Chapter 10: Encounter

When Mo Shaoqing came to his new class, he saw that there was no staff, so he could only turn to Xing Zhipeng for help. Fortunately, he was reliable enough to help him not only find three sports students, but also help him rent two big trucks and a van.

Mo Shaohong, Mo Shaoqing, Wu-jie, Xing Zhipeng and the three students made up the group of seven that sat in the van who travelled to Donghu district, parking the vehicle in an outdoor parking lot.

There was an executive waiting for them who had refined looks, in formal attire, and high-heeled shoes. An outfit usually seen in offices. When Mo Shaoqing saw this, he was quite distracted as he have not seen or greeted this kind of person for a long time.
Fortunately, Wu-jie was there and was responsible for the entire process of communicating, so Mo Shaoqing did not need to open his mouth.

Seeing that the group of people are all composed of half-sized children, with the largest among them showing an awkward appearance, the executive relaxed her attitude and treated them casually. She led the group of people through the garden that was being renovated and introduced it, with her bearing a bit arrogant.

Their group arrived at the front of the building, officially presenting it to everyone. In front was a large European-style fountain that had various Ancient Greek characters in it. Behind was a European-styled iron gate, it was as if they were going inside a manor instead of a company. There was a neatly trimmed circular flowerbed inside the gates, and two large trucks filled with plants parked in front.

Actually, to call this building a skyscraper like those in the capital was an exaggeration as this was only 30 floors in total. There was a large electronic display in front, which was playing an advertisement for a hotel overseas. The three sides were filled with tempered glass that reflected the beautiful blue sky, with one side an LED that rolled some English letters, but since it was daytime, it cannot be read properly.

From the parking lot, to the garden, then to the building, all the students including Mo Shaoqing were staring intently.

Of course, Mo Shaoqing was simply surprised that Y City actually had a company with such a large amount of money. In addition to that, the entrance and the building’s flower beds are not that great ah! Though, he can only whisper this in his heart, after all, the owner of this building was their golden master! The other students were amazed at the exquisite appearance of this building as it was very uncommon in Y City.

“Okay, okay, stop staring. Lets move everything, and remember to be careful not to drop anything.” Mo Shaoqing called out.

“Yes!” With just a single command, the boys suddenly passed the executive and began to carry the flowers and plants.

Mo Shaoqing went straight into the hall. He felt a burst of cold wind coming from the centralized air conditioner attack him, which drove away the hot autumn wind. Since the company has not officially opened yet, there was no one in the hall other than them. The group went back and forth for more than an hour as they placed the flowers and plants in the rest area neatly. The sport students were all exhausted, let alone Mo Shaoqing, this weak little chicken.

Then, the executive who has long disappeared, came over with her 10 cm heels. “Aiya! Why did you put these here? This is where the people pass ah!”

The teenagers were all confused. Mo Shaoqing only told them that they were only there for delivery. “What do you mean…”

“Naturally, it is for you to move everything to its proper place!” The executive gave the bearing of a manager.


“That’s not our responsibility!” The teenagers discussed then finally turning to their leader, Mo Shaoqing.

“Lady, we provide goods, we are not porters.” Mo Shaoqing tried to explain.

“Sure ah.” The executive gave him a quick glance, “Place it right there ba, I’m going upstairs.” She increased the tone of her voice, making her sound rather angry.

Mo Shaoqing wanted to speak again but was stopped by Mo Shaohong. Mo Shaoqing was
after all an adult mentally so he knew that the executive was bullying them and wanted free labor. They already guaranteed free delivery service, even if they were upset by her attitude, they were under her roof so they had to bow their heads, and also he kept reminding himself of the second and third orders.

In the end, Mo Shaoqing did not say anything, which left the teenagers to discuss what to do. Xing Zhipeng was responsible for the 1st to 20th floor, and the two brothers were responsible for the 21st to 30th floor. Fortunately, the elevator was already working, they just had to take the elevator to go up. But even so, everyone was already tired.
Before coming here, Mo Shaoqing specifically went to the ceramics market to choose a ceramic pot that will replace the plastic pots,making the plants look more beautiful and get a higher price. Now it can be said that he lifted a stone and smashed it in his feet.
Several people divided themselves to different elevators, while Mo Shaoqing chose the innermost elevator. He discovered that the elevator only had floors 1 to 27 and that the 28th, 29th, and 30th floors weren’t there. He looked in disbelief, this wasn’t real! It can’t possibly be this tragic, don’t tell him that he had to go up the last three floors! He was in a hurry. After all, there were a lot of plants and he even had to go up the stairs. He’ll hurt all over tomorrow. How will he attend school ah?

Mo Shaoqing pressed the 27th floor button. He impatiently looked for another elevator. Fortunately, there was an elevator at the end of the corridor, and it should have the 28th, 29th, and 30th floor. Fortunately, fortunately, there was an elevator. Mo Shaoqing sighed in relief.
An hour later, Mo Shaoqing gasped for breath as he returned to the 27th floor and sat on a couch. The 27th floor was a large reception room. On one side of the room was a floor-to-ceiling window that showed you Y City. On the opposite side were neatly arranged black leather sofas and brown coffee tables. The originally cold and empty lounge, after placing plants, gave it a bit of vitality.

Mo Shaoqing rested on the sofa he casually found. In the past few days, he had not been able to rest well due to this order. During the day, he had to attend his classes while at night, would plant the seeds and then place them in a pot. Early in the morning, those were transferred to the truck. Just recently, he had to lift objects that was above his strength. It can be said that he worked very hard for this order. The afternoon sunshine was just right, and it was very warm as it sprinkled on his body. Unconsciously, he fell asleep on the sofa.

Da da da. Footsteps reverberated through the hallway, interrupting Mo Shaoqing’s dream. No, no way. He was obviously moving the plants. Mo Shaoqing suddenly sobered and sat up. He found out that he fell asleep with the central air conditioner still running. Everything was the same as before. But the sounds in the hallway told him―come!
Incidentally, someone was coming. Did he want to be discovered? Mo Shaoqing ignored the sound and quickly put the pillow back in place. He also smoothed the folds on the sofa. Then, he inspected everything, once he made sure nothing was wrong with it, he rushed to the door.

Ah, it really hurts! Right after he opened the glass door and before he could even react, he felt like his forehead hit an iron wall. His nose hurt a lot. This made him step a few steps back, then carelessly tripping on a carpet which made him fall to the ground.
Raising his head with eyes filled with tears, he discovered that what he had just hit was not an iron wall, but a person! Behind him was a group of people!!!
The man in front was dressed in a three-piece silver-gray suit. He had a very cold appearance, with his facial lines hard and sculpted. His dark eyes deep and profound, not showing what he was thinking. The sides of his lips were raised lightly. From head to toe, it showed that he was a person of eminent status.
Mo Shaoqing was sure that he had not seen such a person in his previous life. Even the
arrogant and bossy second generation young masters can’t compare with the man in front of him.
Ling Sen frowned and looked at the little guy who bumped into him and fell to the ground. Slightly facing the teen, his dark eyes looked at the pair of watery eyes that looked pathetic….. and cute.

Mo Shaoqing saw the man’s lips slightly open, speaking Chinese: “Child labor?”

“No, I’m not―” Mo Shaoqing discovered that the executive from before was actually in the crowd. She was so shocked that she came out to explain.

“Vivian, what’s the matter ah?” The man who seemed to be the secretary asked the lady.

“He’s just here to deliver the flowers.” Vivian constantly blamed herself in her mind, she actually made them move the plants! Though, even if she regretted it now, it was too late.

When Mo Shaoqing thought the man in front of him was going to order a “stick to kill” command towards the lady in charge of them, the man actually came to him and extended his right hand. The bewildered Mo Shaoqing dazedly reached out and stood up.
After the group of people went away, Mo Shaoqing snapped out of his daze and felt relieved. He was so frightened he felt like he was going to die!
Taking a look at his watch, he found out that he slept for twenty minutes. He then wondered why he thought about running away, he did not do anything wrong. Mo Shaoqing was silent for a moment and then planned to go downstairs.
Not even taking two steps, his foot kicked something. A black and slender fountain pen stood eye-catchingly on the new floor tiles.

This…. this thing! It should be that gentleman’s!
Mo Shaoqing hurriedly picked it up and chased after them, but found out that the group had already gone upstairs. They were in the conference room, and after going through such an awkward meeting, he was too embarrassed to go upstairs. Mo Shaoqing decided to forget about it and just place it on the front desk!

Mo Shaoqing went downstairs only to find that everyone has been waiting for him in the lounge, and that they have already been paid. The charm of money diluted Mo Shaoqing’s embarrassment from earlier.
The group walked as they chatted, and finally Xing Zhipeng requested Mo Shaoqing to treat them to dinner. He also agreed to it. After Mo Shaoqing treated them to barbecue and paid their salary, he went home with Mo Shaohong.

Upon returning home, Mo Shaoqing immediately rushed to his room and took out the money he just earned. Excluding the fees for the flower pots and the labor, he earned more than 10,000 RMB. Even if he tried to stop it, he couldn’t conceal his laughter.
Mo Shaohong, who planned to call his brother to go out and eat, smiled helplessly and left.
Mo Shaoqing excitedly rolled in the bed. He suddenly realized that he has forgotten something. Ah! Yes, that pen. Remembering this matter, he immediately took out the pen from his pocket. He discovered that the pen was not black but was actually navy blue.
The pen had a beautiful engravement of a cursive letter―L. As he observed the pen, Mo Shaoqing discovered the band name, but could not find out what it exactly was. Its value was at least two thousand. Heavens, did I make a mistake?
In the next few days, Mo Shaoqing went to the building in Donghu district, wanting to return the pen, but all the entrances were closed so he could only forget about this thought.


they were under her roof so they had to bow their heads – from the phrase “When you are under someone else’s roof, you have to bow to him.” which means we cannot be arrogant when we ask others for help.

lifted a stone and smashed it in his feet – To cause yourself difficulty or “to shoot yourself in the foot”.

stick to kill – Reference to a popular punishment in Ancient / Imperial China.

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