SSTWT 23.2

Edited by: Silv

Translation Checker: yellow_birb(birby)

Translator: Megane

Chapter 23: Serve the Lord and Save the Country ( 8 )

[Part 2]

Ye Huai originally wanted to say Jiang xiong. He hasn’t finished saying it yet when he saw Zhao Changyu’s dark face so he hurriedly corrected himself.

“Got married?” Zhao Changyu asked.

“Still haven’t.” Ye Huai said. He hadn’t seen Jiang Hao for more than a month. Heaven knows how much they had progressed.

“Chen Yan, Summon Jiang Hao to have an audience!” Zhao Changyu shouted in a high tone. Chen Yan came out of nowhere, responded with his voice and went out.

“Why did Your Majesty summon Jiang Hao?” Ye Huai probed.

“To grant him and his sweetheart a marriage.” Zhao Changyu very simply stated.

Your Majesty hey, You’re trying to marry off everyone around me, aren’t you? He heard that since the princess proposed to marry him, not only did Zhao Changyu grounded her, this daughter-con was even particularly enthusiastic in finding a good match for her.

Whether it was Hua Lingling and Jiang Hao today or Zhao Yurong, who is far away in the Princess Palace, Zhao Changyu was now against them like a wolf. He had a deep fear of them having contact with Ye Huai.

Jiang Hao was baffled to be called to come over. He hadn’t arrived yet when he got a glimpse of Ye Huai. Zhao Changyu’s eyes were on him so he immediately took his eyes away. After that, was the beginning of patiently and systematically guiding him and asking about his marriage.

When Ye Huai saw Zhao Changyu again, five hours had already passed. He also heard that in these five hours, Zhao Changyu had already granted Jiang Hao and Plum Blossom lady a marriage. He even chose an ideal husband for Hua Lingling. His efficiency can be said to be like a fighter aircraft hitting the target.

When Ye Huai saw Zhao Changyu entering the door, he hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

“Xiao Qi, How much don’t you want to see me?” Zhao Changyu made people give him wide clothes. He turned over the bed to hold Ye Huai in his arms.

Ye Huai continued to pretend to be dead with his eyes closed. Zhao Changyu did him too much recently, he sometimes wanted to have more rest.

“Xiao Qi, if you don’t open your eyes, I’ll strip you and do it until tomorrow morning.” Zhao Changyu said.

“Your Majesty……” Ye Huai immediately opened his eyes and weakly called out in a high voice, “You’re back?”

(Megane: Ye Huai said the informal “you” here)

“Other than Zhen, who else can hold you in his arms like this?” Zhao Changyu rolled over and put Ye Huai under his body. His legs were under the covers. He bowed his head and kissed him on his smooth neck.

“Your Majesty, your servant is tired.” Ye Huai shrunk his neck to avoid and softly said. His voice was filled with a thick sense of weariness.

“What did you do today to be so tired?” Zhao Changyu asked.

“Servant…… made copies of scriptures……” Ye Huai thought about it. It seemed that other than copying scriptures, all he does is eat, sleep and have a battle of wits (and bed battles) with Zhao Changyu.

Zhao Changyu’s hands lingered on his waist. He refused to leave the touch of the boy’s elastic skin, “Always staying indoors leads to being stuffy. That’s why it feels sleepy. A little exercise and it will be good after a while.” Zhao Changyu kissed him hard. Ye Huai pushed him twice but to no avail. He was vigorously suppressed by Zhao Changyu.

Time passed by, Zhao Changyu held Ye Huai’s waist in his arms and satisfyingly went to sleep. Ye Huai was lying and stared at above with dead fish eyes. He said in his mind, “Xiao Lingling, I feel like I’m paraleiptic. That place feels really numb.”

(“I’m paraleiptic” – This line was supposed to be “disabled baby” but birby said that paraleiptic fits the context better.)

520: “……Why don’t you think about what you should do?”

Ye Huai: “Later? I heard that at the North Yuan had already started killing livestock. The war is imminent!”

520: “I have several opinions about you being excited like this.”

Ye Huai: “*cough**cough* I’m not excited at all. I’m being serious.”

520: “……” The host is hopeless. When he was chosen, he was obviously a stable doctor. In the end, what has happened for him to be like he is now?

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, I know you’re roasting me. But since this brother is generous, I’ll forgive you!”

520: “……” Thank you, I’m very much content not cherishing it.

Ye Huai: “In fact, there’s one thing involved when you start a war; military power. Da Mao’s rule is that if you send more than 80,000 troops, a royal family member was also needed to supervise the army. According to the original world line, Prince Qin was sent to supervise the army. Through this matter, Prince Qin got the military power. It acted as an accumulated capital used to force the emperor into abdicating.”

520: “What are you going to do?” The host is finally normal. I feel so touched ying ying ying!

Ye Huai: “I’m going to take the lead. A big magic explosion is to drop on the North Yuan people.”

520: “Don’t be so serious talking about this completely impossible nonsense!”

Ye Huai: “Just kidding, I want to tell Zhao Changyu to change the supervisor of the army.”

520: “Chang to who? Zhao Changyu has a son and a daughter. The crown prince is the heir. It’s difficult for him to leave. The princess is also a woman. Although she is very formidable, it is impossible to lead the war! Who do you want to recommend?”

Ye Huai: “Hehe, I won’t tell. You guess,”

520: “……” It really wants to convince the source system to change a new host.

When Zhao Changyu just fell asleep, he pressed on Ye Huai’s arm. It’s been a long time and it’s starting to feel numb. He made a slight movement to pull it out. Zhao Changyu woke up at once and caught the hand he just pulled out. The eagle-like eyes darkly locked onto him.

“You’re not allowed to go.” Zhao Changyu said.

“This servant’s hand is a bit numb so I took it out to move it.” Ye Huai explained.

Zhao Changyu held his hand with a blank expression. His other hand kneads his arm, helping him massage it slowly to resolve the numbing itch.

After a while, Zhao Changyu probably can’t hold back his sleepiness so he took Ye Huai into his arms, “No longer numb, continue sleeping.”

“Your Majesty.” Ye Huai didn’t let him sleep. He said in his ear, “That day, the princess just said those words in a moment of anger. Your Majesty, visit her tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to dissolve her confinement?”

Zhao Changyu was silent for a moment, Ye Huai thought that he was asleep. He didn’t expect that he would hold Ye Huai in his arms again and say, “Fine.”


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9 thoughts on “SSTWT 23.2

  1. I really like this novel because of the MC’s absolute shamelessness but I really don’t like it when MLs were forcing themselves at the MCs and being annoyingly possessive…. I like possessive characters but being too possessive was really annoying and makes me want to kill the ML if I were the MC

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!


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