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Chapter 5: Pregnant

It was night time, but Mo Shaoqing couldn’t sleep due to excitement. He will soon have his own house.¬†Although it’s not too big, it will give him, who has drifted for three decades, a home he can call his own, he was still very shocked.

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Chapter 4: Happiness

Afterwards, Mo Shaoqing¬† found a flower shop that discovered a premium flower shop that was inharmonious with the surroundings. If this was in the years 201x, then this was really common, but this was more than ten years ago, so it is very rare. As expected, its business isn’t doing very well and the shop was deserted.

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Chapter 3: New Life

Mo Shaoqing continued to explore and discovered that the place is very beautiful. He who has breathed the imperial capital’s smog for no less than 10 years, that arrived here felt like a fish in the water. After running several laps and letting loose, Mo Shaoqing couldn’t move.

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EGFS 2.1

Chapter 2: Space

After the old man left, Mo Shaoqing went home with his family. As the car moved along the road to the city, the city’s outdated style was gradually exposed before Mo Shaoqing’s eyes. Simultaneously, he also found out that in his last few years, he was 30 years old and he has returned to 17 years ago.

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