SSTWT 20.2

Edited by: Silv

Translated by: Megane

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Chapter 20: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (5)

Part 2

“Finished writing?” Ye Huai was still engaged (in chatting) when he heard someone speak out, he didn’t even realise when Zhao Changyu came behind him.

“Your…… Your Majesty.” Ye Huai’s brush stiffly hangs in the air. He was so focused talking to 520 that he forgot where he was.

“No need to be over courteous. Continue writing.” Zhao Changyu still stood very closely behind him. He watched him write the words over his shoulder. “The shape is good but the force of the wrist still needs to be strengthened.”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, he actually looked upon a surgeon’s wrist! This brother held a scalpel for more than ten hours. The wrist is still weak? You jest!”

Zhao Changyu didn’t wait for Ye Huai to reply. He directly held his hand. The other person in the room wanted to bury his head to his chest for fear that he would see something he shouldn’t see.

Zhao Changyu acted as if he wasn’t aware of it. One of his hands was on Ye Huai’s writing hand while the other hand was on his waist. His tall body almost put Ye Huai into his arms. He picked up the brush and wrote a few words on the paper with Ye Huai. The force of his wrist was astounding and the ink strongly penetrated through the paper.

520: “I originally thought that your handwriting was nice. After seeing his handwriting, I realized that it was just an attractive appearance without substance.”

Ye Huai: “……” Whose system are you exactly?

Unfortunately, even though Ye Huai recognized himself as a wrist-wielding surgeon, Zhao Changyu actually practiced in the battlefield. And even more importantly, Ye Huai’s current body was not his own.

Ye Huai: “Why are you doing this to me!”

520: “A few words, nothing more. Accept the unpleasant fact. Period.”

Ye Huai: “……”

After Zhao Changyu finished writing, he let go of Ye Huai as if nothing happened. He indifferently dropped another sentence, “Continue writing.” Then he went back to sit on the imperial seat and started to read the memorials.

Ye Huai: “Why do I feel like he just came over to relieve his boredom?”

520: “It shouldn’t be.”

Ye Huai: “Really?”

520: “Well, of course, your addition isn’t important enough to be distracting to him.”

Ye Huai: “I demand a system change! I demand a system change! What kind of system is so blind as to disregard this brother’s beauty!”

520: “Sorry for the inconvenience. After being bound to the system, it can’t be changed.”

Ye Huai: “……” Why am I always the one who’s hurt?

After two hours, Zhao Changyu approved the memorial in his hands. He stood up to see Ye Huai only to find him lying on one side under the desk, sleeping. The small eunuch who was grinding the ink for him was also at a loss. When he saw the emperor coming, he immediately knelt down to ask for forgiveness.

“Withdraw.” Zhao Changyu waved at him to go. When he felt that the rest of the people were gone, he bent down and held Ye Huai who was lying crookedly on the ground and stood up.

Zhao Changyu looked at both sides and finally put Ye Huai on the imperial seat. He put his head on his lap and took off his robe to cover him.

Ye Huai slept for a while and then turned over. Suddenly, he remembered that he was supposed to copy scriptures, then he felt sleepy. He pretended to stoop down to pick up the brush, secretly lazy, but he fell asleep.

He opened his eyes and felt that his head was warm. He habitually rubbed his head but he stopped when he felt a hard thing against his nose.

“Dear Minister Gu, have you awaken?” Zhao Changyu’s voice passed down from above his head.

Ye Huai instantly woke up. He actually slept on Zhao Changyu’s lap. The thing that he rubbed against a moment ago…… It seems to be the legendary dragon root? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“Did you sleep well?” Zhao Changyu closed the book and let it go. He let Ye Huai stand up and asked him with a smile  which did not feel like a smile.

“Still, okay, Your Majesty suffered.” Ye Huai smiled. What the hell is this? Sexual harassment in the office: Ancient Version? The question is who harassed who? Zhao Changyu deserved to be called a fighter who practiced the martial arts. His thigh muscles are firm and strong. They are not the same as those who practiced in the gym. Lying on it was quite comfortable.

“Beloved minister slept so soundly, Zhen haven’t disturbed you. Just watching dear minister sleep so soundly, Zhen also feels sleepy in broad daylight.” After Zhao Changyu finished, he unexpectedly also presentably made a single yawn.

Hehe, little guy, do you think this brother doesn’t know what you’re thinking? After listening to Zhao Changyu’s words, Ye Huai immediately became clear about him. That place is hard, and you just want to sleep? Who believes ah!

“Your Majesty, this small minister has already copied the scriptures, can I go back?” Ye Huai quickly flashed out from Zhao Changyu’s imperial seat and bowed down to salute. The whole process was orderly. His eyes didn’t even go there.

Zhao Changyu was silent for a moment. When Ye Huai intended to look up and peek at his face, he said, “That’s all, you can go. Remember to come back tomorrow.”

Ye Huai hurriedly retreated and rushed out of the palace.

520: “You didn’t agree? Isn’t Zhao Changyu handsome?”

Ye Huai: “Handsome! Handsome without a doubt! He’s so handsome that my legs went soft.”

520: “Then why didn’t you agree?”

Ye Huai: “Didn’t you realize that my heart was going to jump out? I have to go back to smoke and calm down.”

520: “Truly capable……”

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