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Chapter 14: The President’s Personal Assistant (14)

“Xiao Qing, are you not feeling well? I’m going to call the doctor, okay?” Yu Xinze looked at him worriedly.

Ye Huai didn’t speak. He just turned his head away to look somewhere else. He wants to distort. He wants to get distorted. His Xiao Lingling became corrupted by bad examples[1].

“Are you angry? Is it boring to be alone?” After Yu Xinze called the doctor to check him all around and found out that Ye Huai is recovering well, he sighed in relief. At the same time, he began to worry about something else.

Ye Huai still didn’t speak and just closed his eyes. He has a bit of a headache. How can he warn Yu Xinze to take precautions against He Luo in the stock market without arousing his suspicions?

“Xiao Qing?” Yu Xinze didn’t dare to bother him so he sat beside him to accompany him.

“How have you been?” Ye Huai opened his mouth after a long moment of silence.

“I’m fine, Xiao Qing. Really, don’t worry about me.” Yu Xinze, who was suddenly shown concern, feels emotional and not knowing what to do[2].

“En, what about He Luo?” Ye Huai also asked.

“You’re worried about the lawsuit, right?” Yu Xinze’s good mood calmed down. He talked to Ye Huai patiently, “The lawsuit is going well and the verdict will come down soon. He Luo’s and Xiao family’s relationship is not secure. And without Wu Huan, his business suffered a lot.”

“Well, I heard that Daze’s stock went all the way up[3]? Congratulations!” Ye Huai looked at Yu Xinze.

Yu Xinze nodded and thanked him. Suddenly he felt that something was wrong. He Luo’s loss is a lot and Daze is experiencing great success. Wu Huan’s debt, He Luo must’ve blamed it on Yu Xinze’s head. According to his character, will he let Daze be successful?

Yu Xinze’s face suddenly had a grave expression. He took out his phone to call Lu Tezhu and tell him about it. Yu Xinze urged Ye Huai to rest and left the ward.

As Yu Xinze said, the plagiarism lawsuit is progressing smoothly. Two days later, the verdict came down. They won and the court sentenced He Luo to give compensation.

And so the day of He Luo’s date with Xiao Mingyu has arrived.

In the morning, Yu Xinze got up and went into Ye Huai’s ward.

“Xiao Qing, how are you feeling today?” Yu Xinze sat down at his bedside.

“En[4], very good.” Ye Huai said.

Yu Xinze opened the newspaper and quickly browsed through the news. These days, Yu Xinze is afraid that Ye Huai will be bored so he reads the newspaper for him to listen to. He also found a lot of audio books for him to pass the time.

Ye Huai was lying in bed, waiting for Yu Xinze to open his mouth, but Yu Xinze’s face suddenly turned black.

“What happened?” Once Ye Huai saw Yu Xinze’s face, he became a little worried. Could it be that He Luo is messing things up?

“It’s nothing.” Yu Xinze purse his lips. He rolled up the newspaper and took out his phone. He went outside to make a phone call.

Ye Huai asked 520 in his mind, “What happened to him?”

520: “There are media that broke out a news that a factory under Daze is using dirty tricks. Another one reported that Daze’s last quarter earnings are false. Now, it’s all over the whole network.”

Ye Huai: “Did He Luo buy a lot of Daze’s stocks?”

520: “Yes, as soon as the news came out today, he began to sell a lot. A lot of the small investors were buying it and Daze’s stock prices plummeted.”

Ye Huai: “It’s illegal to manipulate stock prices with large amounts of money. It took him a lot of trouble to look for a pretext to do it.”

520: “What do you mean?”

Ye Huai: “He Luo first bought a lot of Daze’s stocks, making the speculated stock price high. It attracted a lot of small investors, resulting in Daze’s stock prices to skyrocket. Now, with the massive selling of stocks, the stock prices fell sharply. At the moment, a lot of small investors must be trapped in the stock market[5]. However, He Luo started buying stocks at the lowest point and sold stocks at the highest point. Contrary to what one might expect, he didn’t lose.”

520: “Yu Xinze now went back to the company to hold an emergency meeting.”

Ye Huai: “I hope he can have enough money to face this crisis. Otherwise, this world’s stock market can’t be stopped by him. Daze will likely be played by He Luo into bankruptcy.”

When Yu Xinze saw the news, he immediately thought that it was done by He Luo.

In the past few days, the rise of Daze stock prices is very abnormal. He secretly asked some familiar people to check it. At the start, a few large institutions bought stocks. These institutions have more or less He Luo’s shares. Later on, small investors became the scapegoat as they followed the trend of buying stocks.

“Yu Zong, the funds and the stock traders are already in place.” Lu Tezhu walked into the president’s office to report.

“I know. Let’s go now.” Yu Xinze looked at the time on his phone and left it on the desk to handle official business. He took Lu Tezhu to the conference room next to the office where six traders had been waiting.

“All of you are the top traders in Daze’s investment division. Today, we invited you to cooperate with us to save the crisis that Daze is currently encountering.” Yu Xinze went straight to the subject as soon as he came in.

When he realized that He Luo might be manipulating the stock price of Daze, he began to adjust the structure of the funds. Some of the idle and non-urgent funds were transferred to Daze’s stock account, only for today’s battle.

If the stock price continues to plummet like this, the small investors will collectively cut the meat[6] and sell. Finally, no one dares to take over the stock. The stock price will get lower and lower until Daze goes bankrupt.

Therefore, he focused on a group of experts, intending a large-scale recovery of Daze’s stocks, to stabilize the stock prices.

On the other hand, he sent people to hold an emergency press conference, inviting relevant witnesses to clarify everything. Letting the bad rumors stop.

Finally, just a moment ago, Daze Conglomerate won the overseas market and will officially open the business next month. He pressed down this news for a few days to wait for this moment.

Yu Xinze was sitting in the conference room to directly keep watch. Three hours later, the declining of the stock prices slowed down. The curve on the chart is starting to turn flat.

“Yu Zong, The press conference is already prepared. It will start in 30 minutes.” Lu Tezhu approached and entered the conference room. Yu Xinze picked up his coat and went with him to the press conference venue.

On the way, Yu Xinze, on one hand, is trying to familiarize himself with the information to be used. On the other hand, Lu Tezhu made a call to the hospital to tell Ye Huai to take a rest.

At the press conference, Yu Xinze is having a war of words imposingly. One thing is to clear up the misunderstandings. Furthermore, it is to strike back with facts. Finally, they move on to the important good news overseas. He also let the propaganda department to deliver a well-written notice to familiar media to immediately release it online.

The decline of Daze’s stocks finally eased. The closing price[7] also stopped in the middle.

Yu Xinze went out of the conference venue. The sun has already set, the evening’s charm sprinkled on his body as he finally relaxed his body.

Yu Xinze touched his pocket and found that his phone was still in his office. He decided to go to the hospital immediately to see Ye Huai, lest he worries.

“Yu Zong.” Lu Tezhu picked up a phone call, his complexion went pale.

“What happened? Has He Luo made a new move?” Yu Xinze asked.

“No, it’s the hospital nurse who called. Mr. Ouyang left a note and disappeared.” Lu Tezhu said.


Ye Huai sneaked out of the hospital with his mobile phone. In addition, he especially left through the back door.

For this day, he coaxed and pestered[8] Yu Xinze for a long time and at last won back his mobile phone. The payment software in his mobile phone is linked to Yu Xinze’s card. It is enough for him to take a taxi from the hospital to the hotel.

In the morning, after Yu Xinze left, Ye Huai took advantage of when the nurses change shifts and sneaked a set of casual clothes in his hospital gown.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, I feel like I’m going to become 007[9].”

520: “System no. 007 is my idol. Don’t insult it!”

Ye Huai: “……”

Ye Huai took a taxi and went to the Grand Hotel.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, where is He Luo?

520: “You insulted my idol. I don’t want to talk to you!”

Ye Huai: “……007 is a powerful agent in my world, very handsome.”

520: “Really?”

Ye Huai: “Look at my sincere eyes.”

520: “I suddenly don’t believe……”

Ye Huai: “……Just quickly tell me where He Luo is.”

520: “He Luo has arrived. He arranged a room and even personally picked the wine they’re going to drink tonight.”

Ye Huai: “I remember that Xiao Mingyu has a boyfriend. What’s his name, Jie?”

520: “Lin Jie.”

Ye Huai: “Yes yes yes! Is he still in A City? Give me his phone number.”

520: “Are you not turning your back on your family?

Ye Huai: “Don’t talk nonsense, this brother will give him a chance to save the beauty.”

520 gave him the number slightly skeptically, and warned him repeatedly, “He’s a straight man. Don’t think about making a move on him.”

Ye Huai: “……” This brother’s taste, when did it become so bad.

After Ye Huai arrived at the hotel, he turned around and finally found the best spot to observe. Afterward, he took out a cap, and bluntly lie low waiting in the vicinity of the door.

He just squatted there for a while when his phone rang loudly.

Ye Huai hurriedly turned off the sound. The screen showed that Yu Xinze is calling. I was actually found out so soon. I thought that Yu Xinze will stay busy all night for the stock issue!

Ye Huai simply opened the airplane mode.

520: “He’s going to kill you.”

Ye Huai: “I look forward to it.”

520: “……”

After squatting for half an hour, Xiao Mingyu finally appeared. He Luo, acting especially gentlemanly, came out to meet her and even sent a large bouquet of roses. With all of the women’s eyes around focused on her, Xiao Mingyu’s vanity was satisfied.

Xiao Mingyu proudly smiled and entered the hotel restaurant with her arms holding He Luo’s arm.

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[1] Corrupted by bad examples – 学坏; to follow bad examples; learned to become bad.

[2] Not knowing what to do – 不知所措(idiom); At one wit’s end; embarrassed and at a complete loss.

[3] went all the way up– actually, it was translated as “sings all the way” but that doesn’t fit the context.

[4] En – the sound of approval or agreement. It’s the same as saying ok. (I can’t translate it as just “k”. It doesn’t fit in for me.)

[5] Trapped in the stock market – 套牢; implies an investor cannot sell out of a losing position

[6] cut the meat – a stock market term, the loss of the position. After buying stocks at high prices, the general trend fell. In order to avoid further losses, low-cost losers sold the stocks. Stop loss is a kind of cutting meat. Setting a stop price in advance to prevent greater losses is a method that short-term investors should use flexibly.

[7] closing price – refers to the last transaction price of a certain security on each trading day of the stock exchange. If a certain security does not have a deal on the day, the recently sold price is used as the closing price.

[8] coaxed and pestered – 软磨硬泡(idiom); to wheedle; to cajole

[9] 007 – Bond, James Bond.


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