Chapter 12: R Country

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Chapter 11: Studying Abroad

After last time’s order, there was no contact from them. Mo Shaoqing felt guilt for quite some time. However, days still had to go on. After smoothly moving up to his third year in high school, the pressure suddenly increased. The first period was moved thirty minutes earlier, while the dismissal period was pushed back for thirty minutes. His break time did not increase though. Although Mo Shaoqing, as an art student, felt this somewhat difficult to manage, it was fortunate that his cultural classes were not that bad. So he was not that worried.

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Chapter 10: Encounter

When Mo Shaoqing came to his new class, he saw that there was no staff, so he could only turn to Xing Zhipeng for help. Fortunately, he was reliable enough to help him not only find three sports students, but also help him rent two big trucks and a van.

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Chapter 9: Orders

Li Li’er and Mo Shaohong’s divorce lawsuit came to its most important segment. The division of the married couple’s joint property. The Li family knew that the marriage was irreparable, therefore they depended on the division of joint property and the money. In addition, this could also be regarded as the compensation for their daughter’s emotional damage.

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Chapter 8: Plan

Although the lawsuit was not over yet, the Mo family was finally able to relax. Following that, Mo Shaoqing was admitted to a prestigious high school in their city. This news brought consolation to their family.
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Chapter 7: Fractured

After the entrance exam ended, Mo Shaoqing started his vacation early. Having confidence in their son/younger brother, Father and Brother Mo did not bring up grades at all. Although it was now summer vacation, the Mo family still had to go to work, so at breakfast, it was only Li Li’er who was ‘pregnant’ and Mo Shaoqing who had nothing to do was at home.

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