Chapter 9: I have a “spoiled” halo


Mo Fan found out that after finishing with Tang Hanyu, Shao Yuxuan became a bit strange. He became more strict. In the past, wherever Mo Fan went after class, Shao Yuxuan would not ask about it. Now, Mo Fan had to explain it clearly. If it was a meaningless activity, Shao Yuxuan would prohibit Mo Fan from participating.


Without the plot’s urging, Mo Fan let go a lot and became more indifferent to Shao Yuxuan. Because of this, Shao Yuxuan seemed to have gotten gains and losses. In front of Mo Fan, he lost confidence in his power.


【What did Tang Hanyu say to Shao Yuxuan that day?】


“I don’t know. I cannot monitor scenes related to the protagonist.”


【Can you monitor everyone else except for Shao Yuxuan?】




The protagonist? What was so special about him?


During this time, Mo Fan no longer wandered around and acted like a good baby. He went to school honestly and lived a regular school and home life.


Mo Fan’s three meals were eaten at home. Every time he went home, Shao Yuxuan has already prepared everything. Mo Fan guessed that Shao Yuxuan placed his office at home. Otherwise, where did he have the time to go home and see him?


When they were together, Shao Yuxuan did not do anything. It was as if he had returned to the time before that night. He became a good brother.


However, Mo Fan was sure that he was just acting. Shao Yuxuan would limit his time to go out. Nevertheless, he did not care about this. He always went home after going to school and did not participate in school activities. Compared to wasting time outside, he prefers quietly reading books at home and learning something.


“Mo Fan, have you found an internship yet?”


The time Mo Fan spends in school has increased but his relationship with his classmates has not changed. Except for Yu Qingyuan, he had few friends.


His three years in college was fleeting. Mo Fan was now a graduating senior who was preparing for his future in society. There were fewer and fewer students who was at the same level as him in school. Most of them found an internship at the beginning of their senior year. Mo Fan was one of the few leisurely people.


Those who do not have to worry about their job were rich children, good students with high grades, or people who had a family who already found an internship for them. The reason why Mo Fan was so indifferent was because it was not so long before he had to leave this world.


“Yeah.” Mo Fan answered.


Because Mo Fan had more opportunities to show up at school, in addition to Yu Qingyuan, there were other people in school who would share a few words with him.


Mo Fan never took him seriously. Yu Qingyuan was just a child who entered university. He did not leave Mo Fan’s side when rumors appeared and he was used to the fujoshi’s teasing. Even his roommates would say one or two sentences such as, “Your little boyfriend.”


Mo Fan was a loner. However, that did not mean that there were no girls that were chasing him. There were many beautiful girls and boys who liked him but he has never accepted them. The boys had strong self-esteem and would not follow him as soon as they saw Mo Fan’s cold expression. After a long time, Yu Qingyuan had a reverie in his heart.


Is Mo Fan really that kind of person? Was he different in his mind? Whenever he thought of scenes with Mo Fan, his mind does not seem to reject it.


This time, Yu Qingyuan was really scared and even avoided Mo Fan for a while. Naturally, Mo Fan did not care but Yu Qingyuan could not stand it anymore and took the initiative to make peace with him. Mo Fan did not even know which play the other was playing.


Mo Fan attended his classes and never stayed too long in school. He always went home. The time they spent together was only one to two hours in class. Most of their time was spent listening to the teacher’s lecture.


When Yu Qingyuan approached him, Mo Fan did not pay attention to him. Some people would be keen on one thing for a long time but they would still give up. Therefore, he didn’t think much and thought that Yu Qingyuan would get tired of him one day.


“Mo Fan, I… I’m looking for a job here.”


Yu Qingyuan was a student from another place. Mo Fan remembered that the other party said that he would return to his hometown after graduation.


Mo Fan turned his eyes towards Yu Qingyuan.


This made Yu Qingyuan nervous, “Mo… Mo Fan, I feel really happy when I am with you.”


Mo Fan’s eyes were calm as he watched the other’s dodging eyes and reddish ears. As if he just heard the other speak of the weather.


“I think I might…”




The two stood at the gate of the school. They just left the class, and there were many students going out to eat. Passers-by cast a glance at them from time to time.


In this era, even straight men can turn rotten. If there was a “CP” sticker beside a scandal post on a forum, they would still look at it.


A car’s horn interrupted Yu Qingyuan’s words. Mo Fan turned around and saw that it was Shao Yuxuan’s low-key Mercedes.


“Someone came to pick me up. I’m leaving.”


“O-oh.” Yu Qingyuan felt a little lost. His courage disappeared, just like a punctured balloon.


Over there, Shao Yuxuan already got off the car.


Today was Mo Fan’s last day of school. The two agreed to go out and eat. Shao Yuxuan did not call for a driver. He personally drove the car. He opened the door for the passenger seat for Mo Fan. He touched the other’s waist and assisted him then returned to the driver’s seat.


While he was opening the door, Shao Yuxuan was looking at Yu Qingyuan.


Yu Qingyuan looked at the tall and elegant man who sent Mo Fan inside the car intimately. His glance had a hint of warning and possessiveness. Yu QIngyuan instantly understood that towards Mo Fan, he had no chance.


Mo Fan was indifferent to everyone. However, when he was around that man, it was as if the snow film melted. Mo Fan’s expression did not change but his aura turned warm.


Through the window, Yu Qingyuan could faintly see the man in the driver’s seat move sideways, helping Mo Fan wear a seat belt. After that, the car quickly left. Yu Qingyuan ignored the eyes of others and stood still. Those vague and uncertain…feelings all transformed into sourness in his heart.


After Mo Fan got inside the car, the two did not talk. They did not even mention Yu Qingyuan.


The meal was ordered earlier. When they entered the private room, the waiter started serving the meals.


“Xiao Fan, what do you plan to do next?”


Mo Fan: “What if… I said that I don’t want to stay at home?”


“Whatever you like.”


Shao Yuxuan said as he handed the peeled shrimp to Mo Fan. Mo Fan naturally picked it up and ate it.


“Playing around and staying at home is too boring. It isn’t fun. How about I help you with your company?”


Mo Fan did not think that he was a university student who has not graduated yet even for a little bit. However, it really was a ridiculous thing for him to say that he would “help” one of the top companies in the country.


Shao Yuxuan did not find it ridiculous. In his eyes, Mo Fan was the best. In the past few years, the reports from the people that followed Mo Fan showed that the person in front of him started to become more and more excellence. This raised a sense of urgency in Shao Yuxuan’s heart. If Xiao Fan left his care, could he still get his heart?


It was now November. The days were cold so the indoor heating was turned on. However, Mo Fan’s hands were still cool. He did not know if it was because of his body but even in summer, Mo Fan’s hands were cold. When others wear sweaters, he was already wrapped up in a wool coat.


“You don’t feel cold?”


Shao Yuxuan saw the other subconsciously touch his hand. He reached out and touched the back of Mo Fan’s hand. He told the waiter to increase the temperature and poured a glass of water. He then held the hand that was smaller than his.


Mo Fan was holding a cup that was just the right temperature. Then, Shao Yuxuan wrapped his warm hands around his. His cold hands turned warm in an instant.


Mo Fan has been avoiding physical contact. However, as soon as he found out that Shao Yuxuan had warm hands last winter, he stopped refusing the other’s intimacy.


It’s really cold, ah. Someone wanted to warm himself up. Why should he refuse?


During winter, Shao Yuxuan was a big heater. During summer, Mo Fan was a mobile refrigerator. His whole body is cold. Standing next to him brought coolness. Even in the hot summer heat, Mo Fan rarely sweated.


Shao Yuxuan loosened his hold and started eating when he felt the other’s hand losing its bitter chill.


When they sleep at night, Mo Fan drills himself right into Shao Yuxuan’s arms. This was due to Shao Yuxuan’s hot body. Mo Fan felt his cold hands and feet turn warm.


Poor Shao Yuxuan had a beautiful person in his embrace but he could not even move half a point. The person in his arms kept on moving around. He especially liked to twist around.


Shao Yuxuan was a normal man. His body would naturally react. Therefore, during winter, he usually had to take several cold baths.


It was a pleasant yet painful experience.


Shao Yuxuan was glad that Mo Fan does not refuse him.


Mo Fan does not like it but when Shao Yuxuan tastes his lips, Mo Fan would always let out a sound of enjoyment. After learning about this, Shao Yuxuan won a lot of benefits for himself.


Shao Yuxuan found out that Mo Fan did not reject homosexuality. If it made him feel comfortable, such as a tender kiss, then he would not refuse.


Recently, Shao Yuxuan enjoyed laying in bed. This was because his beloved loved to sleep in until 9 o’clock during winter time.


The employees in Shao Yuxuan’s company became accustomed to the fact that their boss would only come to the company after every meal.


The winter sunshine shone warmly on the bed through the floor-to-ceiling window. A young person was sleeping quietly.


Mo Fan’s hair was very soft and fluffy, unlike Shao Yuxuan’s. Which made him have the urge to touch it.


Shao Yuxuan’s palm moved towards the top of his head. Mo Fan stopped stretching and opened his eyes.


The youth’s eyes were clear and bright. Shao Yuxuan’s throat turned dry. His body’s instinct was faster than his brain. His lips were so soft even if he was asleep the whole night.


Mo Fan looked up and silently accepted Shao Yuxuan’s kiss. Shao Yuxuan was more than willing to please the youth. Mo Fan was intimately hugged, humming comfortably. His hands landed gently on the other’s solid arm.


In the morning, Shao Yuxuan was always sensitive. His body turned warm immediately. Before, he would always rush to the bathroom and solve it himself. However, this time, he did not move.


“Xiao Fan.”


His low-pitched voice sounded out while something bumped into Mo Fan suggestively.

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