RCVS 24.2

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Chapter 24.2 is here.

Translated by Lily

Proofread by Dain


10 thoughts on “RCVS 24.2

  1. I’m now wondering, is it normally for Chinese drama to have someone else do a voice over for actors?

    Many times when I’m watching a Chinese drama, I find something jarring. Although, it could be I’m not used to the language, (I tend to also dislike the local Beijing accent of Mandarin, a lot of people sound like they’re sticking their tongue to the back of their throat and nasally, quite similar to the voices of extras that sexually harass the heroine until the male lead appears. Or maybe they were also tourist from another part of China? ).

    Or it could be I’m just used to the way Hollywood of recording and mixing audio.

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  2. am i the only one who can`t read chapter 22 part 1 and chapter 24 part two the page doesn`t show? :(((
    is says “Oops! That page canโ€™t be found.”
    so sad zhe story is so interesting. thanks for the good work translator.

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