Chapter 4: I have a “spoiled” halo
Mo Fan just showed up and slept all day in school. Now, he was preparing to go home empty-handed.
“Hello, I am Yu Qingyuan. Aren’t you in the College of Business Administration’s Class 104?”
Mo Fan: “En.”
“Aren’t you afraid of the teacher catching you when you sleep in class?”
“Why don’t you live in the dormitory? I felt envious when I heard that you live outside. Originally, I thought living in the dormitory would be very cool but the environment there was actually so bad. If I knew then I would have also lived outside. The start of this term is so difficult.”
“Right, I’ve been speaking so much… May I know your name?”
Mo Fan: ……Where did this chatterbox come from?
Then, several girls passed by them.
“Aiyo, an enthusiastic gong and an indifferent shou.”
“Indifferent? He’s definitely an arrogant and spoiled shou! So cute! He’s already feeling impatient yet he is still listening to the other person.”
“Definitely too cute. I hope this CP develops well. So meng~”
Mo Fan: ……
Mo Fan wanted to say that he has not even said anything.
【Fujoshis are truly one of a kind.】
“Fanfan, you can ignore them.”
【The holes in their brain could break through the sky.】
“Their words were quite reasonable…”
The system’s voice got smaller and smaller.
Mo Fan: Does he look so much like a shou? Why can’t he be a gong?
Naturally, whatever Mo Fan heard, Yu Qingyuan would also hear. The tall boy turned red, suddenly stuttering: “I-I just want to know more about my classmate. Right, w-we are classmates. Don’t think too much about it.”
Mo Fan: You’re the one thinking too much.
He made a hum of acknowledgment and walked around Yu Qingyuan to leave the classroom.
Although he knew that the girls were just speaking casually, Yu Qingyuan could not help but stop in place and think about it.
He just thought that he wanted to get along with the boy well. They were just going to chat and be friends.
If he tries to follow him, wouldn’t he be ridiculed again?
Yu Qingyuan did not try to catch up to Mo Fan.
“Ao, ao, ao! That pampered look was really meng!”
“It feels so lovable.”
“His skin was also very white and tender ah. He’s probably soft and easy to push down.”
In a simple and clean office, Shao Yuxuan looked serious as he held a report. There was a large stack of photos scattered on the side. When one looked carefully, they would see that the person in the photos were all the same. Mo Fan.
This “report” was nothing but everything Mo Fan did the whole day. What he ate. Etcetera.
“Don’t give this person a chance to approach Xiao Fan.”
“Yes, Chief Shao.”
Shao Yuxuan did not care about Mo Fan’s coldness and disgust. He would wait for the other to mature some more.
Xiao Fan just did not understand. When he finally understands, he would surely be with him. Right now, he would protect this little one from being deceived by other people.
Shao Yuxuan was always tolerant and gentle in front of Mo Fan, but he was still a man. He has always been possessive over those that he liked.
However, he knew how to restrain himself and never showed this to the youth.
Xiao Fan is a timid person, so he should take his time. With this in his mind, the dark look in his eyes disappeared.
A few days later, Mo Fan has not gone to school and Yu Qingyuan did not appear in front of him again.
An ignored certain someone: Wuwuwu, why was he entrusted with difficult tasks while everyone gets to enjoy the school opening happily?!
Mo Fan, who did not know that someone was in deep waters just because he spoke more than two words with him, joined a car club.
Mo Fan knew how to drive, but could not drive fast. However, that did not matter. As long as one had a good car, the club would allow the other party to join.
A sports car can cost over a million. If they weren’t rich, then they couldn’t afford it. Although these young masters were inexperienced, they all know what they have to know.
For example, Mo Fan was a young master favored by the Shao family. Another example was that there were rumors that Mo Fan moved out because he was in conflict with Chief Shao, thus their relationship fell apart.
Despite their unrestrained nature, they would not do things that were harmful to their family. So they had no reason to refuse Mo Fan’s application.
Mo Fan could drive a good car yet he’s fallen out of favor?
They wanted to laugh. Even if he left the Shao family, would the Shao family still support him? With Shao family’s money, what even is a sports car?
The others wanted to wait and see. Was Mo Fan still a young master of the Shao family?
Mo Fan did not care about their thoughts. He ignored the people that Shao Yuxuan sent to discourage him, determined to learn how to drag race. From the basic straight line to cornering and drifting, every operation that Mo Fan did could not help but make people sweat.
The young men around Mo Fan were wavering. If Mo Fan was still a favored young master, why wasn’t Shao Yuxuan stopping him? Shao Yuxuan would never allow the other to do such dangerous activities.
Shao Yuxuan smiled bitterly. It’s not that he did not want to stop him. Mo Fan didn’t care, and he does not want to force him.
He doesn’t answer the phone. If he came over to look for him, Mo Fan would resist and stab him with harsh words. Despite all this, Shao Yuxuan still wanted to see Mo Fan.
Sometimes, Shao Yuxuan thinks that he was possessed. Otherwise, why couldn’t he stop chasing after Mo Fan?
Shao Yuxuan wasn’t a pure person and he doesn’t want Mo Fan to know about that side of him.
“Screech–” Tires rubbed against the ground violently. This harsh noise caused the young girls on the side to exclaim due to shock.
After two months, Mo Fan, from being a novice who knew nothing, became the best driver in the club.
“Young Master Mo, you’re so amazing ah.”
Mo Fan wasn’t guarded. He let out a complacent laugh.
“Young Master Mo, let this buddy take you to a fun place today.” A young man probed.
“Where is it?”
“Can you go? You’ll know when you go.”
“I’ll go!”
The place they took Mo Fan to was an all-around entertainment club.
“Young Master Mo, how is it? Isn’t it great?”
A line of delicate looking girls stood in front of the sofa. The youngest of them looked underage.
Mo Fan frowned, this place made him feel inexplicably stifled.
“Young Master Mo, they’re all young. What do you think? Do you like them?”
“Hideous.” Mo Fan spat out a word.
The young man took a puff and looked at the delicate and beautiful girls. For the first time, he doubted his aesthetics.
Another teenager whispered something in his ear. The two laughed wickedly. They called the owner and said two sentences.
Two teenagers came inside.
“Young Master Mo, playing with women isn’t popular anymore. Why don’t you play with men? I heard that the men here are quite different. Do you want to try?”
Mo Fan’s face changed drastically and threw a cup towards the door, “Leave.”
The shy faces of the two teenagers immediately showed panic as they ran out of the door.
“Young Master Mo, why are you so angry? If you don’t like them, then you don’t like them. Come on, calm down.”
The young man poured some wine and handed it to Mo Fan. Mo Fan was still angry, so he drank it in one go. He completely forgot about his alcohol capacity.
“Now that I think about it, those two teenagers aren’t as good looking as Young Master Mo. It’s no wonder that Young Master Mo was dissatisfied.”
Everyone in the room could not help but look at Mo Fan’s face.
Because of anger, the teenager’s face was flushed. With those shining clear eyes, delicate nose, red lips, against that white and tender skin… It unexpectedly stirred people up. They could not help but swallow. For a while, the room was quiet.
Mo Fan did not realize what was going on. He picked up a cup and drank, not even realizing that someone changed the cup he was holding.
This group of people played a lot of tricks. They’ve almost done everything. Once they looked at each other, they could understand whatever the other was thinking.
Mo Fan felt dizzy and his body was heating up.
“Young Master Mo?” Someone carefully came near Mo Fan and touched his soft face.
This touch made Mo Fan want to vomit. He retched a few times. However, he has not drunk much so nothing came out.
“Young Master Mo, you’re drunk. Let me bring you to a room.”
Mo Fan: “What… What room? I want to go home!”
“Okay, okay, okay. Let’s go home.”
When starting an entertainment club, the most important thing was a room. Several people crowded around to bring Mo Fan to the elevator.
“Fanfan? Are you okay?”
【Fine. Just feeling a little dizzy. What did they give me?】
【Oh. Can you help me get rid of the effects? 】
“Sorry, Fanfan. I’m too weak right now so I can’t help you. It’s all my fault. I didn’t notice it.”
【It’s okay.】
Mo Fan didn’t care.
He knew that they would not succeed. Shao Yuxuan would arrive on time. According to the plot.
“I can make you feel less unwell, Fanfan.”
After the system said that, a cool gust could be felt in his mind. The pain he felt from being drunk disappeared.
【Not bad.】
When Shao Yuxuan arrived, the teenager was surrounded by a group of people. His clothes were slightly messy.
Mo Fan sighed in relief. When he was brought to the room, he thought that he shouldn’t get his hopes up too much. What if the plot didn’t change and the other person didn’t come?
His clenched fists loosened.
Shao Yuxuan’s eyes were red. How dare these people?! Even he hesitated to touch him yet these people dared!
He took off his coat and gently placed it on the youth’s body. However, his trembling hands showed his true emotions.
“These people dared treat Xiao Fan like this. Let them experience this a hundred times.”
His voice could make other people’s scalp feel numb. The people who followed him in agreed in unison.
After bringing Mo Fan out of the room, he fed the medicine that was scattered on the ground to the group.
“It’s so hot.”
“Xiao Fan, you have to endure. Sorry, I couldn’t protect you properly.”
“Wuwuwu. Brother, why only come now? Xiao Fan was so scared.”
“I’m a bad brother. It won’t happen again.”
Shao Yuxuan’s voice trembled a little. Since that incident, Mo Fan never used his soft voice to call him “brother”.
He commanded the driver to drive faster. As soon as the car stopped, Shao Yuxuan took him to the bedroom.
In the car, Mo Fan kept on pulling Shao Yuxuan’s clothes. He almost could not resist.
Don’t touch him. Mo Fan was given medicine. If he touched him, then wasn’t he the same as those people?
The teenager’s face was flushed. That sweet voice constantly tested Shao Yuxuan’s self-control.
“Ngh… Brother, it’s so uncomfortable.”
When Shao Yuxuan saw him move, he could not help it anymore.
“Xiao Fan, brother’s just helping you. Don’t blame me.”

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