(Continuation of Chapter 1)

So the original owner probably stayed at home for three to four months. Last week, his agent called him to introduce him to an audition but he doesn’t want to go. He just wants to single-mindedly spend his salary. The agent was so angry.

Chu Yan couldn’t understand why the original owner refuses to think of his own future. His contract with the entertainment company only lasts for three years. They won’t renew the contract after that. What should he do after that?

The original owner wasn’t worried about these but Chu Yan feels that it is urgent.

He searched the Skynet for some information. He calculated how much remaining money he has. He found out tragically that it was only a week before he gets his salary but he only has enough for four or five days of lunch money.

People need to eat every day!

In his past life, Chu Yan’s parents also had an untimely death. He climbed up in the entertainment circle alone. He was very young when he won the award and became a film emperor. How can he be stumped by lack of food now?.

Now that he took over the original owner’s body, he will naturally live this life for both of them. This time, he won’t live the mediocre life that the original owner had hoped where only eating and not dying is enough. He will live a more splendid life for the both of them.

Other than this, Chu Yan just came to this world so he searched the Skynet for some information in accordance with his fragmented memory. On the next day, he used the VR glasses the whole day so that he can have a deeper understanding to live normally in this world.

On the third day, Chu Yan used the original owner’s account number to open the company’s recruitment website to search.

A sudden influx of information spread before his eyes. He can’t adapt to the high-end computer’s visual imaging. It took a long time for Chu Yan to identify the words. Finally, he chose a TV drama series and two online dramas to issue an interview request.

The entertainment industry developed to this extent. Needless to say about TV dramas and movies, there are millions of online dramas released every year. Its huge number is enough to explode any supercomputer a thousand years ago.

There are naturally a lot of filming crews. The demand and expectations for actors are much stronger. It is normal for every entertainment company to have a recruitment page on their website. The original owner’s company can only be considered a medium. There are a lot of crews who post recruitment information on the website every day.

The three crews selected by Chu Yan have one same feature: The pay can be received three days after signing!

After eating dinner in the evening, Chu Yan opened the Skynet to see the reply of the three crews. He was surprised to find that two of the online dramas didn’t even say anything but they all unanimously rejected his application for an interview!

The TV drama series also rejected his request but they left a message: “Mr. Chu, what we need is only an ordinary (looking) actor. Your looks are not consistent with our requirements.”

Chu Yan: “……”

I look too good and now you blame me?

Standing in front of the mirror, he looked at himself. Chu Yan’s eyebrows went up and the beautiful teenager’s eyebrows also went up on the mirror. The corner of Chu Yan’s lips went up and the beautiful teenager on the mirror also smiled.

The face is very beautiful. The white skin is delicate. He can be considered as one of the best looking in the entertainment industry and he is very recognizable.

In fact, in normal circumstances, even if the original owner is not talented in acting and singing, he can still be used as a backdrop or a beautiful vase. In that way, he can mix in the entertainment circle. However, the original owner has a gloomy temperament. Especially when looking at people, he looks gloomy and when he smiles, it feels like there’s a cold wind blowing.

…By the way, on the only advertisement he ever filmed, he played as a vampire.

The slender, jade-like fingers gently pinch his cheek think of two options: ”Ruin the image to be able to eat a meal” and “apologize the agent to have another chance”. Chu Yan sighed heavily and chose the latter.

But this time, he just picked up the communicator and hasn’t called yet when a familiar number showed up on the screen.

Slightly surprised, Chu Yan eyebrows went up. He pressed down the answer key on the communicator and a holographic projection of a fat middle-aged man appeared in the room in an instant.

Looking at the person, Chu Yan’s eyes turned. He thought up of a lot of rhetoric in his heart. The light-colored pupil reflected the image of the projection, lips smiling, Chu Yan calmly said: “Zhao Ge, Is there recently a notice for me to go to? These days, I’ve thought of things thoroughly. I was wrong in the past. I’m still young and I don’t want to end up like this.”

His voice is low and pleasant and his attitude is also not arrogant nor humble. Even when saying apologetic words, the teenager is like a cold king sitting on a cold day, with an elegant and noble aura. An indifferent temperament hangs around him.

This appearance made the agent stunned. After a moment, he looked strangely and said, “This, Chu Yan, you have to come to the company first. Over here-*cough*, well, there is something we need to discuss.”

The agent did not conceal what he meant at all. Chu Yan saw the guilt in his eyes before he dodged his eyes away.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at him calmly. He asked with a smile, “Zhao Ge, what’s the matter? I can go now to the company. Do I need to bring anything?” After a pause, the sharp eyebrow rose slightly, Chu Yan asked in a low voice, “Did my previous behavior make the company angry?”

The agent only knew Chu Yan for six months but it is the first time he saw him with a worried look.

Originally, Chu Yan was already beautiful. If you say that he didn’t pay attention to the previous cold temperament. When he suddenly showed a look of loss and worry, the agent was stunned…

Subconsciously, the agent said, “This is not your problem, it is mine. It’s because I’m not good enough! Chu Yan, if you’re living badly after terminating the contract, you can approach me. We’ve known each other for so long. I can help introduce you (to a new job).”

Eyes opened widely, Chu Yan’s heart thumped. Two words echoed in my mind 180 times—

『Terminate Contract!』

(End of Chapter 1)

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