Chapter 2: I have a “spoiled” halo
Mo Fan looked up and saw his former classmate. Although he has already graduated, they were classmates for two years. Mo Fan would not forget him so soon.
“Xu Wei?”
Xu Wei was surprised that Mo Fan, this well-behaved baby, actually came to a bar this bright and early. Also, his attitude was even quite “arrogant”.
Anyone who had even a little influence in their school knew that Mo Fan was a young master of the Shao family. Even if he was adopted, Shao Yuxuan cared for him very much. He would not let others touch him.
“You’re alone?” Xu Wei looked behind Mo Fan.
No Shao Yuxuan nor bodyguards. Suppressing the surprise in his heart, Xu Wei gave Mo Fan a friendly smile.
“Why are you drinking in broad daylight? Chief Shao gave his permission?”
Mo Fan’s expression changed. His eyes showed malaise and apparent unhappiness.
Since Mo Fan was sheltered well, Xu Wei immediately saw that his mood was off. Xu Wei’s eyes glinted. He guessed that the two of them probably had a conflict. He was unwilling to get involved and simply thought about how to break the news to Shao Yuxuan.
Naturally, he did not want to become cannon fodder for any of the two!
“Young master, your breakfast.”
The manager came over to bring the breakfast that he asked his people to buy.
Xu Wei had another guess but said nothing, “Mo Fan, you still haven’t eaten breakfast? Come on, I’ll bring you upstairs so that you can eat.”
In fact, the bar only had a first floor. The second floor was a place where distinguished guests could rest. There were lounges and rooms for people to sleep. Xu Wei happened to be in the bar yesterday and was planning to take a rest, but was asked to come by the manager.
Mo Fan nodded absently. Xu Wei took advantage of his inattention to whisper a few words to some people. He waited for the other party to nod before waving them outside.
The breakfast was exquisite, however, to Mo Fan it tasted like wax. After the feeling of hunger disappeared, Mo Fan stopped eating.
“Mo Fan, do you want to rest? We have rooms here. Look at your dark circles. Aren’t you sleeping well?”
Mo Fan was fair-skinned. Due to being tossed around for a long time and being sick right after, he looked pallid and haggard.
Mo Fan did not really want to drink, he just followed the plot. The original owner would play and sing in this bar night after night. He would then be influenced to the wrong path.
Being told that his beloved brother loved him, Mo Fan was naturally very stimulated. In addition to that, various situations happened. He would naturally be sleepless.
Mo Fan fell asleep in the room arranged by Xu Wei. Even if he slept for a day, he was still tired.
After Shao Yuxuan received the news, he did not take immediate action.
He told his people to protect Mo Fan secretly after debating with himself in the office for a long time.
Shao Yuxuan discovered the strangeness of that night. He had always been confident in his self-control. In fact, he does not even drink much. How could he be so muddled that he cannot even distinguish between dreams and reality?
Mo Fan woke up, feeling refreshed.
【What is Shao Yuxuan doing right now?】
“Sorry, Fanfan. I can’t check on the protagonist, but what I do know is that someone is currently following you.”
Mo Fan did not need to think about it. That person must be sent by Shao Yuxuan.
【The next should be falling from grace? 】
“Fanfan, that’s right~”
Mo Fan stretched his waist lazily, revealing his soft skin and slender waist. The system covered his eyes automatically. Do not look at things indecently. Do not look at things indecently.
But Fanfan looks really good~
After washing his face, Mo Fan looked at the mirror and adjusted his facial expression to look gloomier. Someone actually went up to bring lunch, however, no one answered, so they left.
It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. Earlier in the morning, Mo Fan only ate to fill his stomach. Therefore, he felt really hungry.
As soon as he left the room, there were people waiting outside the door.
【Is this Shao Yuxuan’s person?】
“No, this is Xu Wei’s.
“Young Master Mo, do you want to have dinner?”
Mo Fan nodded. “Young Master Mo, I’ll bring your meal in a while.” The man immediately went downstairs.
When he finished eating dinner in his room, there were already a lot of people downstairs.
This bar had a good reputation in B City, so a lot of people came. Mo Fan sat downstairs and ordered an “Icy Flame”. This body did not drink, so when Mo Fan took a sip, he felt a choking sensation. This prompted him to cough gently.
While in this difficult situation, someone handed a glass of iced water to Mo Fan. He grabbed the glass and drank a couple of mouthfuls.
“Fanfan, you’re actually drinking something a stranger gave you.”
【Naturally? The original owner was such a simpleton, he wouldn’t be vigilant. 】
“I see, ah~”
【Are you really a system?】
Mo Fan was very suspicious.
Clearly, the task assigned by the system was for him to act out the original character’s personality, yet, this system could not even compare to a “newbie” like him.
When Mo Fan first entered the bar, Lin Song already noticed him. This delicate and beautiful youth with a pure temperament attracted him. Even if this wasn’t a homosexual bar, it doesn’t mean that a gay person like him couldn’t come, right?
“Hello, my name is Lin Song. May I know your name?”
“Hello, I’m Mo Fan.” After a pause, Mo Fan added, “Thank you for the water.”
“You’re welcome. However, don’t just drink something that someone else gives you when you’re in a bar.”
“Ah?” Mo Fan was shocked.
“Hehe,” The other smiled softly, “I’m just joking. I’m not a stranger. Don’t we already know each other?”
“En.” Mo Fan smiled shyly.
Lin Song wasn’t extremely handsome, but his gentle and restrained behavior caused people to feel at ease effortlessly.
Mo Fan had never been in such a busy place. Except for his initial nervousness, he has calmed down. However, the sudden arrival of this man shocked him again.
This experience was quite novel.
“You look very young. Are you an adult?”
“Just turned into an adult.” Mo Fan was obviously unwilling to talk about adulthood, suddenly answering vaguely.
Lin Song noticed his change and immediately changed the topic.
Lin Song was a gentle yet brilliant conversationalist. He quickly made Mo Fan laugh. The teenager’s eyes were slightly moist, reflecting light. Lin Song seemed to be in a trance and could not help but come close.
Due to Mo Fan’s experiences, he was now quite sensitive to distances between two men. When he saw Lin Song approach him, he quickly moved backwards. Lin Song immediately woke up from his trance. He picked up a drink from the bar counter and took a sip to hide his guilty conscience.
【Is this Lin Song a homosexual?】
“That’s right, Fanfan. Looks like you’re very popular.”
【Why does it feel like those who are interested in me are always men?】
“This…” The system hesitated before saying a reason, “It must be because you have a special temperament.”
Special? Does he have special qualities that men find specifically appealing?
When he recalled the original owner’s beautiful appearance, Mo Fan felt another headache.
Mo Fan was just asking. Whether it was male or female, he didn’t mind.
Mo Fan showed a happy expression and continued to talk to the person in front of him.
Xu Wei has been wandering around the bar the whole time. Even if Mo Fan didn’t notice, how couldn’t he?
Lin Song had special intentions towards Mo Fan!
Xu Wei felt cold sweat dripping down his back. He just left for a while and Mo Fan already attracted trouble. If this reached Shao Yuxuan, he would surely be angered.
“Mr. Lin.” Xu Wei approached them, holding a glass.
“Young Master Xu.” Lin Song was shocked. Why would Xu Wei come over and say hello to him?
“It seems that Mr. Lin is having a great conversation with my friend. Do you mind if I come and join the fun?”
Lin Song naturally knew that Xu Wei did not really want to join their conversation. He was warning him that this was a person he could not touch.
“Hehe, how embarrassing. Both of you, talk. Oh look, my friend is over there. I’ll be going first.”
With that, the person walked away without looking back.
When Mo Fan saw Lin Song walk away, he did not try to stop him. He instead turned towards Xu Wei and asked, “Did you come here for a drink too?”
Xu Wei laughed and said, “Yes.”
Mo Fan pressed his temples, “Okay. It’s really noisy in here, not fun at all.”
Xu Wei was amused but still coaxed him, “This is what bars are like. Do you want me to send you back?”
“I don’t want to go back!”
When asked about returning home, it was as if Mo Fan’s reverse scale was touched. He immediately stood up and placed the glass in his hand down. Even with the loud music, the sound it made could be heard loudly.
“Okay, okay, okay. We aren’t going back.”
Xu Wei looked at him carefully and saw that Mo Fan’s cheeks were slightly red. He was drunk.
He couldn’t drink at all. Xu Wei looked at the liquid in the glass. It’s almost untouched, he thought.
Mo Fan looked very drunk, but his mind was clear.
【Shao Yuxuan should appear by now, based on the next plot point. Where is his people? 】
“Does Xu Wei count? He’s the protagonist’s representative.”
Mo Fan raised an eyebrow.
【Is there a mistake in the plot?】
“Fanfan, nothing’s wrong with your performance. The plot deviation is caused by the protagonist’s abnormality and it is not within your responsibility.”
【Shao Yuxuan is this world’s protagonist.】
“Yes. Fanfan, why are you suddenly saying this?” The system was puzzled.
【Say, what would happen if the protagonist of this world disappears?】
The system was frightened, “Fanfan, don’t mess around. If the protagonist dies, the world will collapse and cease to exist.”
System: What horrible thing was Fanfan thinking about just now!
The thought of eliminating the other party flashed through his head. Mo Fan wore a mysterious smile then shook his head regretfully.
So this couldn’t be done once and for all.

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