Chapter 7: I have a “spoiled” halo


“Chief Shao, are you awake?”


The occasional dripping of the infusion bottle was clearly audible. As soon as Shao Yuxuan moved, Tang Hanyu noticed it.


“It’s you?”


Tang Hanyu was Shao Yuxuan’s special assistant. The two of them are high school classmates. After Tang Hanyu graduated, he directly sent his resume to Shao Yuxuan’s company. Shao Yuxuan saw that the other’s ability was good, so he hired him. Shao Yuxuan has entrusted many things to Yang Hanyu and the other was very clear about his relationship with Mo Fan.


Shao Yuxuan’s voice did not fluctuate but in Tang Hanyu’s heart, he understood that Shao Yuxuan was disappointed. Mo Fan did not stay with him.


“Did you call someone?”


“Yes, Chief Shao. There are various important documents that you have to sign today. You weren’t answering so I came to you directly.”


“Was Xiao Fan at home?”


“The door was open.” However, there was something that Tang Hanyu didn’t say. When he came in, Mo Fan was dressed up and was about to go out. However, when he saw him arrive, he did not leave anymore. Tang Hanyu thought carefully and could guess what Mo Fan was about to do.


“I came to your room but you didn’t reply. I was a bit worried so I went inside. I’m sorry, Chief Shao.”


“Oh. It’s okay.”


“When I came in, you had a high fever and was in a coma. I called the family doctor over. You have been sleeping for the whole day. It is now 6 pm. In the kitchen is some porridge. Let me bring you some.”


Tang Hanyu stayed in Shao Yuxuan’s room the whole day.


However, Shao Yuxuan did not notice that as his focus was on another thing, “‘I slept for the whole day? What did Xiao Fan eat then?”


Tang Hanyu sighed in his heart, “I ordered takeout for Young Master Mo. It’s the one he often orders.”




Tang Hanyu took care of Shao Yuxuan for the whole day and did not get a word of thanks. However, just because he prepared lunch for Mo Fan, the other party was generous with showing emotion.


Mo Fan. That worthless second generation. He could not even count as someone from the second generation. He was just someone that isn’t even blood-related. How did he get the Shao family’s attention and Shao Yuxuan’s love? I care about him so much yet the other does not know.


Shao Yuxuan slept for a long time, yet he was still exhausted. He did not notice that under the glasses, Tang Hanyu showed unwillingness and hate.


“It’s been hard on you today. Why don’t you go back and rest?”


Tang Hanyu: “Chief Shao, you still have a fever. I will stay and take care of you.”


Shao Yuxuan: “No need. Xiao Fan is here.”


Tang Hanyu: “All right.”


When Shao Yuxuan woke up, the drip was almost finished. Tang Hanyu brought him his porridge and helped Shao Yuxuan removed the needle. Only then did he leave.


“Young Master Mo.” Tang Hanyu knocked on Mo Fan’s door.


“What?” Mo Fan opened the door and looked at the subordinate who was always around Shao Yuxuan, he was no stranger to him, so he asked.


Tang Hanyu: “It’s getting late so I have to go back. There’s something that I would trouble you with. Chief Shao’s fever has not gone away yet. He has to take his medicine after finishing his porridge. I placed it on the bedside table. I hope that when the time comes, Young Master Mo can remind Chief Shao to take his medicine.”


Mo Fan: “I got it.”


Tang Hanyu: “I already left it in Chief Shao’s room. I hope that Young Master Mo reminds Chief Shao to eat.”




“Then I’m heading out first. Goodbye.”




System: “Fanfan, I think that there is something wrong with Tang Hanyu.”


【What’s wrong with him? Is it because he likes Shao Yuxuan?】


System: “Crap. Fanfan, how did you know that Tang Hanyu likes the protagonist?”


【It’s so obvoius. It’s only Shao Yuxuan who only had Mo Fan in his eyes who wouldn’t notice it.】


System: “Fanfan, are you ignoring the protagonist so that you won’t become stupid?”


【No. It’s for the original owner.】


System: ……


【Let’s go and see if Shao Yuxuan’s dead.】


System: Fanfan, is it really alright for you to speak such poisonous words?


When this topic was opened, the system immediately forgot Tang Hanyu’s strangeness.


When Tang Hanyu went out, he did not close the door. Therefore, Shao Yuxuan heard the conversation between the two clearly. Mo Fan came in and immediately looked around. The porridge at the table was still hot.


“Xiao Fan.” Shao Yuxuan’s voice was dry and hoarse, it sounded pitiful.


“Why didn’t you eat the porridge?”


“I will eat right away.” When he heard Mo Fan asking about him, Shao Yuxuan immediately sat up and took a sip from the porridge. The porridge came right from the pot so it was still hot. Shao Yuxuan drank this, made a face, and swallowed it immediately.


“Stupid!” Mo Fan ridiculed Shao Yuxuan but still took the bowl from him.


Mo Fan scooped a spoonful of the porridge, bowed his head, and blew it gently. After seeing that it was no longer hot, he placed it near Shao Yuxuan’s mouth.


Shao Yuxuan was dazed and did not respond at once. Mo Fan frowned and directly stuffed the porridge to the other’s mouth. Shao Yuxuan was not annoyed. He only looked at Mo Fan with a smile.


Mo Fan felt uncomfortable in his heart. His ears were reddish. He fed the other porridge hurriedly and told him to take medicine. He almost ran away from Shao Yuxuan’s smile of satisfaction.


Xiao Fan was slowly starting to accept and care about him. He doesn’t have to worry. One day, his wish will come true.


However, this kind of warmth only lasted for a day. When Mo Fan noticed that Shao Yuxuan’s fever disappeared, he returned to his indifferent state.


“Chief Shao, there’s been a bit of a buzz outside recently. It’s about you and Young Master Mo.”


The voice, Mo Fan would surely find it somewhat strange. He has never seen this person.


Shao Yuxuan: “What did they say?”


“They said that you fell in love with Young Master Mo which is why you dote on him a lot.”


Shao Yuxuan frowned: “Do you remember what I told you?”


“Chief Shao… You said that it is forbidden to let out news about you and Young Master Mo….” The other party’s voice hesitated, clearly aware of his failure.


Shao Yuxuan: “Then why is this happening?!”


“Sorry, Chief Shao. This is all because of my negligence.”


Shao Yuxuan: “Do you remember my rules?”




Shao Yuxuan: “Receive your punishment by yourself. Now, go and find out where these words came from.”


“Understood, Chief Shao.”


Shao Yuxuan paused and asked, “How is the situation?”


“Everyone who knew has a sense of propriety. They wouldn’t dare mess around. I’m just afraid that everyone in the circle knows about it already.”




Shao Yuxuan no longer spoke.


Mo Fan was passing by the study and heard that line.


【Shao Yuxuan has been dealing with the news. No wonder no one ever found out his special feelings towards Mo Fan.】


“Fanfan, what are you thinking of?”


【Nothing. I just thought that Shao Yuxuan did a lot for the original owner.】


System: 0.0


In the plot, nothing like this has happened. The original owner never found out what Shao Yuxuan did for him. Mo Fan did not intend to poke around so he left quietly.


【System, can you find out who let out the news? 】


“I can! I have the most advanced technology. As long as it is something on the Internet then I can find it!” The system was very proud.


【It turns out that Xiaohuan is this powerful.】


“Fanfan, originally, I’m already very powerful.”


【En. You are the best.】


The system that was praised by Mo Fan was a little flattered and went to work at once.


“Xiao Fan, why are you standing by the window? You might catch a cold.”


Shao Yuxuan said to Mo Fan, who was talking with the system. It only then did he realize that cold wind was blowing from the window.


“I won’t catch a cold. Even if I do, it’s probably because of you.” Mo Fan looked at Shao Yuxuan with contempt.


“Yes, yes, yes. Xiao Fan is the healthiest.”


This kind of coaxing tone felt really uncomfortable, but his heartbeat jumped a bit.


Shao Yuxuan placed his coat on Mo Fan’s shoulders. His hand inevitably touched his shoulders so Mo Fan shrank back sensitively. The clothes that were just slipped on fell down because of Mo Fan’s movements. Mo Fan reached out to grab them.


When he was not paying attention to his body, he did not notice it. However, when he wore the coat, Mo Fan found out that it was really cold.


“I’m going back to my room.”


Mo Fan dropped this sentence, turned around and escaped with hasty steps.

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