RCVS 21.1

Chapter 21.1 is here.

Translated by Lily

Proofread by Dain


11 thoughts on “RCVS 21.1

  1. “[Why did you not have a Weibo? Are you a country bumpkin who just came down from the mountain?]

    [You city people must really know how to have fun.]”
    Ahahahaha!! xD
    Thanks for the CH!!

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  2. OMG he’s a prince??! And sweetie don’t give up on him like that! He will share his riches with you 😁 love this part of the chapter especially the 111??! our highness is the gong 😂 one thing – when I clicked next chapter from 20 it took me straight to 22 skipping this but luckily I figured it out and didn’t miss this gold ❤

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