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Chapter 16: Serve the Lord and Save the Country (1)

“Beep, mission verification complete. The host of System no. 520 receives 100,000 hero points. You’re now being transmitted to your next mission. 10, 9, 8……”

Ye Huai felt the familiar tearing pain, followed by suffocation. Then, he heard a noisy voice.

“Cheng Qi, Cheng Qi wake up.” Someone kept pressing his lower abdomen and occasionally patted his face. His nose and throat were choking with water. Not knowing where he got the strength from, Ye Huai suddenly had a coughing fit. The water stuck in his chest was quickly removed from his body.

Ye Huai tried to open his eyes, only to see a group of ancient people with hair bands surrounding him. When they saw him open his eyes, they voiced out elated sounds.

“Cheng Qi, you finally woke up.” The man nearest to him suddenly held him in his arms, practically pouring his tears onto his face. “How can you fall into the river? Do you still feel unwell?”

“No…… I’m alright.” Ye Huai’s body was still a little weak. When he saw this scene, he could probably understand what’s happening. He can now use this body because the original drowned and died. But look at these reckless young people. Someone drowned but they didn’t call the doctor, even shaking him with strength ah. It’d be a wonder if he didn’t die.

Ye Huai propped himself up and lifted his body off the ground a little. Apart from his hands and feet which needed strength to struggle, the other parts (of his body) felt much better.

“Xiao Lingling, where are we?” Ye Huai asked in his mind. He was suddenly surrounded by a group of people but he didn’t even know who he is.

520: “Don’t call me Xiao Lingling and we still can be friends.”

Ye Huai: “Okay, Classmate 520, Where am I now?”

A string of information was immediately passed into Ye Huai’s mind.

His name here is Gu Cheng Qi. He went to the capital to take the palace examination after passing the prefecture examination. He was born in Lu prefecture, a remote and desolate place. Gu Cheng Qi’s parents were ordinary farmers but they deeply believed that knowledge can transform their fate. Therefore, even when Gu Cheng Xi still hadn’t learned how to walk, he already started learning how to read.

His talent was good. He passed the children’s test when he was ten years old, and accomplished being a student in the county as a child. In the county school of the backcountry, Gu Cheng Qi studied hard and passed the county examination. Turning from a poor farmer to a poor scholar who passed the exam. Now, he was in the capital to participate in the palace examination one month later.

As Ye Huai expected, this was an era under the feudal imperial rule named Mao Country. The emperor’s family was surnamed Zhao and had ruled the country for more than a hundred years.

The current emperor was named Zhao Chang Yu, considered to use his political and military achievements with prowess. It was a pity he had a prodigal brother who was the illegitimate son of his mother and his uncle. Now, Zhao Chang Yu thinks that this younger brother was his half-brother. According to the original storyline, this younger brother prince will be the biggest villain. Step by step he gained his Emperor brother’s trust. He seized the military power and afterward, he had an alliance with a foreign nation to seize the throne after forcing the emperor to abdicate.
Unfortunately, he played around too much that it caused the surrounding countries to invade the large Mao country at the same time. It led his country to be divided up. He was also beheaded.

Ye Huai quickly read through this information and came to a conclusion, “This time, an illegitimate child destroys the world?”

520: “This world’s level of science and technology is low. It’s unlikely to destroy the world but the Mao Country was divided by neighboring countries. The people of Mao will all become slaves.”

Ye Huai: “I understand. So my mission is to help the emperor to see the prince’s true face.”

Ye Huai just finished talking with 520 when he was brought into a dilapidated building by that group of people from a while ago. There was a crooked signboard hanging above, written on it was “Drunken Pavilion”.

Isn’t this one of the four great pavilions? Why is it so broken……

The person who was crying a lot a while ago was called Jiang Hao. He had the best relationship with Gu Cheng Qi. He said his farewells to the other people and took Gu Cheng Qi with him straight to the backyard and into their room.

Ye Huai searched through the memory of the original owner and realized that this drunken pavilion is not that Drunken Pavilion.

It was really because there were a lot of people who got drunk here that they called it the Drunken Pavilion. Originally it was called the Zhuang Yuan[1] building, It was built in the slums area on the west side of the imperial capital. Poor scholars all over the country rush to concentrate here.

Later on, because there were often a large number of scholars gathered here to drink, the name changed to Drunken Pavilion after some time.

Today’s Zhuang Yuan building is in the north of the city, where rich and bureaucratic families live in. Scholars with quite good family circumstances live in an inn called “Yueyang Tower”[2].

Ye Huai sighed after browsing through these memories. Two buildings with different classes of residential areas have witnessed what it means to be “poor family is difficult to grow a noble son”.

“Cheng Qi, take off your clothes. You’ll get sick easily if you wear wet clothes.” Jiang Hao brought Ye Huai into the room and began to chatter. First, he asked the inn owner for a charcoal pot and then took out a worn out towel from a package and rubbed Ye Huai’s hair. His brows are locked, looking like a father taking care of his son.

“Jiang xiong, don’t busy yourself, let shidi do it.” Ye Huai was taking his clothes off and stopped him when he saw that Jiang Hao wanted to help him strip. He didn’t know how stupid Gu Cheng Qi lived his life. According to his memory, after leaving home, Jiang Hao basically took care of him.

“You do?” Jiang Hao looked at him strangely and firmly continued to strip his clothes, “Don’t waste your breath, last time you said that you will dry your clothes, you burned your clothes and almost set yourself on fire.”

520: “Pfft hahahaha, retarded!”

Ye Huai: “This is what you found.”

520: “It’s none of my business. Lalala~ my host is a retard.”

Ye Huai: “……” I want to kill it.

Ye Huai, with a black face, was stripped by Jiang Hao. Jiang Hao put his clothes near the charcoal pot to dry. Then, because he had no other clothes to wear, he was stuffed into the bed to lie under the quilt.

“I want to die ah. How did this Cheng Qi grow up?” Ye Huai sighed in his mind.

520: “His parents took care of him when he was at home. After his parents died, he was studying for the palace examination and Jiang Hao took care of him.

Ye Huai: “Isn’t it insane to be taken care of every day?” Having lived independently for more than ten years, Dr. Ye doesn’t understand it at all.

520: “Aren’t you supposed to like being stripped by men?”

Ye Huai: “Who said that!?”

520: “Obviously, every time Yu Xinze takes off your clothes, you get excited!”

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, that is different……”

520: “What’s the difference?”

Ye Huai: “…… You’re still young. You’ll understand when you grow up.”

520: “I am a system! I don’t grow up! Furthermore, you have 100,000 hero points. I want to upgrade.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t shout. I’m not deaf. How much is the upgrade?”

520: “Ninety thousand.”

Ye Huai: “Are you a robber?”

520: “No, it’s the main system. After upgrading, I can convert muscles like shaping clay and make you improve your appearance. Are you going to upgrade?”

Ye Huai: “Upgrade! Upgrade! Upgrade!” The system definitely understands his heart more and more.

520: “Ding! Commence Upgrade. You consumed 90,000 hero points. You have 10,000 points remaining. System upgrading……”

“Alright, come and wear it” Jiang Hao then came over with his dry clothes. “Do you want me to help you?”

Ye Huai thought immediately and righteously said he did not want to but then he looked Jiang Hao’s eyes and at the pile of clothes in his hands.

Jiang Hao eventually said, “Look at yourself, you can’t live without me.”

Finally dressed, Ye Huai sat on the bed with an expression of someone living a loveless life on his face.

“Hey, don’t think too much about it. With Hua Lingling’s background, she really won’t look at you.” Jiang Hao patted his shoulder, comforting him.

Jiang Hai, fortunately, didn’t say that Ye Huai didn’t have enough guts in his loveless life. The original owner of this body liked the daughter of the Minister of Revenue, named Hua Lingling. Hua Lingling was a famous Bai FuMei in the capital. So of course, she wouldn’t look at a loser like Gu Cheng Qi. This time, Gu Cheng Qi who kept on threatening to kill himself, actually jumped into the lake and drowned himself.

“I’m fine. I’m not going to miss her anymore.” Ye Huai’s hoarsely voiced out, his eyes filled with sorrow.

Jiang Hao knew that that was Gu Cheng Qi’s first time to like a girl. But that Hua Lingling was really arrogant. If she doesn’t like something, she really doesn’t like it. She also wanted to humiliate Gu Cheng Qi’s origin. It made Gu Cheng Qi feel downhearted.

But it’s also good like this. Jiang Hao distressedly patted Ye Huai’s shoulder, “Then you take a rest. I will get something for you to eat.”

Jiang Hao left after saying that. Ye Huai was on the bed for a long time. 520 was somewhat worried. It was said that once the host receives the original owner’s memories, he will also undertake his feelings.

This Gu Chenqi who killed himself for Hua Lingling left his feelings for Ye Huai to inherit.

“Xiao Lingling.” Ye Huai suddenly called out.

520 quickly forgot about the matter about his name and hurriedly answered, “I’m here.”

“Do you have any cigarettes?” Ye Huai asked.

“Uh, yeah. One hundred a pack.” 520 was cautious and solemn. If Ye Huai wanted to borrow and smoke to express his sorrow, it would not stop him.

“Give me one pack. Also, a lighter.” Ye Huai laid on the bed. He inhaled pleasantly and sighed.

520: “……”

“So you’re not sad?” 520 asked.

Ye Huai: “Sad for what?”

520: “It’s nothing……” It was really foolish and naive to think that the host has the moral integrity to care about the feelings of the original owner.

Ye Huai: “By the way, where is my muscle shaping and beauty kit? Give it to me!”

520: “Ten thousand points per set!” I don’t want to talk to this host anymore!

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, it’s not good to raise the price. Why do I remember that this set only costs 5,000 hero points?”

520: “I know. I know. I’ll give it to you when you’re alone.”

The two just finished bargaining when Jiang Hao walked in. There are two bowls of hot noodles in his hands.

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[1] Zhuang Yuan – 状元 means top scorer in the palace examination but they named it after a building.

[2]Yueyang Tower – famous beauty spot in Yueyang, north Hunan, overlooking Dongting Lake 洞庭湖; one of three famous pagodas in China



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