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Chapter 13: The President’s Personal Assistant (13)

Ye Huai was sent to the hospital with almost no vital signs.

Yu Xinze was left outside the operating room, looking like a furious lion. “How did he get there? How did he leave?!”

Lu Tezhu suffered a few scrapes. He just came over after being treated and was met with the screaming of his boss.

“I’m sorry, Yu Zong. I thought Mr. Ouyang sent you a text message when I lent him my phone.” Lu Tezhu apologized.

Yu Xinze was so angry he wanted to beat people up. He only just raised his fist up when he suddenly thought that he is the most hateful person. He paced back and forth anxiously, wishing to bring out Ye Huai who was lying inside and teach him a lesson.

“Now you know how to be worried?” Wang Yi, who was leaning on the wall not far away, suddenly sent out a cold sentence, “How reassuring can it be when he’s locked up at home?”

“You, shut up.” Yu Xinze lowly roared. Afterwards, he sat on the chair in front of the operating room and buried his head in his hands.

Wang Yi watched Yu Xinze coldly. He didn’t say anything for a long time. The sound of high-heeled shoes hitting the ground approached them. An Qi, wearing a professional outfit, quickly came to them. “Wang Yi, how is Ouyang?”

“He’s being treated inside.” Wang Yi said. The light of the operating room was still on, indicating that they still had a glimmer of hope.

“In the end, what’s going on?” An Qi asked, “Isn’t Xiao Qing in……” She stopped talking and her eyes looked at the direction of Yu Xinze, “How did he suddenly get shot?”

“He took it for Yu Xinze.” Wang Yi said. Although he was talking to An Qi, he was always looking at Yu Xinze. At the moment when he saw Ye Huai take the bullet for Yu Xinze, he completely understood that they were together and he already lost.

In the operating room, Ye Huai was lying on the bed with various tubes inserted into his body.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, are you laughing at me? A few months ago, I was the one standing in the operating room, but now I’m lying in the operating room.”

His soul was floating in the air, looking at everything in the operating room from the perspective of a higher being.

520: “Don’t get out. You should go back. The mission is not yet completed.”

Ye Huai: “I know that if you are there, nothing is going to happen to me.”

520: “So you took advantage of this matter to save Yu Xinze?”

Ye Huai: “Yes ah, otherwise what?”

520: “I think……” I think that the host can’t help but get into trouble! “Forget it, don’t say it. The task completion rate has risen to 69%.”

Ye Huai: “Congratulations, congrats.” Ye Huai had also drilled back to Ouyang Qing’s body. His vital signs had finally stabilized.

After he got rescued, Ye Huai’s doctor immediately carried out the surgery, taking out the bullet that was shot into his back. Both the rescue and operation combined lasted at least 20 hours. Yu Xinze had been waiting outside the room the whole time.

“Yu Zong, you should go back and rest for a while. I’ll stay here.” Lu Tezhu brought him breakfast early in the morning. Yu Xinze had maintained his sitting posture outside the operating room since last night.

“No need, I’ll wait here.” Yu Xinze said that he can only stay here now. He couldn’t feel at ease anywhere else.

“The company’s last quarter earnings were released yesterday and the price of shares rose up all the way.” Lu Tezhu couldn’t bear to see Yu Xinze wallow in fear. He thought of lifting his spirits up with an exciting news.

Yu Xinze only made an unenthusiastic sound. Daze Conglomerate was his life’s work. If it was the time before, even a slight progress would make him proud. But now that Ye Huai is lying on the operating table, what kind of good news can make him happy?

Lu Tezhu perceived this, so he also quietly sat beside him.

Yesterday, Wang Yi and An Qi, who heard the news, had already left. Before Wang Yi left, he said something to him, “When he wakes up, let me know. I wish you happiness.”

Then he left with An Qi, leaving Ye Huai in Yu Xinze’s hands.

After two more hours, the light in the operating room finally extinguished. The attending doctor came out and asked, “Who is the (patient’s) family member?”

Yu Xinze rose up and stepped forward, “I am.”

“The bullet on the patient’s back has been taken out and his signs are currently stable but he still needs to go to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for further observation.” The doctor said.

Yu Xinze realised that Ye Huai was finally no longer in danger and finally breathed a sigh of relief. He excitedly asked, “Is he in the ward now? Can I go see him?”

“You can. The nurse will take you there.” The doctor said, leaving the nurse on duty and left.

Yu Xinze followed the guiding nurse to the ICU. There were several patients put together there. Each bed was surrounded by a variety of instruments and beds were separated by curtains.

Yu Xinze followed the nurse to Ye Huai’s bed. Ye Huai was lying on the bed, still in a coma. He wore a ventilator on his face. A pulse oximeter was clipped on his finger. An IV needle was injected into his wrist.

“Xiao Qing.” Yu Xinze gently called him. He had a lot of words to say to Ye Huai, so much so that he didn’t know where to start. He had always thought that he hated him and stayed with him because he was imprisoned by various conditions and methods. But when he desperately tried to block the bullet for him, Yu Xinze’s mind suddenly came up with other ideas.

Can he speculate that he is actually in love with him?

Maybe not that much but there must be a little. Otherwise, why would he subconsciously protect him?

“Xiao Qing, take a good rest. I’ll take care of all the other things.” Yu Xinze said as he touched Ye Huai’s fingers. He hooked his own little finger to his (Ye Huai’s) little finger.

Ye Huai couldn’t open his eyes. His body was very tired but his consciousness was very clear. He heard everything Yu Xinze said.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Lingling, in fact, Yu Xinze is a good man.”

520: “Because he’s living a good life?”

Ye Huai: “Not all of it, he’s quite responsible. If this were in my world, I would probably fall in love with him. It’s a pity.”

520: “……” The host is unexpectedly very serious. I suddenly do not know how to receive this opportunity.

Ye Huai: “I wish I could hurry up and recover so that I can get penetrated by him several times before I leave.”

520: “I knew it! I knew it!”

Ye Huai: “I am a man who aims to save the world. I should have this little bit of benefit, shouldn’t I?”

520: “……” I choose to remain silent.

Ye Huai was in a coma for two days. On the third day, when Yu Xinze came to see him, he finally “woke up”. Yu Xinze was overjoyed. He called the doctor to examine him. The doctor announced that Ye Huai has passed the dangerous period and transferred him to the VIP ward.

“Xiao Qing, what do you need to tell me? These days, you still can’t get out of bed. You should rest more. I will accompany you after I return from work every day.” Yu Xinze had invited three senior nurses to take care of him around the clock but still couldn’t rest assured and so, sat around Ye Huai nagging with worry.

Ye Huai still had no strength to say anything. He just cleverly blinked to let him feel at ease. Yu Xinze kissed him on his face before he took Lu Tezhu away with him.

Since the time Ye Huai passed the dangerous period and was transferred to the VIP ward, Yu Xinze had accompanied him every night. In order to accompany him more conveniently, at a high price, Yu Xinze arranged the best VIP ward for him. Inside Ye Huai’s VIP ward, he placed another bed and table in the middle of the room. The room became the temporary office and sleeping place of President Yu.

Yu Xinze closed the door and discussed two things with Lu Tezhu about work. Recently, Daze Conglomerate’s stock prices have risen again and again. The situation is very good.

“Watch it attentively. Although the last quarter’s earnings are good, it is a little too exaggerated.” Yu Xinze said after looking at the stock market trend. He then turned off the computer and returned to Daze Conglomerate to attend a meeting.

Ye Huai lied in bed, bored.  He harassed 520 in his mind, “Xiao Lingling, I want to fight zombies.”

520: “No, you just got out of danger. You can’t do any strenuous exercise.”

Ye Huai: “Then I want to watch a movie.”

520: “No, you just got out of danger. You’re emotion’s is not allowed fluctuate.”

Ye Huai: “This brother is a doctor! This brother says it’s alright!”

520: “You’re old enough. Don’t make trouble without reason.

Ye Huai: “……” Didn’t we agree to not hurt each other?

520: ‘I have just observed that He Luo is meeting Xiao Mingyu at the Grand Hotel next Tuesday.”

Ye Huai: “Grand?” The alarm bells in Ye Huai’s mind immediately rang. According to the original storyline, He Luo and Xiao Mingyu will meet there in three months. He will set up a drug to force Xiao Mingyu to get pregnant.

520: “Is it about to start?”

Ye Huai: “It is possible that He Luo’s subordinate, Wu Hua, will go forward. He will definitely use his relationship to Xiao’s family to salvage him. Additionally, recently his business seems to encounter some problems. He is now eager to secure his relationship with the Xiao family.”

520: “What are we going to do?”

Ye Huai: “I’ll think about it. Is there anything else?”

520: “He Luo seems to have bought a lot of stocks. I don’t quite understand it.”

Ye Huai: “Stocks?” Recently, Lu Tezhu seems to have mentioned that Daze’s stock trends seem to be very good. “I know, I’m going to watch a movie now.”

520: “……”

Ye Huai: “Do not slack off. A pleasant mood helps me recover quicker.”

520: “……What do you want to watch?”

Ye Huai: “I want a lot of handsome guys!”

520 brought up a film about N male chasing an idiotic Mary Sue female. It showed up in Ye Huai’s brain.

Ye Huai: “No no, this man is too stupid. Change it.”

520 brought up a brotherly love crime film.

Ye Huai: “No no, the gong is too ugly. Change it again.”

520 said in his mind a hundred times, “The host is an idiot. Do not care about him.” then brought up a medical film.

Ye Huai: “No no, I’m a doctor. This film is both true and fake. Change it again.”

520 paused for three seconds. Suddenly, he opened 180 films and screened them all simultaneously. Hundreds of sound effects and frames suddenly and noisily entered his mind in a mess.

“F*ck f*ck f*ck stop it quickly!” Ye Huai shouted.

“Ye Huai, what happened to you?” Yu Xinze just came back. He hadn’t yet opened the door when he heard Ye Huai shouting in the ward.

Ye Huai immediately became silent.

520: “You are swearing.”

Ye Huai: “It’s your fault! Do not deduct my hero points!”

520: “It seems that you are still the same.”

Ye Huai: “I saved Yu Xinze. I did good things but there aren’t any hero points?”

520: “There was, but you ran to block a bullet for him, which is not in line with Ouyang Qing’s character set up so it got deducted. The remaining thirty points happen to offset the three swear words you said. So you still have 0 points.”

Ye Huai: “I want to break up with you!”

520: “Grow up[5], you know that it is impossible.”

Ye Huai: “@#%……&”

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[1] Pulse oximeter – an oximeter that measures the proportion of oxygenated haemoglobin in the blood in pulsating vessels, especially the capillaries of the finger or ear.

[2] “IV needle was injected into his wrist” – I’m not sure about this because the raw is “手腕上还挂着水” which is directly MTLed into “water is hanging on his wrist”. I assumed that it is an IV needle or dextrose so I put it like that.

[3] Make trouble without reason – “无理取闹” (idiom); Being unreasonable.

[4] N male –  I’m pretty sure it’s like a lot of males.

[5] F*ck – I almost got tricked by MTL here. MTL also doesn’t allow swearing.

[5] Grow up – MTL translated it to Mature (Google) or Mature point (Bing). I chose “grow up” (Yandex) because it fits better. The raw was “成熟点” which means Mature(成熟) and point(点).


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