Chapter 8: Plan

Although the lawsuit was not over yet, the Mo family was finally able to relax. Following that, Mo Shaoqing was admitted to a prestigious high school in their city. This news brought consolation to their family.

Y City High School is one of the best high schools in the country, they provide sports classes, art classes, music classes, even foreign classes and regular arts and science classes. Mo Shaoqing already experienced the college entrance exam in his past life, and he even achieved good results so he was not worried at all about not being able to pass the entrance exam.

[T/N: wow I wish I can be this carefree with my entrance exam…]

However, being in high school for three years truly is quite exhausting. This life, he had his ambitions somewhere else, he even made plans therefore he does not want to waste even a little time. Shaoqing did not want to study those popular courses. He does not want to spend his life finding a job and try to support himself. This life, he had his family to depend on, he wanted to be a bit relaxed this time.

While filling in his aspirations, Mo Shaoqing carefully turned towards his parents to express his views.

“Have you really decided? You’re going to apply for a music class in the future?!” Mo Shaoqing shared his thoughts to his family. He did not expect to get his parents’ approval at once, so Mother Mo’s opposition was normal.

“But learning music is very hard, there is no way out. Your piano skills are not first-rate, it would be difficult to compete internationally, or being a performer. Also, learning piano here is certainly not as good as there abroad but Bates, this kind of famous music school you’re surely not going to pass, ah!” Mother Mo was so anxious that she kept going around in circles, it was as if Mo Shaoqing was already preparing for his college entrance exam and not just filling his aspirations!

Mo Shaoqing reassured his anxious mother, “Dad, mom, gege, all along I have been wishing for this. Playing the piano and opening up a restaurant.” That’s right, he already made a vague plan in his mind, which included his space. By making use of the vegetables in his space, this would make his restaurant absolutely popular. He believed he could make a lot of money to repay his parents and brother.

“You see, the economy today is getting better and better. There are a lot of foreign restaurants that opened up. Previously, no one eats at KFC, Pizza Hut, or McDonald’s, but now people are lining up to eat. This is proof that everyone is now willing to spend money on eating.”

Seeing his family looking pensive, Mo Shaoqing continued: “And ah, didn’t we previously go to a Spanish restaurant to eat? Mom, didn’t you say you like their cream of mushroom soup? Gege at that time even said he wanted to eat pizza, but you two disagreed. Dad still avoids steak that aren’t well done. For what reason can’t we open a restaurant that brings in various kinds of gourmet food? If they want Chinese food then eat Chinese food. If they want Western, then eat Western. You just order three to four dishes, but you still have to pay dozens of RMB at a cafe or a high-ranked restaurant. This comes with listening to your neighboring table play a guessing game, or drink alcohol. That’s not what I want. I want to open a real restaurant, make real food, where you can eat whatever you want. Where you can listen to a piano concerto, and enjoy the clean and quiet environment.”

Mother and Father Mo was under the impression that their son was just carried away by a whim and did not expect for him to unexpectedly share so many ideas. The couple did not know what to say for a while, “Listening to you, it doesn’t seem to be that bad. My son is really awesome ah. Speaking so clearly and logically.” Mother Mo’s imagination had always been rich, listening to her son speak made her imagination run wild.

“Aiya! You just heard a few words and you already forgot what our purpose is?” Father Mo stared dumbfoundedly at his wife who looked as if she gained profits, and rolled his eyes.

“Shaoqing, our family knows that you’ve grown up. You told us that this decision was made after careful deliberations. But music is a really hard journey, and opening up a restaurant is not as easy as you think. Let’s do it like this. This weekend, dad will bring you to his friend’s family restaurant.” Father Mo saw his son’s determination and his persuaded wife. He wanted to show his son the difficulties of opening a restaurant to make him quit.

The next day, Mo Shaoqing entered his space and took some vegetables with him. Then he went to the market to buy some beef before heading out with his dad to his friend’s family restaurant.

“We’re going to have a meal, why did you bring a dish ah? Today, dad is treating!”

“What these dishes are for? You’ll know what they are for when the time comes la!” Mo Shaoqing winked at Father Mo, not betraying anything.

As the two walked and discussed, Mo Shaoqing relied on his silver tongue to contain Father Mo, “This little kid! Your mouth is getting more and more difficult to deal with. No wonder your mom got persuaded by you!”

“Aren’t you the ones who spoiled me ma!” Mo Shaoqing said so proudly that Father Mo couldn’t refute.

They reached their destination, which was a small steakhouse on the roadside. Father Mo explained: “Don’t underestimate it. The taste is like this,” He gave a thumbs up, “The most important thing in a restaurant is the food’s taste. If only the atmosphere and the decoration is good, and the food isn’t then only fools will spend money on it, oh and little lovers and rich people who loves to throw money. Those people doesn’t know how to enjoy gourmet food.”

“Old Qin, Old Qin, I brought my son with me.” Shouting several times but receiving no response, Father Mo said a few words and entered the kitchen directly.

Heavens! It was only eight in the morning but the kitchen was already hot and buzzing with activity. Father Mo signaled his son to look around, and then he went to talk with his old friend. Shaoqing did not know what the two talked about, but Father Mo went back with a plateful of stir-fried chili clams.

“Come on, try what your Uncle Qin made, it’s their restaurant’s signature dish: Stir-fried Spicy Clams with Ginger and Scallions.” Mo Shaoqing pressed a clam to his mouth using his chopsticks.

chili clams.jpg

Stir-fried Spicy Clams with Ginger and Scallions


He first tasted the savory flavor of the stir-fried scallions and ginger, then the strength of the chili, and then finally the clam’s juice which made the people unable to stop eating.

Looking at his son eating with relish, Father Mo whispered, “Your shushu has been cooking for more than 20 years now, and his restaurant is open for more than 10 years. Everyday, he cooks two meals and gets up at 4 AM without delay. Then he goes to the farm to get the freshest vegetables and make preparations until 9 AM and welcome the customers. At 3 PM, he washes the dishes and start to prepare dinner. He closes down at 9 PM but he still has to do the prep work for the next day. Son, ah, this occupation is full of hardship…” Blablabla. He said a bunch.

When Mo Shaoqing finished eating, he focused on Father Mo’s lecture. He then feigned innocence and said: “But when I open my own restaurant, I’m going to be my own boss. It’s possible for me to hire another person to buy the produce, and wash the dishes. Don’t tell me that I still need to do all of this myself, ma?”

K.O! Father Mo did not know what to say. What he said was wrong, but also correct.

“Hahaha,” Seeing his father speechless, Mo Shaoqing immediately remedied, “I did not say I won’t cook ah!” Instead of waiting for Father Mo’s reaction, he headed into the kitchen and borrowed a pan.

When they first arrived, they noted that this was the boss’ friend’s son, so they did not block him and gave Mo Shaoqing a place in the kitchen. When Father Mo finally reacted, he saw Mo Shaoqing skillfully cutting vegetables. The group of people thought that seeing the young man cook was very interesting, so one after another they stood in a circle to watch.

Mo Shaoqing picked up the beef, then sliced it into thin strips. He then took out the red ang green peppers, removed the seeds, and also sliced it into thin strips. He heated the oil in a pan and started stir-frying then drained it into the sieve. He added new oil and added the peppers and garlic. He quickly added the beef and seasoned it. After that, he brought it out of the pan. The entire time, Father Mo was confused by what was happening. His little erzi can cook!


double pepper beef.jpgDouble Pepper Beef

The last thing he had to do was to give the final product to the boss and chef for tasting, “The beef is slightly old, but the taste is excellent. On the contrary, this side dish, it’s not ordinary. Old Mo, your son is very talented in cooking ah. Are you interested in letting him come to me to study ah?”

“Screw you! My son is indeed a future genius.” Father Mo cursed then laughed, afterwards he picked up his chopsticks to taste the dish. Compared to what other gourmet food he has eaten, perhaps the food Mo Shaoqing made is not the most delicious, however, he was still astonished. Was what his old friend said true? Did his erzi really have talent in cooking? Other interested employees stepped forward to take a bite, but Father Mo blocked them.

On the way back, Father Mo was still in disbelief, constantly thinking of questions to ask Mo Shaoqing when he learned to cook. He did not know that Mo Shaoqing was self-taught in his past life ah. But Mo Shaoqing already prepared replies one by one, not allowing people to find a single error.

When they arrived, Father Mo immediately shared the “shocking” news to everyone. Under Mother Mo and Mo-gege’s skeptical gaze, Mo Shaoqing had to show his method of making Double Pepper Beef again. Only after they tasted Mo Shaoqing’s dish were they finally convinced.

“My erzi is really smart. What can you not do?” Mother Mo cooed.

“I didn’t expect my little brother can cook. With this craftmanship, if he doesn’t open a restaurant then it’s truly a pity!” Mo Shaohong, this brocon, stated. In his eyes, his younger brother was the best.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing knew that his cooking skill was just home cooking level. Everyone thought he did great because of their affections towards him and because of the vegetables from his space.

“But why do you have to cook? Where will the money to open the restaurant come from? I won’t lend you any money.” Father Mo continued. Mother Mo and Mo-gege also watched on with interest, they wanted to see how Mo Shaoqing will reply.

“You don’t have to worry about it. After I finish university, I will work. I don’t mind whether it’s a Western restaurant or Chinese restaurant. I can even learn there or possibly play the piano to earn money. I didn’t mean to hide it from everyone, but I actually have a part-time job so that I can make some money.” Mo Shaoqing also sold himself out.

Seeing his son’s animated appearance, neither Mother or Father Mo had the heart to scold their son. Anyways, in their second year, they had to select their class in advance, so he promised him first. In the end, Mo Shaoqing and his parentsagreed on three rules: First, Mo Shaoqing cannot regret any of the decisions he made. Second, whether or not he will open a restaurant, Mo Shaoqing had to study hard in high school, and do his best in the university entrance examinations. Finally, he can only open his restaurant when he is about to graduate from university.

Mo Shaoqing naturally agreed to this. Furthermore, there was still one year, he was confident that he could persuade his parents to not influence his plan. Maybe it was a completely different track from his previous life, but even if he doesn’t know if he will succeed or fail in the future, he did not want to be unable to do anything about it. It was important to have a free hand.


shushu – uncle
erzi – son


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