RCVS 21.2

Chapter 21.2 is here.
Translated by Lily
Proofread by Dain


13 thoughts on “RCVS 21.2

  1. Thanks for the chapter! For once we have a protagonist who isn’t a genius hacker or social media whiz who I can empathize with… I love YML’s reaction to all these events. He’s so cute.


  2. Thank you for the chapter! Btw, I don’t think they’re Chinese churros, but donuts instead… I think that’s what the packaging says when I buy them anyways. Might just be a store thing.


    • Ah, thanks! Most of my friends and I call youtiao as churros x.x but I’ve heard people call them donuts too… I think i should just change them to youtiao instead lol


      • I have seen youtiao translated as fried doughsticks, and I personally think that is more fitting as I hate the misleading associations of deliciousness with churros or donuts, but in reality youtiao just really…don’t live up to that.


  3. Oh my…

    But the prince certainly knew of the shitstorm his follow would bring. Why not have a shadow personal account follow him instead of gaining the world’s attention like this?

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