Chapter 12 is here.

Translated by Lily


28 thoughts on “RCVS 12

  1. I think that all the men will be questioning if they have turned bent by the end of the CV…hahahahahahahahahaha…

    Thank you for the translation!!!

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  2. I am lucky i am alone right now… Cz i keep smiling and mimic the oh ah ahng like the text while gigling…

    Btw thx for this translation. I appreciate this, it’s so fun reafing this chapter 😁

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  3. Hahaha.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Out fufufu… 😼😼😼
    They almost turned bent …aah..but if you just listening to the voice and close your eyes then you can live in imagination that the one who voicing the character is a woman

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  4. OMG lolol I died reading the last portion of the chapter!!!

    ‘Yan Mu Lin, the newcomer, looked at Director Chen innocently. He shrugged, as if saying: I did nothing.’

    Can’t wait until our MC starts budding with our ML, lord already knows how much he will turn that man on by his voice alone. LOL

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  5. Voice Actress A used Moan!
    It wasn’t very effective….
    MC used Moan!
    It was super effective!!!
    Voice Actress A ran away. Background Characters fainted.

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  6. Oh boy. I can’t. I can’t stop laughing!! KYHAAHHAHAAHAAAAA~~~~!!!! And shite! My mind actually made me HEAR him, moan. The redness on my cheeks won’t go away (〃艸〃)

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  7. thanks for this chapter.
    hahahaha. I imagine ah ah from Japanese BL CD drama in youtube. especially akihito scene in the anime finder. it makes me very…..aw~

    thanks ur hard work.

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