Hi, I’m Megane. I’m also a student like Lily who translates BL novels because I love reading them. I can’t say that I translate them completely accurately but I try my best.
I use three to four MTL sites and chinese-to-english dictionaries. I’m pretty much the same with Lily but my favorite is definitely milk tea and not chocolate milk. (Lily: Milk tea is really good, but all hail chocolate milk!)

Thank you for reading some of my content. We don’t own the original novels but please respect our translations and don’t repost them in other sites without permission.


4 thoughts on “Megane

  1. Hello Megane-san, I appreciate your efforts as a translator. I dare not complain, because I’m bad in Chinese. Thank you for your efforts in translating each chapter.

    Ah, but I here want to ask permission, to translate Saving The World into Indonesian through your translation. Can I?
    Alright I will wait for a reply from you! Please look at me!


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