RCVS 38.2

Chapter 38.2

TL: Lily


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SSTWT 23.2

Edited by: Silv

Translation Checker: yellow_birb(birby)

Translator: Megane

Chapter 23: Serve the Lord and Save the Country ( 8 )

[Part 2]

Ye Huai originally wanted to say Jiang xiong. He hasn’t finished saying it yet when he saw Zhao Changyu’s dark face so he hurriedly corrected himself.

“Got married?” Zhao Changyu asked.

“Still haven’t.” Ye Huai said. He hadn’t seen Jiang Hao for more than a month. Heaven knows how much they had progressed.

“Chen Yan, Summon Jiang Hao to have an audience!” Zhao Changyu shouted in a high tone. Chen Yan came out of nowhere, responded with his voice and went out.

“Why did Your Majesty summon Jiang Hao?” Ye Huai probed.

“To grant him and his sweetheart a marriage.” Zhao Changyu very simply stated.

Your Majesty hey, You’re trying to marry off everyone around me, aren’t you? He heard that since the princess proposed to marry him, not only did Zhao Changyu grounded her, this daughter-con was even particularly enthusiastic in finding a good match for her.

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