SSTWT 21.1

Edited by: Silv

Translation Checker: yellow_birb(birby)

Translator: Megane

Chapter 21: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (6)

Part 1

After a period of time, Ye Huai got stuck in Zhao Changyu’s study almost every day. He had to copy the Diamond Sutra, Lotus Sutra, Garland Sutra, Buddhist Scripture, Yuan Jue Sutra, Sangha Sutra, Mahayana Divine Sutra, Nirvana Sutra , Wuliang Sutra, Wonderful Lotus Huajing…[1] he had to copy so many Buddhist sutras Ye Huai thought that he was going to ascend to heaven.

(Megane: A bunch of texts or classics/scriptures)

520: “No no no, Ascending to heaven is not a Buddhist term. You should just stay quiet.”

Ye Huai: “……”

Ye Huai had copied a large page of paper. After so many days of hard work, his handwriting had finally taken a large step.

“Not bad. The handwriting is proper and the strokes of the characters are complete. It can finally enter the eye.” Zhao Changyu commented after seeing his finish product today.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Ye Huai’s face looked modest but his heart was twitching.

“Zhen received a memorial from Minister Hua today.” Zhao Changyu said. He went around the imperial table and picked up the memorial.

“About a detailed article of the memorial ‘About Disaster Relief to Help the Poor’?” Ye Huai was quite concerned about this opportunity (to stop Prince Qin). In the original plot, Mao country was in constant conflict. After encountering disasters, the crops were scarce and Prince Qin took advantage of this time to succeed.

“Not only that.” Zhao Changyu unhurriedly paced and returned. *Bang* He had thrown the memorial in front of Ye Huai. “See it for yourself.”

Ye Huai didn’t dare to ask more questions. He opened the memorial with doubts in his mind. He thought that he would see the article about disaster relief but he didn’t expect this memorial to contain a request for marriage. The article was written with a sense of affection. The main characters of the article were Hua Lingling and Gu Cheng Qi.

“I heard that you had jumped to the river because of the daughter of Minister Hua.” Zhao Changyu asked the other after Ye Huai finished reading.

As soon as Zhao Changyu’s eyes sharply locked on him, Ye Huai immediately had a thin layer of sweat on his back. He quickly bowed his head, “This servant was young and not sensible……”

“At that time? But merely forty days have passed since it happened?” Zhao Changyu asked.

“…… This minister had already died once. After being rescued by a friend, this servant had come to accept the unpleasant fact. Moreover, this one’s body was received from my parents, committing suicide as one pleases is not a noble act.” Ye Huai said, shaking his head in sadness.

After Ye Huai finished, he didn’t receive a reply from Zhao Changyu for a long time. He secretly raised his eyes to see the expression on the Emperor’s face. Who knew that Zhao Changyu would suddenly turn his face away and softly say, “If you still want to marry her, Zhen can decide for you.”

“No, I don’t.” Ye Huai held the memorial and shook it, “this minister doesn’t want to marry Hua Lingling!” He finally remembered. Isn’t the Minister of Revenue that day surnamed Hua? Isn’t Hual Lingling his daughter? He absolutely just looked at his first memorial and thought that he had a promising future and wanted to pull him in as his son-in-law!

“So do you have a woman you fancy?” Zhao Changyu asked, not yielding a bit.

Ye Huai was questioned intensely by him. He didn’t know where to look. He didn’t know where the servants of the palace went. Rather, it should be said that they have learned a skill. As long as Ye Huai was interacting with Zhao Changyu, they would consciously withdraw.

“There’s no one else here. If there is, you can tell me.” Zhao Changyu said, “If there isn’t, you’re not allowed to have one in the future.”

Huh? What does that mean?

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, is he confessing to me?”

520: “How can this be called a confession?”

Ye Huai: “He clearly said that he doesn’t let me like others in the future because I am his!”

520: “……Suddenly thinking that you two match quite well. How did that come about?”

Ye Huai: “Are you pointing out our attractiveness?”

520: “No, I mean, only a crazy narcissist who has a different brain circuit like you can understand his confession.”

Ye Huai: “……” Should I be grateful for that compliment?

Ye Huai was still too at a loss to understand it clearly. Zhao Changyu immediately hugged him and whispered to him as he kissed him, “Since you’re not saying anything, I’ll regard it as you don’t have one.”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, Xiao Lingling, HE KISSED ME!”

520: “Yes yes yes, what’s the big deal? You didn’t get so excited when Yu Xinze kissed you!”

Ye Huai: “This is different!”

520: “Where is it different?”

Ye Huai: “He’s the Emperor! This brother will be able to do it as the Emperor’s man in the future!”

520: “……” You win. I surrender.

In addition to being comfortable, the imperial seat also had another advantage. If you don’t have a bed, you can use it as a substitute and give it a go.

Zhao Changyu’s action force was amazing. He had only just finished confessing, and he already embraced Ye Huai and progressed to the third base. After half an hour, Ye Huai was slouched on the back of the dragon chair like a dead fish, and there was a pool of unknown liquid on his buttocks.

“Xiao Qi, has anyone touched you here?” Zhao Changyu rested for a moment, then he broke in. While biting his ears, he questioned him. At the same time, he slowly ground into the deepest part of him and then pulled out slightly.

“No…… Ha……” Ye Huai had been thrown into disorder. Zhao Changyu had already released inside him two times. Even at this moment, he still hadn’t slowed down, and his little brother was stimulated to lift up its head.

“What about here?” Zhao Changyu stood up and went in deeply. He then proceeded to reach out his hand and hold the thing in front of Ye Huai’s body. “Has anyone ever touched this? Has your brother who had been taking care of you touched this thing?”

Zhao Changyu pulled him closer so that he couldn’t close his legs. Lying on the imperial seat, he hummed lightly. He answered a little slowly. Zhao Changyu pushed his waist in and out several times before asking again.

Ye Huai’s mouth was open as he kept on gasping. Zhao Chengyu made his body melt as if into a pool of water. He laid on the back of the seat tiredly and said, “No…… Never…… Nn……”

Zhao Changyu finally received a satisfactory answer. He turned Ye Huai over and embraced him on his lap to support him and shook his waist repeatedly. Zhao Changyu was nearly half-squatting to attack (or assault. It can also be to enter him). Ye Huai’s back was leaning against the side of the imperial table. His (YH) body was sat on his (ZCY) lap and was completely ready for all desires.

After another half an hour, Zhao Changyu finally released again. He placed Ye Huai in his arms and stroked his back over and over again.

Ye Huai sat on him, feeling sleepy.

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9 thoughts on “SSTWT 21.1

  1. Sorry for my language but Holy Fyck!

    There was no time for foreshadowing in the last chapter that they were going to wrestle in the Emperor’s seat like damn! That was so sudden but muahahahaha!!! ML acts really fast! I approve!


    Favourite thing about the MC is that instead of MLs wanting to fck MCs (and usually MCs resist), MC one the other hand wants get fcked by the ML (just like the MC in 7men but YH is full Shou lol)

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    • This may be funny because MC is shameless and is totally a shou but you’re right. If MC wasn’t gay then this would be rape and the sad part is that the emperor can do whatever he wants and he can’t resist. Good thing MC is gay tho XD


  2. Perchance, there is a missing sutra, KAMASUTRA!!!! 😀😀😀
    MC attacked by the Emperor’s “action force”. 😂😂😂😂
    God save the Queen.
    Thank you Silv, yellow_birb and Megane. 💞💞💞💞


  3. This is explicit and yet not at the same time. I don’t know if there’s a label to describe this (teasing maybe? lol) but I don’t hate it at all. Shows how words can be a tool in so many ways.


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