SSTWT 22.1

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Chapter 22: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (7)

Part 1

Ye Huai still wanted to evade but Zhao Yurong did not listen to his opinions at all. She let the guards take them to the carriage. In order to make their travel easier, she also made the people change the ordinary carriage up and even dressed up as the son of a rich family who went out to play.

As far as style was concerned, Zhao Yurong did have the overbearingness of her father.

“I heard that aside from beautiful young girls, there are also good-looking little brothers?” After Zhao Yurong entered the Shaoyao Pavillion, she immediately rewarded the madam with a handful of golden leaves and they were immediately taken to the best private room. The madam also brought the famous courtesan and a row of girls for them to choose from.

“Yes, this gongzi is precisely a connoisseur. We, Shaoyao Pavillion, by no means discriminate boys from girls.” When the old madam heard Yurong’s words, she immediately called out and made a row of male prostitutes come in.

Zhao Yurong looked around. She never came to this kind of place so she was curious. However, she needs to pretend to be very sophisticated. She simply said, “Let them all stay. Also, serve some good wine and food.”

“Ei, yes.” The old madam listened to her and laughed as bright as flowers. There’s only three people but they ordered more than a dozen young girls and a dozen male prostitutes. There’s also the famous courtesan. Today, it’s really a fat sheep.

It became a room full of prostitutes singing, playing stringed instruments, and holding wines to give them drinks around them. Ye Huai looked at the eyes of Jiang Hao beside him. His face was so red and he didn’t even know where to look at.

On the other hand, Zhao Yurong seemed to have been blessed with innate skill. She was like a fish in the waters while she was surrounded by young men and beautiful women.

Ye Huai tried to persuade the girls around him to just leave two male prostitutes to pour him wine and serve him food. Although they carry some effeminate perfume on their body, it was still acceptable.

“Does official want to add more side dishes?” Ye Huai was nervous so he just kept on gobbling up the food. The young man serving next to him thought that the food was too little, so he went to take care of him.

“No. No need.” Ye Huai said. He uncomfortably moved his body.

“Then can Qing-er massage official’s shoulder?” The young man said again.

“No need. My shoulders don’t feel sore.” Ye Huai took a sip of wine. He saw the princess on the side lying on a spacious armchair. She had two beautiful girls in her arms. He couldn’t help but sigh… in this romantic place, his ability was not as good as a little girl’s. Ye Huai adjusted his sitting posture. He also did it this afternoon and his waist still feels uncomfortable at the moment. Hence, he said, “Give me a massage on my waist.”

The prostitute looked faintly distracted at once. Probably, few important people requests to be massaged on the waist but Ye Huai didn’t think much about it, only thinking of the massage.

“Official, here please.” The prostitute, called Qing-er, stood up and led Ye Huai to a partitioned-off area by the side. Inside, there is already a bed prepared.

Ye Huai felt sleepy and threw himself straight on top of it. He waited for the prostitute to massage his waist.

After waiting for a while, there are rustling noises on Qing-er’s side while preparing and then gave Ye Huai a massage. “Oh…… Comfortable. It’s there, use more force.” Ye Huai laid on the bed and melted into a puddle.

The noise outside gradually weakened down. Ye Huai’s body relaxed and he lied on the bed, starting to get sleepy.

He was still asleep when there was suddenly a commotion outside. Ye Huai was awakened and hurriedly stood up. However, Zhao Changyu pushed the door in, his pair of eyes pierced as cold as frost.

“What are you doing?” Zhao Changyu’s eyes are burning with rage. He unwaveringly glared at the half-naked little prostitute. His hands also wrapped around Ye Huai’s waist.

Earlier today, this man was still swinging his hips and groaning under his body. At this moment, he unexpectedly came here right away to seek pleasure.

“Everyone get out.” Zhao Changyu said. The male and female prostitutes had never seen such a guest with an imposing momentum so they scurried to escape from the house.

Zhao Changyu violently pulled Ye Huai up. He properly wrapped his clothes and belt then pointed at the floor outside the room and said: “Go out and kneel.”

Ye Huai supported his waist with one hand and knelt well on the outer room. Zhao Changyu came out and sized up both the princess and the kneeling Jiang Hao. He asked: “Who proposed to come here?”

“It’s this daughter. This daughter wanted to come and see so she looked for Gu xiansheng and his friend to accompany.” Zhao Yurong said.

“Acting willfully and making a scene.” Zhao Changyu’s complexion looked darker but Ye Huai clearly saw his fist loosen and relax, “For the Grand Princess to come to this place, Is there no more reputation and integrity?”

“This daughter only came to take a look. Someone’s true nature will always be revealed. If the future emperor’s son-in-law cares about this little matter, the it’s better for this daughter to be unmarried.” Zhao Yurong said, not yielding a bit.

Zhao Changyu was probably tragically angry. He pointed at Zhao Yurong for a long time without being able to say anything.

Zhao Yurong didn’t give up. She even added saying, “If Father Emperor must make me marry, I would like to marry Gu xiansheng.”

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11 thoughts on “SSTWT 22.1

  1. Zhao Yurong: Dad, I’d like to marry stepmother.

    Zhao Changyu: *points at daughter*

    Ye Huai: *packing a runaway bag* Truly father – daughter, anytime those two said a word, my waist suffers.

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  2. Should have learned from last time.

    Never ever be seen with a male other than your hubby or else you’ll suffer days with aching waist.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    The daughter is very headstrong! Too bad you’re trying to marry your father’s hubby.

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  3. Ahh he’s already drinking so much vinegar, why add more XD even tho you’re his daughter XDXDXD omg XD this princess, she’s gonna be one of those characters who’s surrounded by a harem and love only one X3 thanks for the update~~ hehe you sometimes do forget to schedule posts, it’s happened to me before :v tho I did that for fun :/ good luck with your exams Megane 😀 and thanks for posting, Lily ^^/


  4. Sorry sweetheart, you’re a lot more decisive and heroic than most girls I’ve seen but your father got there first. Honestly this is as tragic and the father who steals his son’s girlfriend.


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