Chapter here.

TL: Lily

Proofread by Dain


25 thoughts on “RCVS 18

  1. Lol… I know how that feels coz I also don’t use instagram, twitter, fb, path, snapchat, or whatever… I used fb long time ago, but now I feel using social media is a hassle, and I am uncomfortable letting other people to know that much about my private life.. I don’t know maybe it’s just me coz I am a nobody… Lol..

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  2. Drat. I feel like this was an evil cliffy.

    I want to see how the internet reacts when they realize what the PJ comment was about and how he is a self-taught kouji.


  3. Hey, hope your okay! I love your work and am just wondering when the next chapter will be out? (Low key dying here in the corner)


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