SSTWT 23.1

Edited by: Silv

Translation Checker: yellow_birb(birby)

Translator: Megane

Chapter 23: Serve the Lord and Save the Country ( 8 )

[Part 1]

As Zhao Changyu promised, Jiang Hao became the champion after the list was posted after three days.

Ye Huai hadn’t stepped out of the palace since that day. Although Zhao Changyu said that he and Hua Nan will be responsible for the reform on disaster relief together, with Hua Nan’s enthusiasm for marriage, Zhao Changyu didn’t dare to leave Ye Huai and Hua Nan alone. He only summoned Hua Nan twice and the reform on disaster relief had to be discussed right in front of his eyes.

Hua Nan was also an old fox official. When he saw Zhao Changyu’s attitude, he never mentioned marriage. Instead, he humbly consulted Ye Huai for advice. He took complete charge on the specific things about the reform. It could be seen by any discerning person that the emperor was lending his hand to accumulate achievements for Ye Huai, and Hua Nan deeply understood that helping the emperor was also helping himself so he actively pushed the credit to Ye Huai more than anyone.

With Minister Hua’s cooperation, everything was gradually perfected according to Zhao Changyu’s expectations. On a certain day, he once again beckoned Hua Nan to come over in order to give his daughter another marriage.

“I heard that High Official Hua’s only daughter already reached the age to marry. Can you tell me of a (future) husband’s family?” Zhao Changyu asked.

Hua Nan took a glance at Ye Huai who was eating fruit at the side and answered: “Not yet.”

Zhen actually found a good candidate. If Official Hua likes it, I can grant you marriage.”Zhao Changyu stated.

Hua Nan pleasantly surprised and looked forward to it. Zhao Changyu was an Emperor baptized in the battlefield. He was well organized in both politics and war. However, he didn’t care about minor trivial matters such as marriage. Otherwise, Princess Yurong will not marry until now.

“The person referred by Your Majesty is naturally the best.” Minister Hua said. He lamented in his heart that his achievements had finally paid off.

“Jiang Hao, last month’s top scorer in the palace examination. Does Official Hua have any impressions?” Zhao Changyu asked. Ye Huai listened by the side, alarm bells erupted in his mind. Isn’t Jiang Hao a couple with the young lady who sells plum blossom cakes by the street?

(Megane: It was mentioned in a chapter once)

“Answering Your Majesty, this servant remembers. Top scorer Jiang is a man with boundless prospects!” When Hua Nan listened to this candidate, he was very satisfied. He had heard that the new top scorer followed the Emperor and had a good relationship with Gu daren. He had no background so if he married his daughter, he would follow his faction.

“Not good!” Ye Huai nevertheless blurted out.

“What is Official Gu’s wise opinion?” Zhao Changyu’s eyes shot out two cold knives, warning Ye Hua to shut up.

Ye Huai didn’t want to fight him. But as the saying goes, ‘Rather destroy ten temples than a single marriage.’ It seems that he needs to lend a hand for Jiang Hao’s happiness.

“This servant thinks…… Scholar Jiang doesn’t match with Minister Hua’s daughter.” Ye Huai said. Before he finished talking, he saw Zhao Changyu’s cold look again.

Ye Huai: “What should I do, Xiao Lingling? This brother sensed that he is going to use a rope and get off with a man ah!

520: “You’re finally admitting that you’re doing it with a man, ah?

Ye Huai: “……Speaking of this, how much is the mission completed now?”

520: “Twenty-three percent(23%). It began to rise after the reform of the disaster relief for the poor began.”

Ye Huai: “Only 23? This brother’s not going to make it……”

520: “What happened?” He eats and sleeps well every day. Where is he unable to hold on?

Ye Huai: “Zhao Changyu is worthy of being an Emperor good on a horseback. His physical strength is so good that my kidney hurts.”

520: “……”Shouldn’t have asked.

Ye Huai: “Look at Zhao Changyu’s eyes. After Hua Nan leaves, he will do that again.”

520: “I didn’t hear that! I didn’t hear!”

Hua Nan keenly became aware of the changes in the atmosphere. He found an excuse to slip away, leaving Ye Huai and Zhao Changyu in the palace hall.

“Tell, Why don’t you want Jiang Hao to marry Hua Lingling? Do you still think of Hua Lingling?” Zhao Changyu asked.

“Haven’t. “ Ye Huai laid down the half-eaten fruit and went to the palace hall, planning to kneel down. However, he was interrupted by Zhao Changyu.

“When did I ask you to kneel? Stand up!” Zhao Changyu lowly roared.

It’s all in the palm of your hand, your mother…… Ye Huai silently cursed. This mother really stood up. Very respectfully speaking and replied, “It’s really isn’t because this servant has feelings for Hua Lingling but it’s for Jiang xiong…… Scholar Jiang already has a sweetheart.”

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  1. Welcome back and good luck with school stress. I wonder if the emperor will believe that he was thinking of his friend not hua lingling… either way I think he will get a workout soon 😅


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