Chapter 10: I have a “spoiled” halo


Mo Fan was unmoved. He pushed the person, whose eyes were full of grievances, sticking to him.


The youth got up and yawned lazily, the corner of his eyes watering slightly. Mo Fan’s face was slightly red. He was feeling quite lazy due to the warm yellow sun. Shao Yuxuan felt that even the most ordinary moves of the youth tested his restraint.


“Xiao Fan…”


Shao Yuxuan also sat up then kissed the other. Soon, the teenager’s eyebrows raised as he responded slowly.


At first, Shao Yuxuan only crossed his limits occasionally. However, the man’s movements was slowly becoming too overboard.


“Shao Yuxuan!” Mo Fan shouted hoarsely.


This did not deter Shao Yuxuan at all. It sounded coquettish, which made him excited.


Mo Fan doubted that this man would kindly “listen” to him.


After staying in this world for quite some time, Mo Fan had already forgotten the original owner’s personality and turned into a pampered queen.


Yu Qingyuan never saw Mo Fan again and his phone calls never went through. He only found out later that the man who fetched Mo Fan that day was Shao Yuxuan, a legendary figure.


Before that, he never knew Mo Fan’s identity. He only thought that Mo Fan was a young man from a rich family. When he heard the news, Yu Qingyuan thought that he was ridiculous. Even without that man, Mo Fan was not someone he could dream of getting.

Shao Yuxuan finally succeeded in coaxing and tricking Mo Fan. He could not believe it himself. Although they did not do it until the end, this was still great progress.


The reason why Mo Fan did not refuse was because he felt really comfortable being served by a man.


When Mo Fan said that he was going to help manage Shao Yuxuan’s company, he really helped.


Originally, Shao Yuxuan was only planning to arrange an easy position for Mo Fan. A position where he could play in the office everyday. However, after entering the company, Shao Yuxuan found out that Mo Fan’s learning ability was amazing. As soon as he started, he could go head-to-head with the veteran employees of the company. He was not disobedient at all.


Shao Yuxuan felt that since Mo Fan also had shares in the company, he deserved to have a lot of rights.


Everyone in the company knew that this was their future boss. That stingy man even asserted his ownership to their boss on the first day he brought Mo Fan to the company. He did not allow anyone to even have thoughts about him.


In the past two years after Mo Fan joined, the company generated even more profits than before.


“Fanfan, you’re rolling on the sheets with the protagonist!”


【Isn’t that the ending?】


“I didn’t expect that you would be like this, Fanfan!”


【Anyways, I’m leaving soon. We have to satisfy each other. I won’t let someone who accompanied me for so long lose.】


“Fanfan, you still remember that you have to leave!”


【What? Did you think that I’m going to be too hapy that I wouldn’t want to leave?】


System: Is that right? The protagonist is like a pet. He wouldn’t let Mo Fan suffer even a little grievance, or else he would turn into an angered ancestor.


Mo Fan coughed. Undeniably, during this period of time, with Shao Yuxuan’s care, he did not know the feeling of discomfort. It could be said that if he asked for a star, he would pick everything but the moon.


However, this is not the end. It is just the beginning, he would not sto.


【Hey, what happens after I leave this body?】


“Fanfan, when you come into a body, their souls have already left. Therefore, when you leave, the body would die. Otherwise, you would turn into a living dead.”




In order not to become a living dead, Mo Fan decisively pushed Shao Yuxuan away when the car rushed over.


“Xiao Fan!”


The voice he heard was heartbreaking. Mo Fan gave the other his last smile before asking the system to pull his consciousness away.


Before leaving, Mo Fan saw the man kneeling on the ground, holding the youth’s corpse firmly in his hands……

lmao this was such a confusing chapter. so much information, then suddenly, ,,,, dEATH. it’ll get better next arc !!! tho !!! see you next month?

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