Edited and Partly-translated by: Silv

Translator: Megane

Chapter 18: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (3)

“Pass on Zhen’s order, summon for Gu Cheng Qi to have an audience.” Inside the palace, Zhao Changyu closed Ye Huai’s exam paper and ordered Chen Yan to accompany him. “You must bring him over personally.”

Zhao Changyu picked up the paper again. Chen Yan on the side didn’t know how to speak out.

“What?” Zhao Changyu found out that something was wrong and looked at Chen Yan.

Chen Yan’s forehead had two huge beads of sweat, “Your majesty, this doesn’t conform to the rules ah.” There is no precedent in the present dynasty or former dynasty where the emperor summons a Gong Shi even though the exam results aren’t out yet.

“Not conforming to the rules? Then today, I’ll set a precedent. Go invite.” Zhao Changyu said.

Chen Yan quickly received the imperial decree and retreated a little before running off. The current emperor was very unlike the late emperor. The late emperor loved the “Book of Songs” and the “Book of History”. He (Zhao Changyu) handles matters as he wished but today, he had the temperament to “say one and do just that[1]’’. Since ascending the throne, he had shown dignified seriousness every day, so Chen Yan didn’t dare to express his intentions again.

Chen Yan hurriedly found two young eunuchs. He also brought a squadron of imperial guards to accompany the emperor and then took the people out of the palace.

At the palace gate, he met Prince Qin.

“This small one greets the prince.” Chen Yan paid respect to Prince Qin. Although Prince Qin had no real power, he was the only brother of the current monarch. No one inside and outside dared to underestimate him.

“Eunuch Chen is being polite.” Prince Qin, a prince of the empire, came down from the carriage slowly and sloppily. “Eunuch, did Emperor Brother send you out to do something?”

“His Highness is perceptive.” Chen Yan smiled and flattered.

“Since it is an errand for Emperor Brother, Eunuch shouldn’t be slow. This prince will no longer disturb you.” After saying that, Prince Qin entered the palace with his men.

Chen Yan sighed in relief. This 2nd brother doesn’t look angry from his appearance, disguising as a pig to eat the tiger. It’s not well deserved.

When Prince Qin walked a little further, his attendant saw that one else was around and whispered in his ear, “The old fox didn’t say anything. Didn’t the emperor send him for a very important errand?”

“Is this a place where you can gossip as you wish?” Prince Qin suddenly looked fierce. The attendant’s legs went soft and he immediately knelt on the ground to ask for forgiveness. Prince Qin held him back and amiably said, “This Prince is not an unreasonable person. Just don’t commit it again next time.”

He just finished saying this when it happened by chance that a group of servants turned a corner to their way. Very neatly, they stopped to make their salutations and asked Prince Qin to go first.

Prince Qin restored his graceful and leisurely pace and led his men to the direction of Zhao Changyu’s study.

At this time, Chen Yan took people with him out of the palace to find Ye Huai. He saw how Ye Huai had dressed that day. He was like a scholar who gathered in the Drunken Pavillion of the west part of the city. He asked someone about it and found out that Gu Cheng Qi didn’t return last night.

Could it be that he was disheartened by the outcome so he went back? Chen Yan silently cursed and took the men to the north of the city to try his luck.

Of course, Ye Huai wasn’t in the Zhuang Yuan Building but there were people who said that Gu Cheng Qi went to the Princess Palace.

Chen Yan was stunned. This Gu Cheng Qi can’t be a master of trickery, right? First, the emperor paid attention to him and now, the princess is giving him a favor. Is the next person going to be the crown prince or Prince Qin?

Zhao Changyu wanted to see him so Chen Yan didn’t dare to be negligent. He hurriedly went to Princess Yurong’s Palace with the people he brought.

Speaking of Princess Yurong, this person is favored by the emperor. When Princess Yurong was born, the previous emperor was still alive, while the current emperor was the son of that same emperor. At that time, the current emperor had already reached adulthood.

It was unexpected that the emperor died and then he inherited a title. After that, his uncle died so he inherited the throne. Suddenly, from being a crown prince, he became the emperor of the dynasty.

Afterward, Zhao Changyu ascended the throne and managed the government of the people, the external army, and the domestic favor from the high officials from all directions. The only pair of children he had had been carefully cultivated. At the age of sixteen, Princess Yurong already received the Princess’ Palace even without a marriage partner. She was also allowed to return to the palace from time to time. Princess Yurong was seventeen years old this year. His own son suggested to the emperor to bestow a marriage to the Princess but it was quickly shot down by the emperor. The princess didn’t marry and the emperor pushed people out.

Such was a father who had power and status to love his daughter dearly. As long as it was irrelevant to the political situation, Princess Yurong was regarded first.

After Chen Yan arrived at the Princess’ Palace, someone immediately told him to go to the front hall later, so he asked them to notify the princess. However, even after he had drunk two cups of tea, the princess still hadn’t appeared.

“Can you tell the princess one more time?” Chen Yan was in a hurry. The princess wasn’t seeing him while the emperor was still waiting in the palace. He was stuck between two ancestors, both of which he cannot afford to offend!

Just as he was about to get angry like an ant in a hot pot, a hearty, crisp laughter sounded from outside the hall. “Eunuch Chen, is it Father Emperor who sent you? Are you delivering something to me?”

A young, short boy was standing on one side of Princess Yurong. If it wasn’t for his lack of height, they really would look like a golden couple.

Chen Yan had seen Ye Huai on the day of the test. After so many years of experience, his old eyes recognized him at a glance.

“The emperor has sent this small one to pass the word to your highness the Princess that he would like to see Gu xiansheng[2].” Chen Yan had been in the palace for a very long time and this is the first time he had to watch his words around a commoner. But even the Princess Yurong called him Gu xiansheng, so he naturally did not dare to offend.

Who knows if Gu Chen Qi will suddenly become like an ancestor[3] tomorrow?

“Looking for him?” Yurong was surprised. When she first saw Gu Cheng Qi, she thought that he was good looking. After bringing him back she unexpectedly found him pleasing to talk with. Then this morning, she started to play with him and chatted with him, but she did not expect him to be a scholar. He played both roles quite well.

Ye Huai was surprised to hear Chen Yan’s words. What did he do? Zhao Changyu actually knows him?

“May I ask eunuch to tell me why the emperor is looking for me?” Ye Huai asked.

Chen Yan glanced at him strangely. The princess was on his side so he didn’t reprimand him but Gu Cheng Qi really asked too much; the emperor called you to call you, there are so many reasons.

Chen Yan took Yurong into consideration but Yurong didn’t have any scruples, she immediately laughed it off, “Hahaha, could it be that Gu xiansheng is nervous? Rest assured, Father Emperor doesn’t eat people, or I can accompany you to go there.”

“(I) inconvenienced the princess.” Ye Huai said, thinking that Zhao Changyu doesn’t eat people but has means to deal with them. Is it possible that you could get killed in the ancient times when writing an article(essay)? He wrote a large piece yesterday!

After deciding to enter the palace, Zhao Yurong made them wait in her palace hall as she was going to change her clothes.

Meanwhile, in the palace, Prince Qin was standing outside the study to see Zhao Changyu. Zhao Changyu let him in just after completely reading a memorial. After Prince Qin came in, he did the customary greetings. He then started to talk about him being concerned about Zhao Changyu’s body. Occasionally, he talked about seeing a beauty he had seen during his travel and jokingly told Zhao Changyu to take her as an imperial concubine.

When Zhao Changyu was still a Crown Prince, he married his first wife and also a few concubines. Then his wife died after giving birth to a prince. He didn’t remarry after that. He didn’t even touch the concubines. After a few years, he let go of the thought of marriage. Now, the harem is empty. There wasn’t even a servant girl to warm his bed.

Prince Qin saw that Zhao Changyu wasn’t interested in the topic of having an imperial concubine. He changed the topic and talked about the recent trends in the north.

“When Chen di (referring to himself) was having fun on the road, I heard that there is a horse plague in North Yuan and that many cattle and sheep are infected. This little brother got scared and removed his treasured horse from the North. If it gets infected, it is not a joking matter.” Prince Qin smiled as if he was only worried that his beloved horse would get sick.

“I’ve heard about it.” Zhao Changyu said, “Due to the horse plague, they’re bound to have insufficient rations. We have already strengthened our borders but the 36 counties of Yan Prefecture are in their hands. They can always go straight to the goal of taking over Yan mountain range.”

The thirty-six counties of Yan Prefecture was given up by the late emperor in order to ease their relationship with the North Yuan. At that time, they both signed a nonaggression treaty. But the political situation of the North Yuan had experienced some changes and the new King of North Yuan didn’t recognize the treaty. Once again, they both re-entered two years of big war and a year of the small war.

“Chen di has no other skills but my skills in equestrian archery is pretty good. I also have a little understanding of the North Yuan. If you really want to go to war, this younger brother is willing to go to the front lines.” Prince Qin said in a loud voice.

Zhao Changyu was quite pleased and nodded, “If it weren’t for you, it wouldn’t be easy for me to break the blockade of the North Yuan and recapture Feng Er Prefecture after a long time.”

When Zhao Changyu returned to the imperial capital, the news spread that thanks to the efforts of Prince Qin, he was able to break into the city with the fastest speed and drive away the barbarians.

Because of this achievement, Zhao Changyu had been treating Prince Qin generously.

The two brothers talked a little more until the eunuch outside reported that Princess Yurong and Gu Cheng Qi were waiting outside.

When Prince Qin heard, he said that he had to retire, and Zhao Changyu did not stop him. As he walked out of the door, he saw Princess Yurong wearing a palace dress standing with a handsome young boy, talking and laughing.

“Yurong.” Prince Qin walked past them, “Is this Gu xiansheng the person Brother Emperor wanted to meet?”

“Prince Qin Uncle.” Zhao Yurong smiled and greeted him but didn’t talk much. This uncle was always smiling but she felt that he was full of evil tricks. Yurong was too lazy to care about him.

Prince Qin also stopped to prevent embarrassing himself. He simply glanced at Ye Huai, and then went on his way.

Ye Huai also finally sighted this future villain, then told 529 in his heart, “Xiao Ling Ling, this Prince Qin’s genes are not as good as Zhao Changyu, he is not even half as good-looking.”

520: “……” Your point of concern is not quite right.

Ye Huai immediately left the “not good-looking” Prince Qin behind, with Yurong following, ready to appreciate Zhao Changyu’s handsome face.

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Megane: I just want to say that November is a very very busy month for me because it’s the month when I submit my papers and projects. And then the first week (until the second week maybe) of December is the finals so there may come a time where I can’t update or just update half chapters instead. I hope to receive your understanding and support. Thanks for reading every chapter of SSTWT.
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[1] Say one and do just that – 说一不二(idiom): To keep one’s word

[2] Xiansheng – Equivalent to sir or mister

[3] ancestor – It says grandfather, but I put it as ancestor instead to keep consistent… means a powerful person(Silv)


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