Chapter 6: I have a “spoiled” halo


“Hey, Mo Fan.” Someone sat beside Mo Fan.


Mo Fan showed a confused expression. He obviously did not know who the person was.


Yu Qingyuan was helpless, “I am Yu Qingyuan. Don’t you remember? I talked to you previously.”


Mo Fan: Weren’t you talking to yourself.


“I haven’t seen you for a long time. Why didn’t you come to class?”


Mo Fan: “Something happened.”


Yu Qingyuan: “Okay. Then you were on leave? The teacher didn’t mention it. We all thought you skipped classes and no longer needed credits.”


“En.” Mo Fan conveniently went along with that excuse. With Shao Yuxuan paving the way, Mo Fan could do anything he wanted.


“Right, that…”


“What’s wrong?” Mo Fan asked when he noticed the other party hesitating.


“A classmate told me that they saw you at an entertainment club a few days ago. You were following a group of people, as if…”


“What did it look like?”


“Oh…. He could’ve been mistaken.” Mo Fan looked so cute, he definitely wouldn’t go to that kind of place.


“There’s no mistake. I was there a few days ago.” Mo Fan didn’t hide anything.


“Ah?” Yu Qingyuan was so surprised that his jaw dropped.


“Why are you so surprised?”


“I just can’t imagine… You obviously look… look….”


Mo Fan laughed, “Whatever I want to do, what does that have to do with others?”


Mo Fan laughed carelessly and this brought out a different kind of charm. Yu Qingyuan stared at him.


When Mo Fan doesn’t speak, he looked like a nice and obedient teenager. However, as soon as he talked, he changes into a completely different person.


It took a long time before Yu Qingyuan could react. The tips of his ears were slightly red. He actually stared at a boy and thought that he looked… delicious.


The times have changed. The tolerance of the new generation for homosexuality rose a lot. Almost everyone knew about it. Although Yu Qingyuan never had a girlfriend, he was sure that he did not like boys.


It must be because the other party looked too good. They were in an era where beauty is justice.


“They said… What they said was true?”


“What did they say?”


“That you are… you are… gay….”


Yu Qingyuan deliberately lowered his voice but Mo Fan still understood what he said.


“Someone saw you being carried out of the club by a man and you were…”


As soon as Yu Qingyuan finished speaking, Mo Fan could guess what that person saw. At that time, Shao Yuxuan brought him out of the private room. He was so weak that he had to be carried. Plus, he was fed some medicine. No matter who it was who saw him, they would surely misunderstand.


“That’s my brother.”


“O-oh. I didn’t say that alright. Whenever those fujoshis see people they always think they’re gay.”


Yu Qingyuan relaxed. He did not know why he was feeling nervous. Was it because the other party who was with Mo Fan wasn’t gay? Or because he could not help but feel attracted…


Mo Fan did not speak anymore, as if he did not hear anything. When Yu Qingyuan saw that he was in a bad mood, he quieted down.


It was impossible for Shao Yuxuan not to know about this thing. Shao Yuxuan has probably dealt with it already. Mo Fan knew that others think that they are hiding in the closet. However, he has never cared about what others think about him.


So the things that happened to the original was because of this.


Since this wasn’t in the scope of the plot, Mo Fan did not have to act. However, Mo Fan still confirmed it with the system.


【System, I just need to take action during important scenarios, right?】


“That makes sense, but…”




“But if something that isn’t recorded in the plot caused the plot to change, that would be counted as a failure in characterization.”


【Oh. My character still hasn’t collapsed.】


The original was self-indulgent and did whatever he wanted without a care about what others would say. Mo Fan did not have to react emotionally. If he does, then even if it wasn’t true, others would think it was.


System: No problem.


When he got home from school, Shao Yuxuan was already at home. Shao Yuxuan was delighted to see Mo Fan stay even when he saw him, “Xiao Fan, you’re back.”


“En.” Mo Fan said reluctantly. He then unhappily told the other about what happened in school.


“Was that deliberate?”


“What?” Shao Yuxuan was stunned.


“You deliberately asked them to spread those words.”


“Xiao Fan,” Shao Yuxuan called his name, but could not continue speaking.


Xiao Fan did not believe him. Shao Yuxuan felt a twinge of pain in his heart.


Mo Fan didn’t go too far and hid the trace of softness in his eyes, “Can’t you do this for me? Why not stop the rumors?”


“Sorry, Xiao Fan.” Shao Yuxuan did not explain.


“Heng!” Mo Fan rushed up the stairs as a burst of irritation rose in his heart.


When Shao Yuxuan went upstairs to ask him to eat, Mo Fan was still off.


Xiao Fan doesn’t seem to be angry but… dissatisfied?


Shao Yuxuan felt happy. After eating, he sat next to Mo Fan and took him into his arms.


“What are you doing?!”


Mo Fan was startled and tried to push away the man. However, Shao Yuxuan firmly held the youth’s hands and apologized, “Xiao Fan, blame me this time for not handling things well. I already took care of it. Don’t be angry, hm?”


The man’s embrace was very warm and his chest was very wide. Mo Fan seemed to have returned to the time when they were still very close. He felt reluctant to leave Shao Yuxuan’s embrace so he stopped resisting.


Shao Yuxuan happily placed his chin on top of the teenager’s head and held his hands tightly. Both of them quietly enjoyed this moment and the warmth that hasn’t appeared for a long time.


The person in his arms was docile. Shao Yuxuan was a little turned on.


“Your belt is hitting me.” Mo Fan suddenly opened his mouth, feeling bored.


“It isn’t a belt.”


What isn’t a belt?


He could feel Shao Yuxuan’s hot breath in his ears. The man lowered his head and kissed the tip of his ears gently.


He remembered that this was one of Xiao Fan’s sensitive spots.


“Shao Yuxuan, let me go.” Bad memories came to mind. Mo Fan finally realized Shao Yuxuan’s current situation.


“Not letting go,” Shao Yuxuan said vaguely. “Xiao Fan, you finally accepted me. I feel very happy.”


When did he accept him?! Mo Fan wanted to laugh.


“Stop saying nonsense.”


He felt something hot and moist. Shao Yuxuan actually nipped and licked his earlobe.




“Un-uncomfortable. Let me go.”


“Is it? Then I have to work harder.”


Shao Yuxuan wrapped his arms around the younger boy.


Mo Fan: !!!!!





Spitting out the liquid, Shao Yuxuan said: “Xiao Fan, can you help me too?”




Today, Mo Fan was lazy and remained in bed for a long time. He decided to come downstairs. It was cold. The person who should have been busy working in the kitchen disappeared. To be precise, that person wasn’t here at all.


【Shao Yuxuan lost patience so soon?】


“The protagonist cooked meals for you the whole month. He’s a company president and he has to manage things every day yet, he became your exclusive cook.”


【Why does it sound like you’re defending him.】


The system was aggrieved: “I’m just telling the truth.”


Mo Fan pouted: It seems that I won’t be eating breakfast today.


“Fanfan, the protagonist is in his room.”




“Would you like to go see him?”


【He overslept?】


“That’s possible.”



【That would be the most unlikely reason.】




Mo Fan did not answer.


The door of that man’s room was unlocked but Mo Fan still knocked on the door. There was no movement on the other side so he opened the door directly.


Since Shao Yuxuan moved in, Mo Fan has not entered the other’s room. His room was very simple. The sheets and curtains were in neutral colors. It looked simple and clean but also serious and empty.


Mo Fan did not lower his voice yet Shao Yuxuan seemed to be asleep. He did not realize that there was more than one person in his room. If Mo Fan did not see the rising and falling under the quilt, he would have thought that the other was not breathing.


“Fanfan, the protagonist’s face is red. He has a fever of 38.7 degrees.”


【You actually have this feature?】


“Fanfan, shouldn’t you take care of the body of the protagonist?”


【Do you think the original owner will care?】


“This… He probably wouldn’t…”


In the plot, the original owner can make do without contacting Shao Yuxuan for several years. It was obvious that he did not care for the other party. In the end, his regret was because he rejected the other, his living conditions became worse rather than disregarding the other’s efforts.


One must know that the original owner has said a lot of words. If it weren’t for Shao Yuxuan who really loved him, he was afraid that other people would have dealt with him already.


Because of indulgence, there was no fear.


“The protagonist is unconscious. We can’t ignore everything. If the protagonist dies, our mission will fail.”


【Isn’t this something that isn’t in the scope of the plot?】


“I don’t know. I only received the main plot. I can’t see the development beyond the plot.”


Mo Fan focused on Shao Yuxuan, who was burning red. He turned around and went out.


When Mo Fan entered, Shao Yuxuan felt it. He knew that Mo Fan came in and looked for him. He also knew that Mo Fan only looked at him and went out.


Sure enough, he didn’t like him. He obviously saw that he was not feeling well but he did not have any reaction. The dizziness caused by the high fever could not match the pain caused by those indifferent eyes and distant footsteps. In the darkness, Shao Yuxuan completely fainted.

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