspective from the travelling to the past transmigration template we usually see. Honestly, one would pretty much expect to end up in psychiatric care in that situation because how would you react to such a different environment? Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Merci!

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  3. Ooooh! The thought of another transmigrator is exciting! Especially when they’re a smol transmigrator–cute. I really wonder how much Yan Mu Lin will reveal in front of the camera, and if the Crown Prince will believe him.

    Thanks for translating!

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