SSTWT 20.1

Edited by: Silv

Translated by: Megane

Chapter 20: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (5)

Part 1

Zhao Changyu majestically sat on the imperial throne as sturdy as a mountain. He lifted his eyes and looked around. Sure enough, he found Ye Huai on the first row just behind Prince Qin. At the moment, he was holding Ye Huai’s answer paper written on the day of the imperial examinations, entitled “Disaster Relief to Help the Poor”.

Ye Huai’s article explored the three concepts of providing disaster relief: providing relief, credit and charity fund. Among them, the relief was usually used by Da Mao. Whenever disaster strikes, the central or state warehouse and county warehouses will release grains as emergency relief to the victims (of disasters).

(Megane: I have no idea what 大茂 is so I turned it into Da Mao)

The credit and charity fund were Ye Huai’s newly proposed methods. So in the event of a disaster, the government will lend rations, seeds or livestock to farmers to help the victims to quickly rebuild their farms. All the loans would be interest-free and will be returned to the government after reconstruction.

In contrast, the usual method used by Da Mao was somewhat similar, but different in that instead of directly issuing and lending, they sell food to the victims at a low price. This method is only effective and suitable for families that are already relatively wealthy.

Zhao Changyu made a lot of transcript copies for the following officials but immediately after reading it, some people already began to refute, “Your Majesty, this method can’t be used. The disaster relief is to save the people who are experiencing difficulties. The money from the treasury came from the taxes paid by the people. How can we use this as an opportunity (in business) to make a profit?”

When this was said, many people nodded and agreed.

However, the person in charge of the Ministry of Revenue, Minister Hua, doesn’t think so, “Your Majesty, this minister thinks that this is feasible. The Da Mao never opened the warehouse directly to release food during disasters. Every household is allocated food but each household has different circumstances. The rich often can afford to buy the food and survive, but the poor may only be able to eat for a short time but without seeds or animal livestock, they still can’t survive.  This minister thinks that Gu Daren’s article is rough but the words are reasonable. When the authorities encounter disasters, according to the size of the disaster and the distinction between rich and poor households, by providing relief, relief loans, and charity funds, these methods can help the victims maintain their livelihood and resume production as soon as possible. As a result, the authorities’ consumption of food is reduced and the victims receive the best disaster relief measures.”

(Daren – 大人 – Adult; grownup; a title of respect towards superiors.)

Minister Hua was a senior figure in the imperial court. He was the person most familiar with the tax operation of the Ministry of Revenue. When he said this, he also received a lot of support.

Zhao Changyu simply let people send the copies to the ministers while he sat on the imperial throne, listening to the arguments. From time to time, someone would ask Ye Huai some characters that they couldn’t understand. Looking at Ye Huai’s sometimes guilty, sometimes speechless little expressions,  it was really enjoyable.

After discussing for an hour, Zhao Changyu finally spoke, “Official Hua, in accordance with this article, prepare a detailed proposal and present it to me as soon as possible.”

After this was said, the opposing officials closed their mouths. The emperor had already thought about it. Letting them quarrel was simply for appearances and nothing more. Many people’s eyes focused on Ye Huai. This man just appeared only to bring such a great shock. What background does he have?

After some people fought about some things, Zhao Changyu presided over the things to be discussed in the imperial court one after another. Ye Huai stood on the side in a daze, staring at the gold dragon pillar, lost in thought.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, the ancient dynasty turned out to be like this.”

520: “What do you mean?”

Ye Huai: Very noisy— f***, I don’t know how Zhao Changyu persists every day. But the modern government is even more outrageous and there are even fights. Do you think that they will fight?”

520: “No swearing. Fighting is also useless. You have four thousand seven hundred points left.”

Ye Huai: “……”

After the imperial court dispersed, Ye Huai had only stepped out of the door of the hall when he saw Chen Yan smiling like a daisy.

“Eunuch Chen.” Ye Huai hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled. You came again? Can you let me go?

“Greetings, Gu daren. His Majesty is waiting for you in the study. Can you please come with me?” The horsetail whisk in Chen Yan’s hand swings. He made an inviting gesture.

Sure enough, can’t escape. Ye Huai sighed and obediently followed Chen Yan to the imperial study.

In the study, Zhao Changyu was looking at a memorial. Ye Huai did the ceremonial greeting and he only mildly answered. Then, he was taken to the desk on the side of the study. On the table were the whole set of the Four Treasures of the Study as well as the Diamond Sutra.

(Four Treasures of the Study – Wikipedia [Megane lazy to explain])

(Diamond Sutra – Wikipedia)

“Gu daren, His Majesty ordered you to copy these for two hours today.” After Chen Yan finished, he stepped back a few steps, leaving a small eunuch to Ye Huai.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, he didn’t even give me a chair.”

520: “His chair is quite big. Why don’t you squeeze in?”

Ye Huai: “……that is the imperial seat. Randomly sitting will make me lose my head.”

520: “Oh, then stand up.”

Ye Huai: “……I have to stand for two hours! My legs are going to break!”

520: “Then will you let me tell you a story to cheer you up?”

Ye Huai: “What story? A sweet story or abusive?”

520: “It seems very sweet but you may feel a bit abused.”

Ye Huai suddenly had a bad premonition. But, does he think that it will be worse than now? As a result, he righteously said, “Tell me, I can bear it.”

520: “Then I’ll tell it! …… Hua Lingling’s father thinks that you are a rare young talent. He heard that you jumped to drown in the river for Hua Lingling so he intends to make you her husband. He also wants to ask Zhao Changyu to grant you the marriage.”

Ye Huai: “What did you say?”

520: “Hua Lingling’s father consents to the marriage between you two. Congratulations.”

Ye Huai: “This brother is bent!”

520: “I know. I’ve seen your little movie with Yu Xinze.”

Ye Huai: “……” I suddenly miss my life in the last world.

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