SSTWT 21.2

Edited by: Silv

Translation Checker: yellow_birb(birby)

Translator: Megane

Chapter 21: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (6)

Part 2

Zhao Changyu had always been a man of restraint. It was his first-time finding someone so seductive in a long time, and he had not indulged himself for too long. After a short break, he will let people prepare a bathtub in the side hall and carry Ye Huai in to bathe.

Ye Huai soaked in the water, and Zhao Changyu also sat down, slightly awkwardly scrubbing his body. Ye Huai was limp so Zhao Changyu busied himself with the process of cleaning.

After that, Zhao Changyu wiped him clean and changed his clothes.  

“I am hungry so I will accompany you for lunch.” Zhao Changyu had just had a little exercise, and his appetite was great.

“Wei Chen does not dare to trespass.” Ye Huai suddenly knelt down, lowering his head to Zhao Changyu. Zhao Changyu wanted to pull his hand, but when he reached out and grabbed it, there was another burst of heat in his heart, and he did not know what to do. Ye Huai said again, “Your Majesty, please forgive me.”

Before Zhao Changyu has had time to make him stay, Ye Huai had already withdrawn from the room. Zhao Changyu’s heart was difficult to calm, and with a backhand, the antique vase next to him was shattered. 

Chen Yan who just came in to eat was scared by this scene, and the eunuchs behind him also quickly knelt to the ground.

Zhao Changyu glanced at them and said, “Get up, clean up this mess.” After that, he sat down in front of the table, and with disregard to whether the dishes on the table are complete, he turned all his grief into appetite, quickly eating the dishes.

At the same time, Ye Huai hurried out of the palace and ran back to the Drunken Pavillion.

520: “Why are you running so fast?”

Ye Huai: “In order not to collapse, I need to set up my system”

520: “Oh, it’s really hard on you.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t get in the way, give this brother a pack of cigarettes. After that kind of event, have a cigarette, so the game is perfect.”

520: “Smoking in this ancient unpolluted time, will your conscience not hurt?”

Ye Huai: “No, thank you.”

Ye Huai was smoking a cigarette when there came footsteps outside the door. Jiang Yan was back! Ye Huai quickly extinguished the cigarette and hid the cigarette lighter under the bed.

“Cheng Qi, why did you return late today?” Jiang Hao pushed the door in. The palace examination results had not yet been announced. Therefore he was now living with Ye Huai in a room for the duration of time.

“Oh, I went out for a walk.”Ye Huai smiled.

“Why is it foggy here in the house?” Jiang Hao coughed twice and opened the door for ventilation.

“I don’t know. It was like this when I came back.” Ye Huai decisively shirked any responsibility.

Jiang Hao said that he would like to report it to the store. When he opened the window and looked out, he said to Ye Huai, “Cheng Qi, do you think that is the Princess’s carriage?”

Ye Huai leapt down from the bed. Outside the window, the official Princess’s carriage stopped on the street road.

They hadn’t had a chance to think about it yet when someone knocked on the door and asked in a clear and loud voice, “Excuse me, is Gu Cheng Xi gongzi in here?”

“Yes.” Jiang Hao looked into Ye Huai’s eyes and immediately rushed up to the door.

Ye Huai didn’t have enough time to hesitate. He saw the princess, dressed in men’s clothing, walk in with her servant girl.

“Princess, Your Highness.” Ye Huai and Jiang Hao, who were about to greet her, was stopped by Yu Rong, “This Princess is currently incognito outside the palace. You two can call me Young Lady Rong.”

“Yes, may I ask what Young Lady Rong wants to instruct us?” Ye Huai asked. Seeing the princess dress like this, could it be that she wants to listen to the story?

“I want to go to the Shaoyao Pavillion to play. You accompany me to go.” Princess Yurong said.

Ye Huai looked distracted. Why is the princess going to do in that place?

“Who are you?” Yurong didn’t wait for Ye Huai to answer. Anyway, she noticed Jiang Hao on the side, “Who are you?”

“Replying to the Prin……Young Lady Rong, I (humbly) am Jiang Hao, Cheng Qi’s friend.” Jiang Hao said.

“It turned out to be Gu xiansheng’s friend. Then you should also come to accompany us.” Yurong stated.

On the one side, Zhao Yurong was clamouring to go to Shaoyao Pavillion. On the other side, in the palace, Zhao Changyu was eating his afternoon meal. The heat raised by Ye Huai finally went down a little.

He made Chen Yan come and exhorted, “Go to the Drunken Pavillion to pass the message at once. Tell Gu Cheng Qi that he doesn’t need to attend the imperial court in the early morning. When he wakes up, he should go to my study.”

“Yes.” Chen Yan said.

“Hold on.” Zhao Changyu stopped him again, “Zhen doesn’t have anything important this afternoon. You replace Zhen here and change clothes. Zhen will personally see him, and in passing, also go incognito to observe the circumstances of the people.”

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