Chapter 2: Termination and Signing

The next morning, Chu Yan went straight to the company.

The original owner’s entertainment company is Huaxing Entertainment Co. Ltd., one of the entertainment companies in Huaxia. It focuses more on performing arts(acting) and there are a lot of artists who compete for resources when they debut. These artists talent fees are not that high and most of them don’t have any experience, therefore, Huaxing spends a lot of time training them.

Huaxia is leading in the development of the entertainment industry across the galaxy. There are a lot of registered entertainment companies in China, and it can’t be mention how many studios are established by artists and agents.

With thousands of companies, Huaxing can only be ranked in the middle. After all, the company’s brothers and sisters are only ordinary stars, and they are even faintly in danger of falling. And Chu Yan is even more inconspicuous among these stars. Other than his beautiful face, there’s no place in him that can attract others,

In particular, the original owner’s temperament is too gloomy and cold. The bangs were too long. The eyes were hidden under his hair. He gives a creepy feeling when staring at people. People don’t want to stay with this teenager.

However, this time, Chu Yan has to ask for the location of his own agent’s office.

When a handsome and beautiful teenager suddenly stands in front of you and talks to you in a gentle way, how would you feel? Aya, the front desk receptionist at Huaxing, gawked. After a moment, while blushing, she pointed out the way to Agent Zhao’s office.

“Thank you.”

After expressing his gratefulness elegantly, Chu Yan turned and walked in the direction of the elevator.

And behind him, Aya looked at him for a long time before poking the companion next to her. She excitingly whispered, “Hey Awen, that person looks familiar and he looks good. When did our company sign this new person? He didn’t even know where his agent’s office is…”

The sound behind him gradually drifted away. Chu Yan entered the elevator and pressed the button to go to the 21st floor. He quickly found the office of his agent—just kidding, he didn’t. After all, when Chu Yan had just left the elevator, he saw an obese figure standing outside while anxiously looking at the elevator.

The original owner’s agent, Zhao Lian, is a fat man with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 190 pounds. He has an ordinary appearance but he has a good character. Otherwise, if he has a bad temper, I’m afraid the original owner has long been kicked out and make this freeloader leave early.

When Zhao Lian saw Chu Yan, he was surprised at first then approached him to ask, “How come you went from the elevator? This thing has not been used for hundreds of years. Next time, it’s better to tell the driver to stop on the 21st floor. No need to do this…”

Suddenly, his voice stopped. As if to remembering something, Zhao Lian’s face changed. Finally, he sighed and said, “But there may not be a ‘next’ time.” While walking, as if to change the topic, Zhao Lian asked, “When did you get a haircut? It looks better like this.”

When the other party mentioned the matter about the “termination”, Chu Yan didn’t interrupt.

In this world of entertainment and prosperity, a newcomer wanting to single-handedly break into the entertainment circle is like an egg hitting a stone. It has a low success rate. Regardless of how the company is thinking of getting rid of the original owner, Chu Yan does not agree or disagree on this matter. Therefore, the purpose of his visit today is to continue to stay.

“I think my bangs were too long and inconvenient so I cut my hair.” The teenager smiled when he said this. His lips were raised and he had a bright smile on his face.

Chu Yan’s appearance is absolutely exquisite. His eyes are slender, with thick eyelashes and he has an aquiline nose. He also has a fair skin. If he looks gloomy like in the past, he will look very much like a cold vampire.

But now, Zhao Lian’s heart is startled, as if a small drum is playing in his heart.

—Why is it that the hair is obviously shorter but it feels so much different?

Last night, Zhao Lian saw Chu Yan’s change during the holographic call but he actually didn’t look at it carefully.

His heart suddenly has mixed feelings. Somehow, in the end, Zhao Lian asked, “Although you’re good now, later, when you enter the conference room, you… if you act the same as before, it would be better.”

This lets Chu Yan’s brows frown slightly. Although he doesn’t understand Zhao Lian’s intention, he is still aware that the other party does not have malicious intentions to himself.

After entering the conference room, Chu Yan followed Zhao Lian’s instruction and lowered his head. With his bangs slightly covering his eyes, he looked up at him. A speechless silence and depressing feeling filled the air around the teenager. He’s clearly wearing a white shirt, he gives off a unique and cold feeling.

When Zhao Lian saw that, he was surprised. He just suggested casually. How did Chu Yan suddenly change?!

While Zhao Lian was still surprised, the other two people in the conference room saw this extremely gloomy-looking teenager and slightly frowned.

The person sitting at the head of the table is the director of the Artist Department of Huaxing. There is also a refined elegant young man sitting beside him. Chu Yan stared at these two men for a while. When he finally looked at the young man, his pupils can’t help but shrink. In the end, he bowed his head again but he never spoke once.

The skinny director smiled awkwardly and looked at the young man, “Mr. Zhou, This is Chu Yan. Last year, our company spent a lot of efforts to sign him. Look at his appearance. His body is also very good. Moreover, he is young, only 18 years old this year. It’s a rare good seedling.”

These words of flattering let Chu Yan’s eyebrows pick up. On the other hand, Zhao Lian’s face looks strange.

Rare good seedling?

Spent a lot of efforts to sign him?

Director, you’re lying without blinking an eye!

But the young man didn’t have much reaction. He just smiled and tapped the table lightly, saying, “Thanks for the company’s decision to give up a treasure. Today, I will be responsible for signing Chu Yan.”

“Mr. Zhou, Chu Yan is still young. We don’t know what kind of future he will have. It is also very important to us…”

“What does Director Wang think?”

We have a three and a half years contract with Chu Yan and we also prepared several TV shows for him to test the waters…”


There are no scruples to the present parties from the start. Director Wang has a mouth full of cowhide(talking big/boast). He will blow the original owner to the sky. First of all, Chu Yan is a rare seedling they’ve cultivated for a long time. They had prepared several big productions for him, waiting for Chu Yan to become famous.

However, the young man didn’t respond the slightest bit and stayed smiling and listening to Director Wang’s argument…

When Director Wang started to increase the price of liquidated damages to three times, the young man is still smiling but the sound of tapping on the table is stagnating. He looked up at Director Wang, he sounded calm but with a smiling expression, he asked coldly, “Director Wang, do you still remember the person I’m representing, in order to sign Chu Yan?”

In an instant, Director Wang’s face changed. Finally, the other party signed Chu Yan with the original price of liquidated damages.

While all of this is happening, Chu Yan is standing by the side, watching with a calm gaze. He neither opposes nor supports. After the breach of contract is signed, Zhao Lian approached him with a guilty face and apologized to him.

In response, Chu Yan slightly smiled, shook his head and said, “You are good to me. You let me go to Tiansheng.”

When Zhao Lian heard this, he was stunned then he asked, “You knew that Tiansheng wants to sign you?”

His handsome fair countenance is calm. At this moment, Mr. Zhou and Director Wang are discussing the final handover affairs. Chu Yan looked at Zhao Lian in front of him and calmly said, “The person called Mr. Zhou earlier is Zhou Hehui, a gold medal agent of Tiansheng. I know him. He has a movie queen and three first-line artists under his hand.”

“You actually care about the people in the circle?”, Zhao Lian asked in surprise. “Didn’t you use to dislike these things?”

Hearing this, Chu Yan laughed and stayed silent.

Since the original owner never comes to the company, when leaving, Chu Yan has nothing to organize. Then, he followed Zhou Hehui and left Huaxing Entertainment together.

Before leaving, Zhao Lian was still reluctant and told him that if he can’t mix in at Tiansheng, he can come back and find him.

This kind of gesture made Chu Yan’s eyes darker, then he nodded while smiling.

Zhou Hehui is driving a floating car. Chu Yan was lead by him to the car and then activated the automatic driving system of the car. After that, the two sat on the back seat and talked about the next business affairs.

After handing over the contract to Chu Yan, Zhou Hehui lowered his head to sort out his own things. Chu Yan didn’t care about this cold reception, instead, he turned over the information in his hand with great interest. When he saw that he has a three-year contract, he was slightly stunned. Then, he smiled profoundly.

“Tomorrow, I’ll take you to audition for a crew. This is the AI script, look at it carefully.” As he said this, Zhou Hehui handed Chu Yan a microchip. “You try to imitate what’s in there. You have to audition for the role of the second male lead. As long as there’s nothing wrong, the company can give the role to you.”

Chu Yan nodded, took the AI script, and whispered his thanks.

The teenager’s indifferent reaction made Mr. Zhou Hehui watch him with interest for a while. Later, as if remembering something, Zhou Hehui suddenly asked, “Aren’t you curious who I am? Why do I want to sign you? Why should I give you resources?”

When he heard this, Chu Yan, who had been looking carefully at the contract, slowly looked up.

With his movements, the long bangs swerved to the sides, revealing his forehead and a pair of clear eyes. His eyes show a touch of indifferent smile and his beautiful lips twitched slightly. An indescribably noble and elegant air scatter in all directions from the teenager’s body.

He was obviously sitting in the car, but it gives the feeling that he is sitting on an invisible throne.

Chu Yan’s eyebrows slightly picked up. He smiled and asked, “You are Zhou Hehui, Tiansheng’s gold medal agent. I already know the answer to the first question but I think that you won’t tell me the answer to the other two, at least not. Since we are going to work together from now on, we should get to know each other.”

The change the teenager showed made Zhou Hehui startled in his place, but then he saw the other person smile and extend his right hand out.

“I’m Chu Yan, please give me a lot of advice later, Mr. Zhou.”

Then along the way, Chu Yan is seriously reading the information. Only Zhou Hehui is looking strangely at the window. From time to time, he secretly looks at Chu Yan from the corner of his eyes. The latter behaves as though nothing happened, and is reading the contract carefully.

When the floating car drove down to Chu Yan’s home, he finally put down the contract that he was holding. He turned to look at Zhou Hehui, grinned, and asked, “Zhou Ge, do you have the script of this drama? Not the AI script, but the script.”

Zhou Hehui was surprised when he heard this and asked, “What do you want the script for? I already made an AI script.”

Chu Yan answered with a smile, “I want to see what a script looks like. Zhou Ge, don’t tell me you don’t have it?”

Zhou Hehui: “……@#¥@¥@#¥”

Half an hour later, Chu Yan just came home when he suddenly received a message with a file attached to it.

【Zhou Hehui: Although I know that you are using this as a method to goad me into action, in the whole galaxy’s entertainment industry, however, there is nothing that Tiansheng can’t do. In Huaxia’s circle, there isn’t any matter that Zhou Hehui can’t do. You should get up early tomorrow. I still have to bring you to audition.】When he saw this, Chu yan made a “Puchi” sound while accepting the real text script which other actors considered trash. He whispered reluctantly, “But didn’t I still get him to do it?”

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Megane: It seems that someone was already translating this. You can treat these two chapters as teasers. Anyway, that person seems to plan to post it in January so wait for a few months more, everyone. Now, I have to find a novel that needs me. I already have a novel in mind but if any of you have any recommendations, you can tell me.

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