Chapter 5: I have a “spoiled” halo


“Fanfan, you woke up~”


“Fanfan, I eliminated the side effects yesterday.”


“Why didn’t you refuse?” The system sounded very wronged.

【Doesn’t feel good? Anyways, it didn’t go inside. Oh, you’re a system. You won’t understand.】

System, who was cut by a knife: ……

Fanfan, you’ve changed!

【Yesterday, my behavior was very strange.】

System: “Strange? How?”

Mo Fan: I was obviously sober. Why did I act like I was drunk?

System: “Fanfan, that’s due to the halo. It supplemented you.”

Mo Fan frowned: Did it control me?

System: “No. When you aren’t in the right state, the halo’s effects are magnified so you could not help but act according to the halo’s guidance.”

Mo Fan: You mean those were my thoughts, last night? The halo was just giving a “suggestive effect”?

System: “That’s right.”

Mo Fan: ……

The crying silly man from yesterday was him? Mo Fan would never believe!

His body felt refreshed and he was changed into comfortable pajamas. It seemed that he had been bathed after he fell asleep.

Mo Fan realized that this was the house near the school. So, Shao Yuxuan actually sent him back?

Mo Fan thought that Shao Yuxuan already left, but when he went downstairs, he saw a man at the dining table. He stopped.

Shao Yuxuan heard Mo Fan walking but did not look back until the other stopped. He showed a pleasant smile, “Xiao Fan, you’re awake?”

Mo Fan’s mouth twitched but did not say anything. He sat down silently.

During his time in the private room, He could only remember the group of teenagers forcing him to drink alcohol from time to time. After that, Mo Fan couldn’t remember anything. However, he could remember what Shao Yuxuan did to him. He felt speechless.

“Xiao Fan, yesterday…”

When Mo Fan heard him say this, it was as if a fire erupted in his heart. He asked, “Don’t you feel sick?”

It clearly made him feel disgusted, yet he was slowly getting addicted to it. Mo Fan slowly lost confidence.

Shao Yuxuan’s face was pale: “Sorry. Xiao Fan, I just wanted to help you.”

Mo Fan shouted, “Is it impossible for Chief Shao to find a woman?”

Mo Fan rambled, which stimulated Shao Yuxuan. He did not speak and only watched Mo Fan with his deep eyes. Mo Fan felt guilty and looked away.

It was clearly his fault. Why am I feeling guilty? Shao Yuxuan was willing to do that. I’m no better than he was.

When he remembered the hands that touched him, Mo Fan’s face flushed.

Shao Yuxuan: “Xiao Fan, you’re still young. I’m not in a hurry. We can take it slow but I will never allow you to be with anyone else.”


Mo Fan’s voice suddenly rose. He wanted to do whatever he wanted. Shao Yuxuan had no qualifications to control him.

“Xiao Fan, I didn’t mean it like that.” Mo Fan’s reaction was too much. Shao Yuxuan softened his voice, “You liked it too, didn’t you? You didn’t stop me from doing that. You just don’t want to acknowledge it.”

“No, I didn’t.” Mo Fan was stirred up and covered his face.

He was not gay! It was just because of the medicine, yeah, that’s it!

In the end, compared to Shao Yuxuan, who has been immersed in the society for several years, Mo Fan was still young.

Shao Yuxuan’s words left no room for argument. Although Mo Fan felt that there was something wrong, he doesn’t want to hear them. He stopped listening. However, the more he ran away from it, the more they appeared in his mind. Mo Fan will soon find out that he couldn’t control himself from thinking about the relationship between them.

“Okay, okay, okay. You don’t. Do you want to eat breakfast, Xiao Fan? I made this, why don’t you try it?”

“I won’t eat!”

Mo Fan raised his hand and swept the items on the table. The sound of bowls and chopsticks falling to the ground rang out. Mo Fan was startled. Shao Yuxuan’s sad face made him feel guilty.

Shao Yuxuan quickly hid his expression and smiled,”It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what I prepared for you. Xiao Fan, can you wait for me?”

Mo Fan did not refuse. Maybe it was because he knew did something wrong.

【This man is really good. He is great in the kitchen. A beautiful man whose visuals are ten points and even his temper is great.】

System: The protagonist is only like that in front of you. You don’t know how brutal he is when it comes to outsiders.

“Fanfan, do you like him?”

【That’s right, ah.】

The system did not expect Mo Fan to agree and said hurriedly, “Fanfan, you can’t like him. If you like him, wouldn’t you be very sad when we leave?”

【Who said that I would absolutely feel sad when I leave?】
System: ……

The system understood that Fanfan was too bored and wanted to find a “thing” to play with.
After eating, Shao Yuxuan washed the dishes, bowls, and chopsticks. Mo Fan felt uncomfortable.

“Why aren’t you still going?”

“Xiao Fan… I haven’t seen you in a long time.” The man felt wronged.

“That’s none of my business.”

The teenager sounds cruel but was actually just shy. Shao Yuxuan knew this person very well. How could he not notice? Shao Yuxuan noticed that since he woke up, Mo Fan’s attitude towards him has softened. Although the other said hurtful words, he actually didn’t want to say them.

Shao Yuxuan: “I’m still your brother. Xiao Fan, don’t you even want me to be your brother?”

Mo Fan was stunned. His ears turned red as he suddenly remembered screaming the word “brother” last night.

“Don’t want!”

Mo Fan ran upstairs and closed the door loudly.

Xiao Fan was really cute. Shao Yuxuan raised the teenager. He knew his attitude the most and that child was just feeling shy.

Now that he knew that the other would not drive himself away, Shao Yuxuan immediately ordered people to bring his luggage to the room opposite Mo Fan’s.

Although I want to hold Xiao Fan when sleeping, Xiao Fan definitely wouldn’t agree.

Mo Fan enjoyed Shao Yuxuan’s pampering. The cooking auntie was driven away by Shao Yuxuan. He became the family cook. Every aspect of his life was considered in great detail. Mo Fan did not need to spend energy on chores. He could enjoy himself.

However, there was only one thing that wasn’t good. Since Shao Yuxuan came, he kept on asking Mo Fan to go home earlier.

“You still want to go to that club? Did you forget what those people did to you?”

When Mo Fan brought up the topic of going back to the club, Shao Yuxuan’s smile disappeared.

“What did they do?” Mo Fan knew everything but pretended not to know. With the original owner’s naive character and his “one cup and he’s drunk” physique, would he remember what happened after drinking? Isn’t that too suspicious?

Only then did Shao Yuxuan remember that this person wasn’t aware of what happened. He already dealt with those people but every time he recalls that Mo Fan was almost…

He couldn’t help it.

Shao Yuxuan’s expression was too obvious. Even if he was naive, Mo Fan could sense that something wasn’t right.

“Tell me. If you don’t tell me then I’ll ignore you.”

Shao Yuxuan had no choice but to tell the story implicitly.

This happened before that situation with Shao Yuxuan. Mo Fan quickly understood what he was trying to say and blushed.
“Is this world filled with homosexuals? I really don’t know what’s good with that. That’s just perverted.”

Shao Yuxuan was stabbed by the other’s straightforward words, “Xiao Fan, homosexuality is legal in foreign countries. Same-sex marriage is legally binding. This is just natural. You don’t know about this right? Don’t tell me you still feel that way?”

Mo Fan was aware but when he thought of those thing appearing on his body, Mo Fan could not help but feel anger.

He clearly liked delicate girls, not those tall and burly guys.

Mo Fan was quite unhappy the whole day. It was probably because he found out that the people he treated as friends had other intentions. Shao Yuxuan looked at him but did not dare do anything. He was afraid that Mo Fan would bring out all his anger on him.

【System ah.】

“Didn’t we agree that you are going to call me Xiaohuan?” The system was starting to get angry.

【Okay, Xiaohuan. How long will this mission take? It’s been about half a year.】

“The mission generally takes after the plot development. It could vary from long to short as it depends on the situation.”

【Okay. It’s really boring. I’m like a kid playing house.】

The system broke into cold sweats: Naturally, Fanfan, the role you’re playing is too naive.

“Isn’t being naive okay? Someone will pamper you. You don’t have to worry about food and clothing and you can even do what you like everyday.”

【Too boring.】
“Fanfan, be patient, I’ll choose a fun world next time.”

【What are the worlds you can choose?】

“Oh… That’s also random. I only receive the story after entering the plane.”

【That’s bullshit ah.】

System: ……

“Fanfan, you’re actually swearing.”

【I’m not allowed to?】

“No ah,” The system said, “Fanfan… How can you say such dirty words?”

Mo Fan sneered and stopped speaking. Even a person that had noble character would need a way to settle their problems. No one is perfect.

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