Chapter 11: Studying Abroad

After last time’s order, there was no contact from them. Mo Shaoqing felt guilt for quite some time. However, days still had to go on. After smoothly moving up to his third year in high school, the pressure suddenly increased. The first period was moved thirty minutes earlier, while the dismissal period was pushed back for thirty minutes. His break time did not increase though. Although Mo Shaoqing, as an art student, felt this somewhat difficult to manage, it was fortunate that his cultural classes were not that bad. So he was not that worried.

In their third year of high school, with everyone’s tacit agreement, they stopped their extracurricular activities in school. For example, sports and music festivals, Christmas party, New Year’s Day party, and the like. Of course, their other activities got longer. Make-up classes got longer, thus their free day became a single day without compensation.

However, they did not expect that the education bureau would suddenly give an order which did not allow schools to have make-up classes. Not only that, they required the schools to have activities that would reduce the student’s pressure.

When there are policies, there would be countermeasures. As a top school, how could they not have make-up classes? Therefore, the education bureau came up with top-class schools as a gimmick. Thus, the universities and colleges temporarily stopped having make-up classes.

Y City High School was a three-star school. In order for them to get a higher star rating, the school had to conduct various activities, they were trying so hard to show a joyful facade. However, the illusion was merely an illusion because the school never got a higher star from the education bureau.

This year, the school surprisingly let out their trump card. The student exchange program. After it was announced, the entire school went crazy. Everyone was talking about the exchange student program. After all, besides the wealthy children of foreign classes, everyone in school were from the middle class. There were only a few people who could travel abroad. Now, they can leave the country without using their money!

They talked about this topic during lunch. Xing Zhipeng was very interested in this, and kept talking about the program. The whole time, Han Ziyi was not interested, so he did say a word. This was expected, as this was his character.

“Ziyi, don’t you want to go abroad and relax?”

“Troublesome. Don’t want to go.” Concise and clear. A dashen‘s style.

“Aiya, Ziyi’s not going. How wonderful ah. With him gone, surely we would stand a chance?” Xing Zhipeng hugged Mo Shaoqing and laughed.

After returning home that night, Mo Shaoqing and his family discussed the matter about going abroad. Although Mother Mo was one of the ten thousand people who did not trust their son, she also knew that going abroad was beneficial for him. This was the advantage of being in a family with teachers. Most family members were far-sighted, so they supported him in participating in the program.

Unlike Xing Zhipeng who only wanted tro travel, Mo Shaoqing found out that his advantage from reincarnation was slowly becoming useless. Therefore, he wanted to take this opportunity to travel abroad. He would then obtain experience, taste foreign food, and see if it would benefit his future restaurant. Unsurprisingly, Xing Zhipeng’s family members also agreed, so they registered together.

A few days later, the results were announced. Mo Shaoqing, who was filled with expectation, got cold water poured into him. It turns out that the school’s funds were not enough, so the program’s location was set to R Country and H Country for two weeks. This made the students who were excited for the 10-day trip to Europe somewhat dispirited, but then they were still going overseas, so they cheered up immediately. After they could still study overseas.

R Country is Japan (Rìběn) while H Country is S. Korea (Hánguó)

After the registration, they started to select students. Those in the liberal arts, and those with poor grades were removed. The remaining students needed to get the signature of their class leader, major subject teachers, and class committees. Mo Shaoqing got it easily.

According to the school plan, the places were distributed among the art, sports, and international classes. There were 5 places for each class. The second and third year altogether were 40 people.

Actually, the students in the liberal arts could join, but if they came then they would have to give up their college entrance exam.

As this information got around, the liberal arts students complained and said that the school was biased. Later, those in the international class dropped out. When the number of places were lessened, the school finally had funds. After everything was confirmed, it was already the end of September.

The training began afterwards. Mo Shaoqing knew that it was held together with several high schools from N City. He did not know how his school was connected with them.

After a few days of training, it was the National Day of the PRC. Based on the school’s principle of not wasting time, they occupied half of Golden Week, which made Classmate Xing Zhipeng suffer unspeakable misery. But their efficiency was really high. The group of fifty chosen by the school started a one-month training. Because art students do not study at night, this occupied their time.

The students who stayed were all in college preparatory classes. To the others, it was just a matter of sacrificing night study, they weren’t smart. They did not care at all.

In addition to learning the languages of the two countries, their training includes learning the cultural history, and etiquette. The art students also had to perform a simple program. Fifteen days after training, ten of the students who could not keep up would be eliminated. Therefore, no one took the training lightly.

Most of those that got removed were liberal arts students. After the training was over, the weather slowly got colder. The school prepared their passports and visas for them.

Forty students took a bus to N City. Before leaving Y City, Mother Mo prepared 100,000 yen for him so that he could buy what he wanted to, and won’t have to save.

The flight ticket and their housing were prepared by the school, so this 100,000 yen was a huge sum for Mo Shaoqing. Pure pocket money ya! However, he also knew that R Country was a developed nation. Prices would surely be very high.

After arriving at N City, Mo Shaoqing called his family to tell them that he was well. Then he headed to a local school. Seeing the crowd on the sports field, Mo Shaoqing knew that there were more than a hundred people going abroad. In his mind, he thought that it was fortunate that Han Ziyi did not come. He disliked crowded places the most.

After listening to a lecture on safety in the auditorium. The 160 students were moved to classrooms. They were divided into groups of five people. He was separated from Xing Zhipeng. Xing Zhipeng sulked and went to his group. Mo Shaoqing welcomed his own team members.

Fortunately, there was a girl from his school. But she was a liberal arts student. In addition to knowing that her name was Zhao Xiaoru, she was not familiar to him at all. There were also two boys and a girl from N City schools. After resting for a night in N City, the day they would go abroad has finally arrived.

This was the first time Mo Shaoqing was going abroad, so he felt really excited. He only fell asleep when it was midnight. N City International Airport was very large. Before departure, they had to put on their school uniforms. Maybe the schools were aware that their uniforms were not very presentable, so they specifically prepared special school uniforms to use while touring R Country.

A navy blue british-style uniform. Boy were wearing suits and neckties, while the girls were wearing blazers and short plaid skirts! You can’t help but notice that it made them look tall and straight. It made a beautiful sight at the airport. Mo Shaoqing with his arm dragging his suit jacket on his shoulder was undoubtedly one of the best.

“Hello, my name is Wang Xuena. I’m very glad to meet you.” A beautifully dressed girl walked up to Mo Shaoqing.

“Hello. I’m Mo Shaoqing, from Y City.” Mo Shaoqing smiled.

“Since we are a group, we have to look after each other. Do you have QQ? Let’s add each other as a contact!” To be honest, Mo Shaoqing was a very private person. He did not want to add unfamiliar people.

“It’s no good….” He has not even finished yet, when several girls who have been waiting for a while, came forward and asked for his QQ or his contact information and squeezed out Wang Xuena. In the end, Mo Shaoqing said that he did not have a phone or QQ. The girls finally stopped.

“Huh! Attracting bees and butterflies.” Hearing the cold retort, Mo Shaoqing looked back. The boy was short, with ordinary looks and was a little shady. When he saw Mo Shaoqing turn to him, he felt guilty and turned his face to the side.

In all honesty, he did not fucking do anything. They were the one who asked if he had a QQ, how did it turn into him attracting bees and butterflies, ah! Mo Shaoqing thought to himself. Aren’t the female students too enthusiastic? But after this incident, his perception of that boy called Tian Xinyu sharply fell.

After the baggage was sent to consignment, everyone lined up to the customs, and passed the security check. The R Country airlines arrived on time. After the people boarded the plane and fastened their seatbelts, Mo Shaoqing took out his eye mask and was ready to rest. He was awake until midnight. When they were lining up, his eyes couldn’t even open.

Mo Shaoqing was about to sleep when he heard a voice near him.

“Xiaoru, you are also studying in Y City High School. Do you know Mo Shaoqing?” It was Wang Xuena’s voice.

“Not very familiar. We are not in the same class.”

“Oh, alright. Just as I thought. How much money did you bring?”

“Not very much. There aren’t a lot of places we would have to spend money anyway.”

“Wow, that’s a pity. Didn’t you know that R Country is a shopper’s paradise, hey. Luxury goods there are very cheap. What a pity ya, we can’t go shopping together.” Wang Xuena’s words carried pity and contempt.

On the other side, Tian Xinyu joined the conversation, “Yeah, R Country’s shoes and bags are very cheap. I brought 50,000 yen this time! I’m ready to buy buy buy.”

“Is that true? I also brought several thousand yen! Who made yen so cheap!” The two chatted.

Mo Shaoqing, who sat on the side, suffered unspeakable misery. He was surrounded by them, unable to sleep. He kept turning his body back and forth. He took of his eye mask and looked at the two enthusiastic people who kept on chatting. He was about to say something when a really stern voice said, “The two of you should quiet down. Don’t you see you’re disturbing other people!”

The two people who were immersed in their chat finally saw the other students’ faces filled with anger or hate. They then uneasily retreated to their original spots. At this, Mo Shaoqing noticed the other boy in their group. What was he called? Zhao something… Oh! Zhao Duo. Previously, he thought that he looked cold as ice. The kind that concerned himself with nothing. He didn’t expect him to be that serious when he spoke up! Zhao Duo turned to Mo Shaoqing. Mo Shaoqing casted him a grateful glance.



dashen – A term widely used in games, forums, and novels in China. Those who are god-like chharacters / seniors / veterans are usually referred to as dashen or great god.

Attracting bees and butterflies – attract the opposite sex / flirting.


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