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Chapter 15: The President’s Personal Assistant (15)

Ye Huai found a position in the corner not far from them. Fortunately, the clothes Yu Xinze bought for him were from good brands, so he was not considered a beggar and thrown out.

However, the waiter’s attitude towards him was both courteous and curious, apparently regarding him as a rich man with a strange hobby.

For example, wearing RoyalXX couture and squatting in the corner to play as a beggar.

He Luo and Xiao Mingyu sat down. They talked and laughed, like a couple in love.
Ye Huai: “I wonder how Xiao Mingyu’s ex-boyfriend would feel when he sees this scene?”

520: “When are you going to let him know?”

Ye Huai: “Wait, I want him to catch the two in the act.”

520: “……”

Ye Huai spent Yu Xinze’s money, not only unconcernedly ordering a lot of food, but also opening a bottle of wine.

While serving him, the waiter was thinking silently. Sure enough, it was a hidden rich man ah. In this expensive and unreasonable hotel, he actually dared to be messy.

For many days, Ye Huai had been eating liquid food. His mouth had already become numb. At the moment, the table was full of food and he was happily trying a mouthful of each kind.

520: “Is it delicious?”

Ye Huai: “Delicious.”

520: “Are you satisfied?”

Ye Huai: “Satisfied.”

520: “Are you not afraid of death?”

Ye Huai: “Not afraid!”

520: “I will give it to you!”

Ye Huai: “Don’t worry, this brother has a sense of proportion. It’s okay to eat this much.”

Ye Huai finished in his mind and chewed a big mouthful of steak.

520: Sense of proportion my ass!

He Luo and Xiao Mingyu’s table was now on the third course. He Luo gave Xiao Mingyu a different table wine. He tasted it as a pretext and then put the drug into it.

After taking a sip, Xiao Mingyu immediately felt dizzy. She suddenly couldn’t stand up so He Luo came over to carry her in his arms.

“She’s drunk. I’ll take her up first. Bill it on Room 3102.” He Luo signed the form then picked up Xiao Mingyu to leave the restaurant.

520 was anxious: “They went out. They went out. Aren’t you going after them?”

Ye Huai: “Take it easy, aren’t you here? Call me when they go to the room.”

Ye Huai leisurely took out his phone and began to write a text message to Lin Jie.

520: “They’re on the 31st floor!”

Ye Huai had just finished writing the text message and turned off the airplane mode when Yu Xinze’s phone call immediately came in.

Ye Huai: “How many times did he call?” Ye Huai hurriedly declined the call and with a burst of hand speed, he quickly sent a text message. By that time, Yu Xinze’s message had also arrived.

Yu Xinze: “Where are you? Call me back quickly!”

Ye Huai felt an intense anger in his heart and turned on the airplane mode again.

520 coldly said in his mind, “Good hand speed.”

Ye Huai: “Of course, this brother being a surgeon was not for nothing.”

520: “……”

Ye Huai sent a good text message and called the police. It was only after the last bite did he call the waiter to check out.

After Yu Xinze was hung up on by Ye Huai, he fiercely stepped on the accelerator. The car flew out like an arrow, leaving the other cars behind on the green light.

“Ouyang Qing!” He ferociously repeated the man’s name.

That man was like a riddle. He appeared timid and honest but contrasting with his looks, he dared to play big with him. After being severely punished, he would shrink again, like a wounded little beast.

Then if you were nice to him even a little, he would come out with a move that will challenge your bottom line.

You get pissed off. You get angry. But then he would do something to move you (emotionally), and then you lose your principles for him…

Yu Xinze now regretted giving back his mobile phone and regretted linking his card for him to play games. He first found out that Ye Huai disappeared when he returned to the office. Then he kept trying to call his phone, but except for the first time, it was turned off all the time.

Later, they went to the hospital and when they watched the surveillance video, found out that Ye Huai left through the back door.

Yu Xinze constantly called Ye Huai’s phone until they lost the clue. He drove out to find him before dialling again on the road.

But this damned bastard actually declined the call!

Yu Xinze sat in the car, fear and anger intermingling. He was afraid that his body was not well and would have an accident while he was out. He was angry with him for not telling him, only leaving a note that says: I have something to deal with, I’ll come back immediately.

Did he think that he’s healthy now? The moment before, he was lying on the bed, eating liquid food. The next moment, he dared to go out to deal with something?

Yu Xinze swore, since he was so capable, he must bring him back and make him unable to get out of bed!

A phone call came to Yu Xinze’s phone. It was Lu Tezhu.

“Hello.” Yu Xinze tried to restrain himself, hoping not to hear any bad news.

“Yu Zong, I just received the news that He Luo got arrested at the Grand Hotel. The credit card statement also shows that the last place it was billed was in that place.” Lu Tezhu said. His voice was as steady as ever.

“I got it.” Yu Xinze turned the car and headed for the Grand Hotel.

Ye Huai finished paying the bill, stood around and watched as He Luo got taken away. A moment ago, Lin Jie broke through the door and entered with the police officers. He Luo had just put down Xiao Mingyu on the bed, ready to do things. He was caught red-handed.

Xiao Mingyu was obviously drugged. But for insurance, He Luo had handcuffed her.

But without a moment’s notice, the handcuffed man became him.

He Luo didn’t know about Ye Huai’s interference. He only thought that Xiao Mingyu realized something was wrong, so she contacted Lin Jie. He put all his anger on Lin Jie’s head.

But Lin Jie didn’t fear him. He only lifted Xiao Mingyu up and brought her out of the room.

After He Luo was taken away, the police officers took some blood from Xiao Mingyu as evidence before finally letting Lin Jie take her away. Right now Xiao Mingyu was dizzy, and there was still an urge because of the aphrodisiac. It was impossible to record a statement.

After Lin Jia and Xiao Mingyu left, Ye Huai was ready to leave the hotel with a peaceful mind.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, how much of the mission is completed?”

520: “Ninety-nine percent.”

Ye Huai: “Eh? What’s the one percent?”

520: “I don’t know.”

Ye Huai: “Is it possible for He Luo to come out? Even Xiao Mingyu will not be so idiotic as to still marry him.”

520: “I don’t know about that.”

Yu Xinze’s car stopped in front of the Grand Hotel. Coincidentally, Ye Huai had just walked out and met him.

“Ouyang Qing!” Yu Xinze came out of the car. He flung the car door to catch Ye Huai.

Ye Huai saw his eyes and wanted to break off (his hold), but Yu Xinze grabbed him, “Is your business done?”

“Do… … It’s done.” Ye Huai had a little bit of a guilty conscience. If he hadn’t done this properly, it was estimated that Yu Xinze would get worried to death.

“Come with me.” He pulled him into the car and sped to their apartment.

“That…… We’re not going back to the hospital?” Ye Huai asked in a small voice.

“Isn’t your body in good shape? Why return to the hospital?” Yu Zinze didn’t look back at him when he said that. His lips were pursed. His hands gripped the steering wheel. His eyes did not look at Ye Huai who was sitting on the front passenger seat. Apparently, he was extremely angry.

Ye Huai listlessly didn’t know how to comply.

As soon as they arrived home, Ye Huai’s head started to hurt a bit.

520: “Ding, 100% completion of the mission. Congratulations to the host for completing the mission. Countdown to transfer, 10, 9, 8……”

“Yu Xinze!” Ye Huai was barely able to call out to him, as his soul was then separated from his body.

Ye Huai: “520! What’s going on?”

520: “Lin Jia and Xiao Mingyu did the deed and one mark hit the target. This world’s crisis has been lifted.”

After Ye Huai heard the explanation, he saw Yu Xinze hugging Ouyang Qing’s body while madly shouting. The cars behind crammed in together. The sound of horns are coming one after the other, but his world was gradually turning gray.

Yu Xinze was holding Ouyang Qing’s body, shaking it back and forth, but the man no longer had the ability to answer.

“Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing, don’t scare me, okay?” Yu Xinze regretted being angry. He must have been driving too fast and scared Xiao Qing.

The doctor said that Xiao Qing was now weak and must not feel intense emotions.

Yes, he must’ve caused Xiao Qing’s death. If Xiao Qing hadn’t blocked the bullet for him, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt. If he weren’t angry and had spoken nicely, Xiao Qing would not have passed away.

“Xiao Qing, you wake up, okay?” Yu Xinze desperately clung to Ouyang Qing’s body. His tears flowed down his neck but he was unlikely to become embarrassed and wipe it away.

The next morning, the news of He Luo being arrested was revealed. Xiao family announced the dissolution of the engagement and immediately let Xiao Mingyu and Lin Jie obtain a marriage certificate.

Wu Huan had been interrogated for many days but he didn’t open his mouth. It was not until he heard the news about He Luo being arrested that his psychological defense suddenly collapsed and he spat out a lot of He Luo’s secrets.

Lin Jie and Xiao Mingyu married and left the country, going back to Lin Jie’s home country.

Because of Xiao family being involved with He Luo, the high-ranking family was facing more than a dozen charges. The formerly brilliant Xiao family instantly fell apart.

Ouyang Qing’s body resided in Yu Xinze’s apartment for 7 days after his soul departed before being buried. At the funeral, Wang Yi and Yu Xinze had a big fight. The two seems to have recklessly released their sorrow through their fists.

After the funeral, Yu Xinze hired Wang Yi at a high salary and An Qi to form a project team together with selected elite backbones. Altogether aiming to complete the second part of the original mobile game that the original Ouyang Qing hadn’t finished.

The production of the mobile game lasted for half a year. After launching it online, it was translated into 32 languages and became popular worldwide.

Two and a half years later, at the second anniversary of the mobile game, Yu Xinze gazed at the mobile game’s protagonist’s life-size standing signboard for a long time, lost in thought.

All of the fans of the mobile game knew that the protagonist of the game was its first generation developer, Ouyang Qing. Whether it was the name or the appearance, both are the same as that person.

However, he will never come back.

Yu Xinze drank the wine from the glass and walked into the banquet hall of the celebration ceremony. Three years ago, he saw Xiao Qing here. A glimpse, and then he was doomed to a life he won’t forget.

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Megane: End of Arc 1. The next arc is set in the ancient times so there may be more inaccuracies in my translations. Thanks for reading.

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