SSTWT 22.2

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Translator: Megane

Chapter 22: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (7)

Part 2

This time, Zhao Changyu was really fuming. He immediately roared for the imperial guards to come in, “Take the princess back to the Princess Palace! From now on, she’s not allowed to go out of the palace to ponder upon her misdeeds!” He finished talking and the princess was personally taken away by squadron leader Fang Xu himself. Zhao Changyu once again ruthlessly glared right at Ye Huai. Not knowing whether to beat him or to scold him, he angrily walked around the room several times.

Ye Huai and Jiang Hao were kneeling on the floor, waiting for Zhao Changyu’s judgement to fall on them.

Jiang Hao was the most innocent here. He just happened to be with Ye Huai when the princess invited them to go together. He only came here to take the palace examinations and he even assumed that gaining scholarly honor was hopeless. Thinking up to here, he felt a wave of dizziness and headache come. His body swayed and almost fainted.

“You withdraw first. Today’s matter is not allowed to spread.” Zhao Changyu took the initiative to release Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao looked at Ye Huai worriedly. Ye Huai gave him a look saying he didn’t need to worry about him. He clenched his teeth and hurriedly thanked the emperor for his favor before leaving.

After Jiang Hao left, only Ye Huai and Zhao Changyu were left in the room. Ye Huai knelt on the floor obediently, his lowered his eyebrows while waiting for Zhao Changyu to deal with him. Zhao Changyu was still not talking. He went around the room, opening and closing drawers in the room.

“Are you dissatisfied with Zhen during the activity at noon?” After a long time of silence, Zhao Changyu spoke.

“This humble servant does not dare.” Ye Huai said.

“That is precisely harboring dissatisfaction but not daring enough to say it.” Zhao Changyu said. He walked over to Ye Huai and crouched. He lifted up Ye Huai’s chin and carefully looked at his face, “Zhen also doesn’t have a cut sleeve but it’s worth seeing you now that zhen wants to ruthlessly take possession of you.”

Bullshit! Ye Huai inwardly rolled his eyes. He doesn’t believe this ‘I’m not gay, I just happen to like a man’ argument. But to tell the truth, when he was suddenly told such words, his heart still felt sweet.

“I, your servant, also is not.” Ye Huai said. Gu Cheng Qi was a straight man. It can be made out from him jumping to drown himself into the river. Ye Huai didn’t believe that Zhao Chengyu couldn’t see it himself.

Zhen knows.” Zhao Changyu said, “But when Zhen wants something, it must be grabbed into my hand. It’s large to the whole world but small to you.”

Ye Huai lowered his eyebrows, no longing speaking.

“Therefore,” Zhao Changyu paused for a long time before he said, “I’ve decided to keep you by my side. Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, I will give you the greatest glory, but the price is to accompany me beside me.”

Zhao Changyu, say that you don’t want to do it!

Ye Huai finally saw what Zhao Changyu found in the drawer. A hard-pressed red rope and two candles, used in the brothels for guests with special fetishes.

“Since you are unwilling, Zhen can only be ruthless.” Zhao Changyu started stripping off Ye Huai’s clothes.

Hey hey hey, These two sentences doesn’t have a cause and effect relationship at all, okay?

Ye Huai’s heart was screaming but his face was full of fear, “Your Majesty, don’t.”

His refusal provoked Zhao Changyu. Zhao Changyu became more ruthless. Ye Huai’s outer and middle garments were torn up twice or thrice. His hands were grabbed and were bound by the bed.

There were homosexuals or cut sleeves in every generation of the imperial family, but in the end, it cannot be said to the public. Zhao Changyu also knew that he couldn’t give him a name, nevertheless, he still wanted to keep him around him.

Zhao Changyu’s hands held his waist and held him throughout to the end. All of Ye Huai’s weight was concentrated on his hands. He was ruthlessly invaded/violated from behind by the man. He didn’t even know if it was pain or pleasure that he felt.

The two points on his chest were covered with mottled teeth marks and residual candle tears, which were left by Zhao Changyu during the foreplay.

When he returned to the palace, Zhao Changyu passed down a decree at once to fulfill his promise. Gu Cheng Qi leapt in rank from Imperial Hanlin Academy to a Ministry of Revenue Official. With the government of Minister Hua, he was responsible for the reform of disaster relief and poverty.

And on the grounds of discussing the reforms, Ye Huai was left in the palace.

“Minister’s official position is not high. But it’s a good thing and can be considered a political achievement. Zhen will find a way to give you a promotion later.” Zhao Changyu striked and held the lying Ye Huai in his arms in the palace hall. “It is reasonable to say that it will be better if you had military achievements. You can even be conferred the title of King. However, I don’t want you to fight on the battlefield.”

“Thanks for Your Majesty’s empathy. This servant is a scholar throughout and also can’t use the bow nor ride a horse.” Ye Huai was wrapped in a layer of muslin quilt, facial expression hidden in Zhao Changyu’s arms.

Zhao Changyu bowed his head and bit his lips. Still overbearing, he sat down on the bed and held him in his arms, “You’re not allowed to refuse again in the future. Otherwise, Zhen will abolish your fellow countryman’s scholarly honor.”

“Your Majesty, this servant…… Your matter is unrelated to Jiang xiong.” Ye Huai was shackled in Zhao Changyu’s arms and their distance were very close. He was so emotional that he sprang his head up and his lips brushed Zhao Changyu’s lips.

Zhao Changyu wasn’t satisfied with the soft brush of their lips so he held his head and deeply kissed him. He thoroughly kissed Ye Huai before letting go: “Today, the Ministry of Rites had presented 10 papers. Among them is Jiang Hao’s paper. Whether he can be regarded as the champion depends on your performance.”

Ye Huai was kissed until he turned red (due to suffocation). His chest was continuously moving up and down as he panted. He closed his eyes as he avoided Zhao Changyu’s sharp eyes but his voice confused his state of mind.

After Zhao Changyu finished speaking, he was silent for a long while he closed his eyes. Finally, it seemed like he ended the bitter ideological struggle. From the encasement, he stretched out his hand and placed it on Zhao Changyu’s sturdy chest.

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