Chapter 3: I have a “spoiled” halo
The door closed lightly. Mo Fan opened his eyes in the darkness.
【Hm? What happened to the drugs?】
【Is there another deviation?】
“No, everybody is already drunk so there is no need for a drug.”
【That makes sense.】
After lying on the bed for a while, Mo Fan’s eyelids felt heavy. He was about to fall asleep.
The sound of the door opening shocked Mo Fan’s trance off.
A tall figure walked in. His footsteps were light and barely audible but Mo Fan knew that this man was walking towards him.
“Xiao Fan.” The hushed voice was hoarse and sexy.
【Shao Yuxuan finally came? I thought he wasn’t coming.】
“Fanfan, even if he came, you’re just a “sleeping” person.”
Mo Fan: ……
“Why are you waiting for him, Fanfan? You can go to bed. There is nothing for you to do in this scenario.”
【Oh, how boring.】
System: ……
Fanfan’s always so willful.
The man’s gaze was glued onto Mo Fan’s face. Mo Fan was suspicious. It was so dark, can the other even see his face clearly? It took so long that Mo Fan was about to fall asleep. The man leaned down and pressed a soft kiss on the boy’s forehead before leaving.
Xu Wei, who was waiting outside, “Chief Shao.”
“You did a good job,” Shao Yuxuan said, with warmth in his eyes. However, this warmth was only reserved for Mo Fan. To Xu Wei, Shao Yuxuan looked very cold, “Protect him well. I won’t intervene with Xicheng’s matters.”
Xu Wei nodded, “Okay. Thank you, Chief Shao.”
Mo Fan, who has been listening the whole time: Body transactions, ah.
System: “The protagonist is doing this to protect you.”
Mo Fan, with an indifferent face: Oh.
System: ……
【Why are you chipping in good words for the protagonist?】
Mo Fan narrowed his eyes as the system busily refuted, “No, no. I just said it casually.”
Mo Fan: That’s a lie.
The system who got exposed immediately: ……
Since Mo Fan did not fall asleep until it was late, he woke up at noon. As if there was a connection between them, Shao Yuxuan suddenly called. Mo Fan did not hesitate to reject the call.
——Xiao Fan, when will you come home?
A text message followed. Mo Fan immediately blocked him.
“Fanfan, you blocked the protagonist. How will he bring you to the house he prepared?”
【He’ll arrange it.】
“What do you mean?”
【Shao Yuxuan will always have a way.】
Mo Fan’s tone was contemptuous, which made the system stunned: Were his questions stupid? Was he stupid? However, what Fanfan said really made sense.
But when did Fanfan’s evaluation of the protagonist become so high?
If this sentence was asked, Mo Fan would definitely look down upon the system more.
This was not his evaluation but was obviously because of Shao Yuxuan’s personality.
The entire summer vacation, Mo Fan lived on the second floor of Xu Wei’s bar. Xu Wei did not dare go home to sleep. He was afraid that something might go wrong with this little ancestor.
It’s a pity that he could only spend his entire vacation at a bar.
The soundproofing on the second floor was very good, no matter how loud it got downstairs, it would not be heard upstairs.
They were still in a cold war. Mo Fan knew that Shao Yuxuan had people secretly following him, but he could not get this to stop unless he spoke. Shao Yuxuan knew that Mo Fan knew about the guards, but did not ask them to leave.
During the summer vacation, Mo Fan learned to drink, how to play drinking games, and even learned how to mix drinks from the bartender. He has done everything that he could possibly do in a bar except for playing around with girls.
【School is about to start.】
“Fanfan isn’t happy?”
【I’m happy. I can live a happy university life again. I could still remember when I skipped classes and played games.】
System: ……
Fanfan, is it really okay for you to be such a degenerate?
Mo Fan just said this casually. As a future hedonistic son, would playing games and hanging around in bars be enough?
In fact, if Shao Yuxuan really wanted to force him to submit, then this could be achieved easily.
Since Mo Fan grew up coddled, he did not know what self-reliance and living a hard life was. As long as Shao Yuxuan cut off his finances, Mo Fan would definitely take the initiative to look for him.
However, Shao Yuxuan is reluctant to have him suffer hardships. This was his first mistake.
Xu Wei’s stay in the bar wasn’t that long nor short. At first, he did not dare think about it. However, after a while, how could he still not notice the awkward relationship between the two? He secretly warned himself that he must not tell this to anyone. Shao Yuxuan was someone powerful. He shouldn’t be a busybody.
Shao Yuxuan actually has such thoughts towards Mo Fan. No wonder he could keep taking care of a younger brother that wasn’t related to him.
When school started, Mo Fan packed a small number of clothes from his suite.
With Mo Fan was a secondary card that had a 100,000 RMB limit every month. This was given to him years ago. With this high amount of money, it was only due to Shao Yuxuan that he was not corrupted by bad examples.
After graduating from high school, Shao Yuxuan changed the quota to one million. Although this was not a lot when compared to other rich children, it was more than enough for a baby like Mo Fan.
Even if they were in conflict, Shao Yuxuan did not freeze the card. Shao Yuxuan gave while Mo Fan took and enjoyed the rich life with a peace of mind.
Shao Yuxuan liked Mo Fan, so everything about him was good. A little bit of selfishness was nothing but “being spoiled”. He could afford taking care of Mo Fan anyway.
However, this was from Shao Yuxuan’s perspective. In the eyes of others, Mo Fan was selfish.
If Shao Yuxuan’s affections towards Mo Fan faded, his character would not be as pleasing. He was a typical selfish person who only cared about himself. A person who only knew how to ask and did not know how to give back.
Shao Yuxuan endured this hardship gladly.
Someone knocked on the door. Mo Fan thought it was Xu Wei so he opened the door without a thought as he usually came to see him. Who would have thought that he would see someone he did not want to see.
Mo Fan was about to close the door but Shao Yuxuan had already gone inside. Mo Fan took several steps back and picked up a pillow on the sofa, holding it in front of his chest while watching the other in vigilance.
“What are you doing here?!”
There was vigilance and disgust in Mo Fan’s eyes. His deep fear pricked Shao Yuxuan’s heart.
Xiao Fan was afraid of him. This was the last thing that he wanted to see.
“Xiao Fan, school’s about to start soon. Let’s talk about it.”
“There’s nothing to discuss. Just give me the money. I don’t want to see you.”
Mo Fan’s words were very hurtful, but Shao Yuxuan didn’t look unhappy at all. He coaxed softly, “Xiao Fan, be good. I was just here to tell you that I prepared a house near the school for you. After going to school, you can live there. The keys are here.”
Shao Yuxuan placed the key gently on the cabinet beside the door. It was as if making huge movements would startle the other.
“If you don’t want me to send you to school, then I’m going to ask Uncle Liu to send you. Being alone isn’t safe so let him take you there.”
“I know, I know. Can you go now.” Mo Fan was impatient.
Mo Fan knew that Shao Yuxuan wouldn’t send him to school. He was reluctant because he might get hurt. This was why he dared to be so unscrupulous.
Mo Fan only placed down the pillow when Shao Yuxuan left.
【I think that Shao Yuxuan is very pitiful.】
【This kind of love was ruthlessly wasted on the original owner.】
“Fanfan, are you feeling sympathy for the protagonist?”
【No. I’m just making a comment.】
System: ……
Fanfan’s thoughts were so unpredictable. Human beings are indeed complex creatures.
【How’s my performance?】
“It’s great. Fanfan is the best.”
Mo Fan laughed.
When he opened the door, Uncle Liu was there outside. Mo Fan immediately stopped speaking. Uncle Liu could not understand what was happening between the two young masters, but he could see that Mr. Shao was upset.
“Uncle Liu, if you want to bring me to school, then don’t speak good words for him.”
Uncle Liu swallowed the words that he was about to say when he heard Mo Fan. He lifted the other’s things, got on the car, and drove him to school.
The house prepared by Shao Yuxuan was in a residential building near the school. It looked a bit old, but when you entered, it was like a completely different world.
The interior’s decoration was very new. It seemed to have been completed just recently as there was still a faint scent of paint in the air. Mo Fan concluded that this was completed during the summer vacation. The design wasn’t luxurious but were all based on the original owner’s preferences.
Was he supposed to be moved? Forget it. If the orignal owner was that kind of person, then why didn’t he fall in love with Shao Yuxuan?
If the original owner regretted something, he did not regret not loving Shao Yuxuan, but not being able to play without worry due to his rebellion.
Shao Yuxuan sent someone to take care of Mo Fan’s admissions so he only had to go to class.
In fact, Mo Fan missed living in the university dorms but when he heard that the freshman dormitory required having six people in one room and no public toilet, he immediately forgot about it.
He had a good apartment, why would he run and squeeze into a six-person room with others. Was he stupid?
The system was suspicious: Is this due to the “spoiled” halo, or was this really his thoughts?
This question was too difficult. It could not find an answer.
Naturally, Mo Fan did not go to the military training for freshmen. His excuse was that he was not in good health and could not be overworked. By the way, there was a medical certificate attached to this excuse.
Therefore, when Mo Fan went to school, it was the first day of formal classes. Instead of changing to his usual white shirt and jeans, he wore “hip-hop” clothes.
System: I want to cover my face. I can’t look at this.
Mo Fan looked at himself in the mirror, somewhat disgusted. However, for the plot, he endured it.
When the freshmen saw him, their expressions were like this: O.O
He was obviously a clean and pure teenager but he’s wearing red and yellow clothes. Even if he was slightly painful to the eyes, this new student was still good looking~
Mo Fan calmly looked for a place to sit and began his first lesson in university: Sleeping
At the beginning of the new year, the freshmen were all filled with different thoughts for their four years of university life. Naturally, the classroom was not excluded. They strove hard to look hardworking.
In the middle of all of this, there was a youth that slept like nobody else was there. Everyone else could not help but look at him.
Wasn’t he afraid of the teacher calling him? Or leaving a bad impression and getting his scores down?
What’s even more amazing is that the teacher clearly saw him, but did not say anything about it.
Was this teacher very kind?
Later, a freshman who was sentenced to a 2000 word essay for sleeping said: You’re all too naive.

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