Chapter 9: Orders

Li Li’er and Mo Shaohong’s divorce lawsuit came to its most important segment. The division of the married couple’s joint property. The Li family knew that the marriage was irreparable, therefore they depended on the division of joint property and the money. In addition, this could also be regarded as the compensation for their daughter’s emotional damage.

Mo Shaoqing has lived for so many years and saw all kind of people, but he has not seen a family this shameless.

Unfortunately, the Mo family still hasn’t allowed him to go to the court. The reason, naturally, is because he was still a child! At this moment, Mo Shaoqing wished he was already 18 years old!

When they found out that the betrothal gift did not need to be returned, the Li husband and wife breathed out a huge sigh of relief. Let alone 10,000 RMB, they did not want to let go even a single cent.

However, their desires were doomed to fail. The house belonged to Father Mo, while the car was bought before marriage so it was not considered joint property. Although they did not need to return the dowry, it was considered joint property.

This was actually thanks to Mother Li. Originally, Mother Li was afraid that the Mo family would stop the wedding, so she wanted a guarantee that they will receive the dowry. Hearing that it was just several thousands and each person still gets half, Mother Li almost fainted in anger.

But the matter wasn’t finished yet. Mo Shaohong’s wages were basically all handed to Li Li’er. Although her job was merely making beauty products, her pay was based on percentage and it wasn’t low, but it was mostly given to her parents. Ordinarily, she extravagantly uses Mo Shaohong’s money, Mother Mo knew this and turned a blind eye, but now that they are divorced, this was classified to be her son’s so they had to take it back. Now, this was also considered to be joint property of the husband and wife.

The two’s divorce has dragged on to a month, it is now the end of August, this adds up to them being married for 15 months. Therefore, the Mo family in total had exactly 40,000 RMB. which wasn’t a small amount. When Mother Li heard this, she felt that she was going to pass out.

During this period of time, Li Li’er made several visit and did not want to divorce. She really had feelings for Mo Shaohong, and of course, because she could no longer find such a good man after the divorce. Mo Shaohong was softhearted but he really could not accept Li Li’er’s family, he couldn’t let his family suffer more, and there was also this matter about her faked pregnancy. This caused a gap between them which would never be filled again.

Afterwards, Mo Shaoqing thought of a crucial point―the examination results proved that the hospital was one of the culprits, so Mo Shaoqing quickly reminded his parents to sue the hospital too. The verdict fell quickly, Li Li’er’s friend was fired from the hospital and gave them 30,000 RMB as compensation. Previously, when renovating the Donghu district apartment, Mother and Father Mo’s savings were all used up, the compensation given was used for the renovation, so as for where the Li family will get that kind of money, and how they will live after that was not within the scope of Mo Shaoqing’s consideration.

When all the verdicts were passed, September came. Mo Shaoqing entered his first year of high school. He could pass first grade effortlessly because the subjects he had to focus on to enter the next grade were very simple. This was because when he was in middle school, students were all studying hard and no one was willing to slack off.

At the new school, it was time to start afresh, Mo Shaoqing also met several good friends. Previously, in his third year in middle school, he always felt like an outsider and was incompatible with the surroundings. In this current situation, he was truly satisfied.

Since taking the space’s spring water, Mo Shaoqing has grown. His skin was very white, even military training couldn’t tan him. which caused a group of girls in his class to envy him! Mo Shaoqing also felt that he has started to undergo puberty. Except for his voice growing deeper, nothing else has changed. His height has not increased at all.

Mo Shaoqing was quite confident with his looks. In his previous life, the reason he couldn’t find a boyfriend was first because of his limited social circle. It’s not that he looked down on the working-class, but because he does not like to talk to strangers. Second, he was shy. All his money was spent on rent, food, transportation, and on the orphanage. He did not have interpersonal expenses. As a result, he doesn’t have even an online friend or a friend met in the bar. Third, he was also quite conservative, so he also doesn’t have pao friends. Lastly was his sense of inferiority. He never dared to take the initiative and would silently like a person. Therefore, in his 30 years of living, he did not have even a single relationship.

Because Mo Shaoqing’s grades ranked among the best, was handsome, tall and with good temperament, his reputation quickly spread throughout the school. There were rumors about him circling nonstop. After all, in this era of just studying and not having smartphones, apart from gossip, nothing can attract the interest of students.

Mo Shaoqing did not let these rumors affect him. On one hand, their old house got demolished right away, and their family started renovating the Japanese Rose Park apartment, while on the other, he was busy doing business with Wu-jie!

With Mo Shaoqing’s supply, Wu-jie’s business improved a lot. Several flower shops in the vicinity even wanted to dig out this person. This person! Naturally, it is Mo Shaoqing! However, Wu-jie was a very clever person, she never asked where Mo Shaoqing’s supplies came from, why he could deliver it to her weekly, and why the flowers were available all year round. She knew that everyone had their own secrets. This point made Mo Shaoqing felt very assured. He knew it was good to do business with smart people. This point made her business better than the other flower shops.

Mo Shaoqing’s family and school matters gradually made him busy, which led to him hiring a few personnel. He looked for several schoolmates with poor family conditions and asked them to transport the flowers. This way, they could move more flowers to Wu-jie and they would not have to go outside every week. As long as he paid the laborers, he did not need to delay his studies to earn money.

By the time he finally moved to his new home, Mo Shaoqing was already in the second year of high school. Without hesitation, he selected a music class, which caused teachers to feel sorry for him for quite a while. But Mo Shaoqing did not regret at all, instead felt very fortunate because he and one of the most handsome guys in school, Han Ziyi, were at the same table!

[T/N: Priorities, right? ㅋㅋㅋ]

In fact, homosexuality is not as horrifying as people believe, for example, Mo Shaoqing likes men, but it is impossible for him to like everyone. Although this does not prevent him from admiring the handsome guy, this was only him appreciating the other person. For example, this Han Ziyi who lived up to his reputation. Mo Shaoqing admired and worshipped him and considered him as an idol.

Han Ziyi was good at the cello, and was the only boy who studied cello. Exquisite looks, and a cold temperament. Exactly like the male protagonist of an idol drama. Due to Mo Shaoqing’s scheme to associate with him, the two people successfully became friends.

Mo Shaoqing was aware that the cold temperament was only a facade. To summarize it in a single word, Han Ziyi was lazy. He did not want to speak about things or people that he was not interested in. Regarding this, Mo Shaoqing did not know whether to laugh or cry. Should he be happy that his little charm unexpectedly caught Han Ziyi’s interest?

Another male student he took the initiative to approach during the start of the term was Xing Zhipeng. Xing Zhipeng’s extrovertedness and cheerful personality was the attitude Mo Shaoqing had always been yearning for. He could talk really well so he quickly connected with Mo Shaoqing and Han Ziyi. The three people eating and studying together. However, Han Ziyi always ignores Xing Zhipeng’s request to go to the toilet together, which made Xing Zhipeng “aggrieved” for a long time.

Xing Zhipeng primarily studied the saxophone and the guitar. Mo Shaoqing wondered why he studied two instruments at the same time, and using Xing Zhipeng’s words, the guitar was used to look for a girl and show off his zhuangbility. He was such an amusing person, there would be no lack in laughter wherever he is.

It might have been because his days had passed so smoothly that Mo Shaoqing got carried away. When he discovered that his older brother seemed to be uncomfortable, it was already too late. The two brothers had a heart-to-heart chat, and finally, Mo Shaoqing knew about the situation.

It turns out that when his elder brother divorced and went to court, the things that the Li Family had done to them were found out by other people. Wherever they went, there were buzzing and pointing. To save face, the Li husband and wife decided that they could not live there any longer and moved away.

Before leaving, Li Li’er came to bid farewell to Mo Shaohong. The two of them reminisced about the past. Fortunately, Mo Shaohong hardened his heart and only wished her happiness. For this matter, Mo Shaoqing really did not know how to console his brother.

For the purpose of exchanging secrets, Mo Shaoqing informed his big brother about how he hired his classmates to do business. “Gege, we can do this together, ba. It’s just to relieve boredom. Anyways, you are also free during weekends right?” Mo Shaohong could not go against his brother’s sugar-coated words. So he agreed and promised.

Just in time, Wu-jie told him that there was a big business deal, so Mo Shaoqing immediately took Mo Shaohong to Wu-jie’s flower shop. After arriving, Wu-jie told him that the construction of a new office building in Donghu will soon be completed. It required a lot of plants that can absorb formaldehyde.

If they did well this time, when the company finally opens, the requests for flower baskets might be given to them too. However, this deal really demanded a lot of plants. She cannot do this without assistance. In the past few years, her supply of flowers came from Mo Shaoqing and she really found it embarrassing to be the middleman. It would be better for Mo Shaoqing to handle this deal. She would not profit but she would be able to earn a favor from him.

These past few years, Mo Shaoqing’s business had been minor. This was his first time receiving such a huge order so the excitement in his heart was indescribable. After returning home, Mo Shaoqing immediately looked up data on plants that can absorb formaldehyde. The best plant for absorption of formaldehyde and other harmful substances was the spider plant. Alternatively, aloe vera can also be used. Mo Shaoqing also chose laceleaf, silver thistle, and some large plants to achieve balance.


pao friends – Probably friends you switch ‘red envelopes’ or ‘red packets’ with in WeChat or other applications…

idol drama – Drama series in which the actors are chosen for their pre-existing popularity with young viewers.

zhuangbility – The ability of pretending to be a master of certain aspects or boasting to possess much experience and knowledgeable in certain areas, ranging from luxury goods and sports to daily stuffs. Derived from the word “装逼” plus -bility at the end to make it an ability to do such things.

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