RCVS 24.1

Sorry for the late upload! I’ll be taking the ACET tomorrow, so I was busy cramming information in my brain lmao.

Chapter 24.1 is here.

Translated by Lily

Proofread by Dain


20 thoughts on “RCVS 24.1

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I can already see in the future that the only man that can move Yan Mu Lin is going to be his ML lol (that I forgot the name to because he shows up not often enough OTL)

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  2. Good Luck on your exam. I’m an actuary student in the US. The tests are killer. I’ve taken exam p/1 and exam f/2 so far. Study but remember to take brakes. The road of an actuary means a lot of study for a long time.

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