chapter 16 here uwu


21 thoughts on “RCVS 16

  1. Thanks for the chapter~! Yikes, classes huh? Woo, I for one am not looking forward to going to school im a few days… *shudder* Ah, oh well, it will take my mind off slow updates and dropped novels.

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  2. I was about to ask for updates…but you said you wanted to hold onto more…I was still gonna ask for updates…. but then I seen the date of the chapter… I thought it was a month ago that this updated… should look at the dates more often or I might sound ungrateful…. o_O …( also, if I could figure out how to use PayPal or any of those online payment system’s I would… but I only know how to use direct debit on Steam.


  3. Hiya, I am reading the raw now and realized that this paragraph is wrong yo.

    “Pei! Gou San, that bastard. He dared to betray this laozi. Laozi did not shoot at him, but told him that his surname, Gou, fits him!”

    The second sentence should be ‘Laozi will follow his surname ‘Gou’ if I don’t shoot him!’

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  4. Hello! I’ve started reading this novel today and I noticed the link to this chapter was dead when you try to come from the “next chapter”, “previous chapter” or TOC. Only the link from NU worked ^^
    I don’t know if you’ll see this comment here, but I wanted to let you know.
    And thank you for the translation, this kind of story is in my strike zone!

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