Chapter 7: Fractured

After the entrance exam ended, Mo Shaoqing started his vacation early. Having confidence in their son/younger brother, Father and Brother Mo did not bring up grades at all. Although it was now summer vacation, the Mo family still had to go to work, so at breakfast, it was only Li Li’er who was ‘pregnant’ and Mo Shaoqing who had nothing to do was at home.

At noon, because everyone was eating out and no one was at home, the two ate whatever they can. Li Li’er usually prepared a lot of snacks for herself, or she eats out with her friends.

Mo Shaoqing did not mention that he can cook. Anyways, these two did not think about other people. They did not have any entertainment, and could only watch TV in the living room. Because they rarely spend their time together, Mo Shaoqing thought of a topic to talk about for a long time but he still did not have anything to say. His eyes got drawn to Li Li’er’s stomach and thought of the little baby in there, so Mo Shaoqing asked: “Saozi, I heard that in the fourth month, the fetus is already formed. Why haven’t you done a prenatal examination ah? How about a triple screen?”

After hearing Mo Shaoqing’s words, Li Li’er couldn’t help but feel frightened. This was originally something that she faked, and she never bothered to re-check. She wasn’t really pregnant, and she did not care. Mo Shaohong and Mother Mo was busy with work and decoration so they also forgot about this matter.

Li Li’er only reacted, she neglected the activities a pregnant woman. She must avoid matters involving this. Today, if she did not hear this from her xiaoshu, then she might have forgotten about it completely. As soon as Mother and Father Mo isn’t busy now, then she will surely be miserable when they find out.

Mo Shaoqing looked at his saozi’s face for a while, and he could not help but feel strange, “No…I still haven’t had the time.” Li Li’er calmed down and clarified. However, due to her guilty conscience, her speech stuttered, which made Mo Shaoqing felt more odd. To not have the time, she must not at all worry about the child.

Li Li’er was afraid that Mo Shaoqing would ask something again, so she had no choice but to take measures: “I’ll go to the toilet, you just watch there.” After that, she went upstairs. Mo Shaoqing felt it was weird, there was a toilet downstairs, isn’t it strange to return to your room when you want to go to a toilet? But as the sky turned warmer, he also didn’t want to stay downstairs. Seeing that Li Li’er also left, he immediately went into his space.

In the evening, Mo Shaoqing went to the neighborhood’s convenience store to buy things. Everyone is familiar with Auntie Wang’s store as it had been open for nearly two decades now. It used to be a tiny grocery store, but after they installed automatic doors and a checkout counter, they started to consider it as a convenience store. Putting the money away, Auntie Wang began to converse with Mo Shaoqing. “Shaoqing, ah, your saozi is pregnant right? I heard about it a few days ago, truly a good thing. When the baby’s full month celebration comes, your Auntie Wang must be there ah!”

[T/N: Reminder! Auntie Wang is the wife of MSQ’s dead uncle.]

“Certainly, certainly.” When the topic about his nephew or niece was raised, Mo Shaoqing was extremely excited. Him having a child is unlikely, so he had great expectations towards Li Li’er’s baby. This was why Li Li’er’s inattentive attitude made him somewhat angry. “Once in a while, I forget that I am going to be a shushu in half a year. Thinking about it truly makes me excited ah!”

“In half a year ma?” Auntie Wang was baffled.

“Auntie Wang, you’re not allowed to spread this, okay. My saozi is already pregnant for four months.” Mo Shaoqing quipped.

“How could that be! Her stomach is too small for four months. I saw her two days ago and she didn’t look anything like it. Not so long ago, she came here to buy sanitary napkins but I did not think much of it. Now I think it’s strange, she asked me to wrap it in a black bag.”

Mo Shaoqing listened, and as an adult male, he knew what this suggests. However, his interactions with Auntie Wang were very little so he trusted his sister-in-law more, but then Auntie Wang watched him grow up and her shop’s reputation was very good, she did not need to deceive people. So thinking about this matter about his sister-in-law, it was baffling.

Seeing Mo Shaoqing silent, Auntie Wang took a step back. It might be a bit embarrassing but she explained: “Actually, I’m not sure. The woman was wearing a mask and really thick clothes that day. Ai, really this person is getting old and useless. Everything I said could be wrong, your saozi will never buy anything from here.” These words were actually true. Shopping is a woman’s best friend. Li Li’er always buy things in a mall and she feels dissatisfied with the neighborhood’s tiny stores, thinking the stuff there are fake.

Mo Shaoqing thought as he walked. He used to have pregnant female friends, so he knew a lot of things. In fact, his sister-in-law’s situation is odd. Apart from the occasional morning sickness, she had no other pregnancy symptoms. She doesn’t abstain from certain foods, then previously she said she had not taken the prenatal examination, then on the next day the results were there. At that time, he did not think it was suspicious.

In addition to that, there was a time when the whole family were quite gloomy due to this affair, after getting married for almost a year, she still wasn’t pregnant, but then when they were going to move houses, she suddenly is. If it was just about her pregnancy, and she herself said it then it was okay, but she still went to her parents and then talked about it. They even took the initiative to demand the new apartment that day.

Adding her name to the title? Actually everyone was uncomfortable with that. His family was not impressed with his sister-in-law’s personality. Sometimes, as long as there is a little clue, people are likely to think indiscriminately, even going as far as paying attention to details they don’t pay attention to.

In order to investigate, he deliberately found a time when Li Li’er was out of the house, then casually used an excuse to enter his sister-in-law’s room. Their room came with a small bathroom, so Mo Shaoqing went in and found something wrong. First of all, there were cosmetics on the table, and it seems to be used frequently.

He then attentively looked inside the drawer. Li Li’er was very careless, she knew her in-laws living downstairs were two people who really respect another’s privacy and it would be unlikely for them to enter her room. Mo Shaohong and her did not live together, and Mo Shaoqing had no reason to enter her room, so the room was a mess. Everything was placed casually. In a short while, Mo Shaoqing caught sight of a bag of Kaifeng sanitary napkins.

Seeing that there, even if Mo Shaoqing wanted to deceive himself again, knew it was impossible. The anger in his heart was indescribable. They were deceived for four months. To use this kind of wicked excuse in order to cheat them out of their property, what’s the difference between her and a swindler? Recalling his parents and big brother’s expectations then suddenly knowing the truth, Mo Shaoqinq felt powerless…

However, it won’t be easy to rely on this to say that she faked her pregnancy ba. Although Mo Shaoqing already believed in this, he still needed other evidence. It is not in order for him to guard against Li Li’er being accused wrongly, but rather to prevent Li Li’er away from his family.

Afterwards, Mo Shaoqing did not disclose anything and instead looked for an opportunity to accompany his mother to the convenience store. Beforehand, he already talked to Auntie Wang. Auntie Wang was also a sophisticated person, finding out about this matter, she only wanted to get to the bottom of this and so she disclosed information as soon as they arrived.

Beforehand, he already talked to Auntie Wang. Auntie Wang was also a sophisticated person, finding out about this matter, she only wanted to get to the bottom of this and so she disclosed information as soon as they arrived.

[T/N: i’m so confused orz author suddenly addressed Auntie Wang as Auntie Li….]

Mother Mo thought rationally and said that Auntie Wang was most likely wrong, but when they got home, she thought to herself that her daughter-in-law never took a prenatal examination, but suddenly, a few days ago, she gave them results which said that the child was well, but the doctor did not really elaborate. Now as she looked at the results, she could not understand it well. As she think about it, she really had overlooked too much. The next day, Mother Mo took a leave to go to a hospital.

Mo Shaoqing wasn’t clear about the course of events, all he knew was when he returned home, everyone was wearing gloomy and dreadful expressions. When Mo Shaoqing came down to get some water, he caught sight of his parents and big brother all at home. His brother was even smoking with a dispirited face, so Mo Shaoqing knew that they all found out the truth and this matter was already determined, with them having evidence.

Seeing his elder brother start smoking again after abstaining, Mo Shaoqing felt anger and hate. He wished he could throw the results on their faces and ask them where they get the confidence to do this and let everyone see their true colors, but if he does this then social media would be needed. The affairs of his family will become everyone’s topic in their free times, so he can’t.

At this time, Li Li’er was completely unaware, she thought up a flawless plan for her miscarriage, she even worked together with her close friend from the hospital for countermeasures before returning home.

Because of Mother Mo’s upbringing, it was unlikely for her to let someone be aware of this matter and let them make an unreasonable scene, so she calmly recounted the facts and gave Li Li’er her luggage. She informed her about the divorce and drove her out. No matter how Li Li’er apologized or cried, Mother Mo refused to open the door for her.
Li Li’er thought of why she got exposed, but cannot think of a reason why. After crying for a while, she returned to her parents’ house. Li Li’er thought that she made a mistake but it was only for a period of time. Shaohong was married to her for more than a year, they could not be divorced. It would not be good if the neighbors found out. She did not know that a married couple’s relationship was found on trust.

Not long after, the Mo family set an appointment with the Li family to discuss about the two’s divorce. The Li family naturally disagreed, their daughter at once will get divorced just because of this matter. One day together as husband and wife is like a hundred days of grace! The two parties talked for a long time, the Li family refusing to yield.

“Your family is too shameless. I don’t want our family to stare at a weasel at all times, allowing this kind of person to stay with us, we won’t have a good night’s sleep. Since you disagree, then wait for the court’s subpoena ba!” Mother Mo put down her words and pulled Mo Shaohong away. During this time, Mo Shaohong kept on asking a question. For what reason did they do this to him? He couldn’t believe this kind of drama-like plot could happen to him.

Soon, the two families went and asked the court to mediate for them. Li Li’er apparently did not expect for the Mo Family to keep their word, once she returned home she thought, in order to get an apartment, to be divorced from her husband was really not worth it. They would have a house sooner or later, and she still very much want to be with Mo Shaohong. After being divorced with him, where else will she find a good husband? Being a divorced woman is sad. Li Li’er’s eyes turned red as she cried, and apologized to the Mo family. This made the mediators feel sympathetic, but after they heard the whole story, that sympathy vanished. The Mo family was also aware of what those people were up to. The Li family’s scheming was really so deep. No matter what, this marriage cannot continue. The court finally decided to divorce on the ground that both parties feelings have stopped.


triple screen – This measures serum levels for AFP, estriol, and beta-hCG. This is for detecting Down syndrome during 15th to 18th weeks of pregnancy.

full month celebration – in china, when a baby turns one month old, it is also the time they are formally introduced to extended family and friends.

One day together as husband and wife is like a hundred days of grace – A marriage relationship is a true blessing.

weasel – shifty, scheming person.

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