Chapter 8: I have a “spoiled” halo

“Fanfan~ Do you remember? Last time, I told you that Tang Hanyu was a bit strange.”

【Hm? What’s up with him?】

“I found that a lot of things are related to him.”

【Related how?】

“Although it isn’t obvious, I feel that he always seems to be involved in the matters.”

【Tang Hanyu?】

【He likes Shao Yuxuan. It isn’t a surprise for him to be doing something.】

“I wouldn’t be so surprised if it was just like that. It’s because I feel that he always seem to know the story?”

【Oh?】Mo Fan felt a little interested.

“Let me go through everything with you, Fanfan. The plot was originally just a paragraph. However, after checking Tang Hanyu, I went over the plot carefully and found out that the two did not really do it. Shao Yuxuan got out of control at first but sobered up. They didn’t do it until the end. However, when you came over, they already did it.”

【What did Tang Hanyu do?】

“En! Although he was very covert, I still found evidence. He only played a driving role in this matter. If my technology was lower, I am afraid that no one would have caught him.” The system was very proud.

【En. Xiaohuan is very powerful.】

“However, doesn’t Tang Hanyu like Shao Yuxuan? Why did he allow Shao Yuxuan to touch other people?”

【It’s probably so that he could make the two separate faster.】

Mo Fan misunderstood the plot so his response was according to the original plot. The two were not really intimate. So if Shao Yuxuan really did it until the end, Mo Fan’s resistance would have been more than that and there would be no chance for them to get along.

The system did not understand but that was not the point, “Fanfan, didn’t you go drink and race? All of these things were under his influence. Here is the evidence.”

What the system showed Mo Fan was proof that there was indirect or direct contact between Tang Hanyu and the others.

Mo Fan looked carefully and had some guesses.

“The most important thing is that on the day that the protagonist had a fever, the company did not have any important documents needed to be signed by the protagonist.”

【So what you mean is that Tang Hanyu have long known that Shao Yuxuan will be sick on this day?】

Mo Fan was accustomed to the system calling Shao Yuxuan the protagonist. Therefore, he was too lazy to correct it.

“Yes, yes. This is too strange. If there are more than two systems in a plane, there would be opposition between the systems. However, I never sensed anything and I did not find any power that does not belong to this world.”

【What if Tang Hanyu was reincarnated?】

The system showed a surprised expression.

【Since Tang Hanyu did this, then he was not with Shao Yuxuan in his previous life. Probably, when the original owner died, Shao Yuxuan was still in love with the original owner.】

The system continued to be useless…

【In Tang Hanyu’s previous life, he failed to make Shao Yuxuan like him. In this life, he intends to use other methods to boost his favorability rating. He planned on creating gaps between the two of them so that there would be no possibility for the two of them to be together. If the former Shao Yuxuan has always liked the original, it was impossible for him to leave the original owner. With Shao Yuxuan’s power, no one would be able to hurt the original owner. Therefore, there is only one possibility. The ending of the story is that this body will die and in the end, the two would end up together.】

The system did not know what to say, “Fanfan, everything you said seems to be right.”

【Not just “seems”, this is the truth.】

Otherwise, how will you explain the sudden death of the original owner, who was under the protection of Shao Yuxuan? During this time, even Mo Fan could feel Shao Yuxuan’s protection. If it weren’t for Tang Hanyu’s past life, how could he have succeeded?

“Then Fanfan~ Should we still follow the plot?”

【My purpose here is to not be out of character. Anyways, there is another possibility. Because this story experienced two endings, no matter which ending I follow, it would be allowed. The reason for that is because these two endings happened in this world.】

“So what you mean is that we can avoid the tragic end?”

Mo Fan blinked.


The plot was not impeccable, that was its loophole. In addition to events that happen outside of the plot, uncertainties could get rid of the bad plots and create a good ending.

Mo Fan was not so kind-hearted. He was just an actor. Why wouldn’t he select the good ending if it was available?

“Then, Fanfan, what do we do now?”

【Do you have any other pieces of evidence?】

“There are some more.” The system meticulously sorted out the information before giving it to Mo Fan.
“Tang Hanyu was reincarnated. I did not even know about it!” The system was blaming itself for its own negligence.

【It isn’t your fault. Xiao Hua, this is an accident.】

“Well, if there is turbulence in the world, or if there is a problem with the rules, it will affect the plane. However, the probability of this happening does not exceed 0.1%”

【Then it seems that we are very lucky.】

“How are we lucky?”
【At least we did not suffer.】

System: Everything that you said is quite right.

“Fanfan, what will you do with this information?”

【Show Shao Yuxuan.】

“You want to show the protagonist?! Don’t tell me that you want to tell the protagonist that Tang Hanyu reincarnated?”

Mo Fan was speechless.

【Who said that I’ll do that?】

“Then why do you want to show this information to the protagonist?”

【If Shao Yuxuan found out that this was all planned by his trusted assistant, what would he feel?】

“Very angry.”

【What will he do after he gets angry?】

The system’s nonexistent body shook. The protagonist was so terrible, it could already guess that Tang Hanyu’s end wouldn’t be too good.

“Fanfan, what will you tell him if he asks who was the source of this information?” Some of the information he got was obtained by the invasion of certain places, many of which are beyond the level of the science and technology of this world.

【If I don’t want to tell him, can he force me?】

It took a long time for the system to come up with a sentence, “Fanfan, how are you?”

Mo Fan smiled and allowed the system to send the data to Shao Yuxuan’s computer.

He did not deliberately cover himself up. Therefore, when Shao Yuxuan received the email he asked someone to check who sent it.

Xiao Fan sent it?

Shao Yuxuan wondered why Xiao Fan would send him something. However, instead of curiosity, he felt more gratified. Xiao Fan even took the initiative to send him something.

However, his good mood faded in time.

Tang Hanyu? This person betrayed him.

Although Tang Hanyu did not touch anything in the business, the important thing was that he dared to touch Mo Fan. Tang Hanyu did not follow Shao Yuxuan’s wishes and did all these harmful things. For Shao Yuxuan, this was more serious than commercial betrayal.

Shao Yuxuan dialed a phone number.

“Check if this information is true.”

“Control the people first.”

Shao Yuxuan did not distrust Mo Fan. He was worried that some people wanted to use Mo Fan so it was better for him to double check.

System: “Fanfan, the protagonist made people check the authenticity of the information.”


“Why aren’t you surprised?”

【Why are you surprised?】

Mo Fan asked.

“The protagonist did not even believe what you sent him!”

【If Shao Yuxuan did not check what I sent him then I will be surprised.】

The system said, humans are really complicated.

At dinner, Mo Fan naturally sat down to eat and did not reveal anything like what others would have done.

Shao Yuxuan: “Xiao Fan, you care about me. I’m very happy.”

Mo Fan: Shao Yuxuan, is this what your brain made up?

Shao Yuxuan did not mind Mo Fan’s indifference and continued, “I used to focus only on you. I did not pay attention to any of Tang Hanyu’s mistakes. It’s my fault.”

Mo Fan: The more you say, the stranger it sounds.

Shao Yuxuan: “I sent people to follow him. I won’t let him disturb us in the future.”

Mo Fan finally found out what was wrong. Did Shao Yuxuan think that he was unhappy because Tang Hanyu liked him?

Mo Fan said expressionlessly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“It doesn’t matter. I know so it’s fine.”

Mo Fan: ……

Without the coercion of the plot, Mo Fan could no longer stimulate Shao Yuxuan. This had another meaning in Shao Yuxuan’s eyes.

Xiao Fan no longer hated him. He was one step closer to his goal.

Shao Yuxuan’s goal was to get married to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan: ……
This day is really impossible.
【When can we leave?】
“When the story ends.”
【How long will it take?】

“The original owner avoided the protagonist for six years, so deducting the time we spent here, there is still five years and two months.”

Mo Fan: …….

“Fanfan, I just received another story.”

【Show it to me.】


Originally, in the first world, Tang Hanyu pleaded but could not get anything. He got crazy and looked for someone to drive and hit the original owner. Coincidentally, Shao Yuxuan was at the side of the original owner. Therefore, he saved his life in exchange for his.

The accidental death of the protagonist caused the world’s time to reverse. However, there was a small problem and that was the variable Tang Hanyu.

The real story was that the original owner was touched by Shao Yuxuan and the two ended up together.

【How on earth did this story come about?】

“This is a function of the system. After entering a world, we can use our own ability to collect data from the world. It includes not only what happened, but also the future development. However, my ability to collect is limited to the important parts of the plot. It is impossible to get the full version of the plot even for the most high-end system. The amount of information is too large and would crash the system.”

【You would collapse.】

“Yeah, so you have to be nice to me, Fanfan.”

Mo Fan: Is there any connection between the two?

【How did you get this plot?】

“There are hidden plots on some worlds. As long as Fanfan is aware of this, I have the ability to get them.”

It turned out to be like this.

In a dark room that was empty and quiet. It had nothing but two chairs. A person whose head was slightly drooping was tied to one of the chairs. That man was Tang Hanyu. The chair he was tied to was strangely constructed, like it was a chair specifically for torture.

Shao Yuxuan was sitting on the other chair, “You know what it means to be here. Do you want me to explain after I use it? Tell me everything now.”

Tang Hanyu smiled, “Why? It’s because I like you too. I have liked you since I was a high school student. Until now, why is it only Mo Fan in your eyes? For what reason? He can’t even compare with a regular employee in the company.”

Shao Yuxuan could not tolerate others slandering Mo Fan. With a cold tone, he said: “That’s none of your business.”

“Chief Shao, Shao Yuxuan, I’ve done so many things for you yet I still cannot compare with Mo Fan.”

Shao Yuxuan: “Isn’t that something you have always known?”

Tang Hanyu was stunned and laughed as if he was laughing at himself, “That’s right. I already knew about it. I already knew it.”

“I just wanted to know, is everything all your doing?”

Tang Hanyu: “Didn’t you catch me for that? Why bother asking again?”

Tang Hanyu had the appearance of someone who was wronged but Shao Yuxuan did not buy it. Shao Yuxuan was cold-blooded. However, Tang Hanyu was someone who was with him for so many years. He was not a machine and could not be indifferent. When he saw that the other still did not repent, he completely let go of that kindness.

Tang Hanyu has been with Shao Yuxuan for so many years yet he still couldn’t understand the man. When he saw the other party signal to his subordinates, he knew that the other party really did not care about him.

He has participated in a lot in the things that has happened in this room. Therefore he knew how cruel the things that would happen to him. Tang Hanyu could picture it in his mind. His body trembled. Without waiting for the people to come forward, he opened his mouth and said, “I will speak. Don’t use the punishment.”

Shao Yuxuan waved his hand. Several people moved back.

Tang Hanyu concealed the matter about his reincarnation and told the story. That matter was too ridiculous. Others would laugh if they heard about it even if it was true.

Finally, he said: “I went to your house that day and saw that Mo Fan was about to go out.”

Tang Hanyu no longer called Mo Fan “Young Master Mo”. If he could, he would not even want to mention his name.

“He was on his way to buy medicine for you.”

So, Mo Fan wasn’t really indifferent towards him. Shao Yuxuan was happy.

When Tang Hanyu decided to conceal the matter about his rebirth, he had to think of a way to connect the events. He thought that he was doing very well, but he has not escaped Shao Yuxuan’s meticulousness.

“What I want is the truth!”

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