Chapter 1: Rebirth after a Thousand Years

The last moment I remember is the scene of the car accident. The next moment, I see a female ghost……

Do you know what it feels like?

The female ghost is wearing white and is staring with a grim face. The long hair is fluttering and her entire eyes are black. Bright red blood is flowing out of the empty eye socket. Accompanied by the ghost is the howling of the wind and the trees are rustling.

The scene is so vivid; it appears to happen for real!

All the blood in his body seems to have rushed into the brain and his heart almost popped out of his chest. Chu Yan’s throat felt dry. An adrenaline rush is suddenly triggered. Goosebumps appeared all over the body. He almost wanted to turn around and run away! Until—

The female ghost suddenly laughed, stretched her bloody mouth and reached out her hand through his body.

Chu Yan: “……”

After feeling the scalp tingling horror and being panicked, Chu Yan relaxed. At the same time, a lot of memories and information emerged in his mind.

After five minutes, Chu Yan quickly threw aside the deadly VR glasses while he rubbed his temples as he digests clean the various complex information he received.

He is now in the spring of 3016 in the capital star of Huaxia nation.

After Chu Yan calmed down he went to pick up the thrown VR glasses from the side and carefully scrutinized it.

We say it’s glasses but it is more like a black box.

This rectangular black box’s size is approximately 8 cm wide and 15 cm long. Both sides of it are similar to a glasses frame that supports backward. Though it is not heavy, it is better and more comfortable to wear them while lying down.

After observing it for a while, Chu Yan switched it on to play videos like the way from the memory he got. He put it on again to watch a small advertisement and finally put the glasses down after a while.

How great is the progress of science and technology in a thousand years? This is something everyone can’t imagine.

However, this science and technology has not progressed to the degree of “making a living person travel through time” and “discovering aliens”. But in the already prosperous material world, in order to pursue a richer spiritual enjoyment, people invest more of the resources and costs to the entertainment industry, resulting in a thriving entertainment world.

Just now, Chu Yan watched a movie called “Terror” through the world’s new products—VR virtual reality glasses. This horror film is said to be released only this year, with high horror value and good box office sales.

The original owner of this body is probably watching this movie and was scared to death by the white lady inside.

Chu Yan happens to see the memory of being frightened to death. Moreover, the experience just a moment ago where the ghosts face is close with blood dripping from her mouth. Don’t you see that the horror is not horrible? She can tear you up in a second!

Chu Yan pushed aside the VR glasses with lingering fear. He walked around the room while observing the surrounding things. He then used the original body’s owner’s account to log in to the world’s network— Skynet, to search for information.

Although he received the original’s memory, the memories are too fragmented and they are too incomplete. Chu Yan needs more time to digest the information.

The owner of this body is also called Chu Yan who just turned 18 years old a month ago. The appearance is 7 to 8 points similar to Chu Yan. He was discovered by talent scouts six months ago and was signed into an entertainment company. He once took an advertisement job but he didn’t have any fame.

Both parents of the original owner died years ago but they left sufficient amount of money for the owner to finish university. However, it is a pity that the original owner doesn’t want to go to university and receive a diploma. Last year, he spent all the remaining money from his legacy. If he hadn’t been scouted, I’m afraid that he will have to worry about his life.

But now, It is Chu Yan’s turn to worry about his life.

This world’s entertainment industry is very strong, the competition is very fierce, too.

The original owner’s appearance is very good and the advertisement probably brought him some popularity. But after that, he tried to go to several auditions. He didn’t have a chance to say a few words when he got turned down immediately.

According to the deputy director’s words, “Does Chu Yan even know how to act? He doesn’t have it(talent)!”

So even if he looks good, after three auditions, the entertainment company temporarily gave up on the original owner’s road to showbiz and started training him to develop in the music industry.

But the original owner’s singing talent is not as good as his acting! (Meaning: He’s too horrible)

In the case of acting, an advertisement can still fool the audience but in the case of the original owner’s voice, no matter how he tried to sing, it cannot be adjusted at all! Being inborn tone-deaf, even with this era’s development in medicine, there’s no such cure for this!

But the original owner also has some “ambition”. In his memory, since he is not good at acting and also not good at singing, he thought: then can I got to participate in variety? In this era, there are also a lot of good funny artists. Every trade and professions have their own masters. Making people laugh is also a talent!

—But the original owner doesn’t have the talent.

Thinking of this, Chu Yan sighed. The words of the original owner’s agent flashed through his mind: “Chu Yan, God really put all the talents into your face. How could you have such a good face?!”

This time, he doesn’t have anything to do, he is not studying, and he doesn’t want to go all out. The original owner closed his eyes and crossed his legs: “Laozi quits!”

Anyway, he can receive a fixed monthly salary from the company. He can’t starve to death and can continue living.


Megane: Hello, everyone! I’m Megane. In cooperation with Lily, I want to post one of my favorite danmei novels. The translations are not guaranteed accurate. Like Lily, I used MTL.I originally wanted to post this on Saturday but I feel impatient so let’s ppst it today.


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  1. Oh wow, I love this author. They’re the best at yaoi/transmigration/entertainment stories! And the first chapter of this looks really promising. I can’t wait to see what happens next (ᗒᗨᗕ)

    Thank you for choosing to translate this.

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