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Chapter 006 Dispute

After the meal, Li Mu slowly came to say what she wanted to do, but she had always been unambiguous. She was just an appetizer and now is the top priority. “Ah, my family, after this demolition, the house’s business—”

Momo did not doubt him. He spoke the plans of the husband and wife. When Li mother heard about it, he slowly said, “If you think about it, you don’t suspect that I have a lot of trouble. It is reasonable to say that the house is yours. It will not be my outsider, but now it is not a special case. Lier was just pregnant. She couldn’t put all the things on Xiao Hong. He was so busy, he bought a house but also renovated…”

She carefully looked at Mo Father: “If you finish the renovation, you can’t immediately stay at the hotel. Now people, ah, are also paying attention. It’s not enough to say that the demolished money hasn’t come down yet. It has to wait for real check-in, and you don’t know what year and month it is. When Lily children are born, it’s a big expense, and she has to take care of her children.

Then the frontier said: “I don’t mean to have a lot of big houses for children. If I have a place to shelter, I wouldn’t have to work hard for my children for a lifetime…” Mother Li did not finish. The words in the speeches are still not fully understood by people. The last few words have picked themselves clean and they have described themselves as mothers working for their children.

After all, Mo Shaoqing was not a child. He understood the relationship between the Li and his wife at once, and his parents would certainly help if they had to, and said that they hadn’t asked to buy a loan to buy a house. How could they repay the loan? The meaning of listening to the words behind it is to set up the East Lake Suite.

“The meaning of the relatives is…” Mo Mo was a bit hesitant, but it was Mo Fa’s mixed business field all year round. See, I understand, “I understand the meaning of my mother and mother. Your concern is not unreasonable. It takes too long to buy a house, and in the middle We must work hard, and during this time we cannot squeeze all six of our family together. This is what it means.”

Li Mei gestured to Li’s father and Li’s father said, “This is the truth. There are no ready-made houses. Buy a house in the downtown area, and don’t say anything else, that is, you will visit my grandson later and run back and forth. Inconvenient!”

“The relatives said that it makes sense, and Shaoqing also has to take college exams. He lives with children and can’t concentrate on reading!” Mo father-in-law smoked two cigarettes. It seemed to weigh the pros and cons. He glanced at it and looked at it. Mo Shaoqing on one side then said: “That’s it. Put the East Lake’s house into a renovation first, and then spread the odor after dressing it up. As soon as possible, let Lier first live in a family of three and it is important to feel comfortable.”

“Dad, this is not good, this house is …” Mo Shaohong first objected, but was prevented by his father.

Obviously things haven’t finished yet. “Family affairs are a matter of facts. We have a blessing from past lives and we can marry Shao Hong and have children for him.” Li Mu sighed as she secretly observed the expression of someone in the place. .

“It’s hard for Li Lai to have this hardship. It’s really hard to come by, Lil, don’t do your job. It’s important to raise your child well. It’s the most important thing to be born safely. Do you know?”

Seeing Li Mi’s father and mother singing together, there is a tendency to continue to talk about it. My mother is seen to see it. They have something else to do! In spite of his dissatisfaction, his face still maintained a decent smile, and asked, “If you have anything to ask for, if you can do anything, we must try our best to satisfy them.”

“Yes, yes—” Li’s father had no eyesight. When he heard this, he was happy to sit still. “We have no other request. That is, jUST WHY ARE YOU READING THIS GO TO THE PASSWORD-PROTECTED CHAPTER YOU. Lil’s marrying Shao Hong, this life is followed by Shao Hong, It is your Mo family. For the sake of your Ma family, there is no credit or hard work. The real estate license is not to be added to our name. After all, she is your family. ”

Seeing everyone’s expressions on his face are a little delicate, Li Li’s is anxious. “Dad, ah—” You don’t say anything, she didn’t expect her parents to be so anxious.

“No, no. The family thinks very well. I agree to add Lil’s name… but if you aren’t reading this on or on xiao-qi’s (wattpad) then you’re reading stolen content! Go there right away ah.” The Mo father’s words suddenly surprised Li’s family. They did not think that the Mo father was speaking so well. It seems that the child is a lifelong symbol!

Lee mother Li took a while to leave. Mo mother to pick up the dishes, Mo father let the daughter go up to rest, he and his two sons in the living room to discuss, Mo Shaoqing did not expect to come out this way, see Mo Mo silent smoking look, I was very worried and uncomfortable.

“Shaoqing, Daddy would like to say sorry to you. You don’t speak and listen to me. It’s because Dad didn’t think about it. He didn’t expect this sudden situation, and then he didn’t discuss it with you. Your brother’s sister-in-law, we are a family, Daddy knows you won’t care, but there is no word, and Dad still wants to apologize to you.”

After listening to these words, Mo Shaoqing was sour. He did not think that Mo is a serious person. “Dad, I don’t want any house. The special situation of Xunzi is a happy occasion. Their demands are also reasonable. I don’t mind, I just want my family to be happy together.”

Momo smoked a cigarette in silence and replied, “Not all of the houses… Boss, you have to go for dessert, especially children’s rooms…”

“Yes,” said Mo Shaohong, hesitated and said, “Dad, that’s the house of Rose Court?”

“Shut down first, the two households don’t have as much energy to fit together. Just don’t mention it. You go and spend time with your wife. I’ll help your mother.” After that, he went to the kitchen to help.

Mo Shaoqing also rushed to find an excuse to go upstairs, but it was Mo Shaohong, who was walking upstairs and didn’t know what to think. Mo Shaoqing entered the room, immediately darted into space, before planting a lot of vegetables, but recently busy with the test, there has been no time to go into space to see these.

Even though he was ready, Mo Shaoqing was scared by the immediate situation. If you remember correctly, he only planted a tomato bar. Others just laid a few green vegetables, some rapeseed, and some spinach. The green oil that looks into the past is … adult fist-sized tomatoes, which bend the tomatoes and vines. The green spinach is large and green. As for the kind of rapeseed that has grown, it has already become a rapeseed clip. God, this is too fast. He seems to have only poured water once.

Mo Shaoqing immediately picked up a tomato and wiped it a little. He could imagine that a burst of fruity fragrance spread in the air. Fresh and juicy, sweet and sour, like fruit, the color is very uniform red, the whole tomato has revealed a different glory.

Because he couldn’t explain where these things came from, Mo Shaoqing temporarily took it out of his mind. Instead, they have hit some wells and plan to redeem them into their daily water use, hoping to benefit the nephews and nieces in their stomachs.

Inside the toilet on the second floor

Li Li’s test, actually she really did not have any suspicion, and she was disappointed in her heart. However, she still fought to find some information on her early-rising expectant mothers. She had some bottom in her heart. Now that things have come to this point, I naturally want to install them. Watching her husband come in, Li Lier looked happy and full of like a young woman who was a mother. She thought that her husband would be intimate and ask the East to ask the West. Even the answers were all polished, but he did not expect her husband to be silent. “Shaohong you…”

“Lie, I ask you, do you really want that house?” Looking at the look of his husband’s face, Li Li couldn’t help but panic, but she said, “You and you, how could you think so? I am such a person. ?” Mo Shaohong said nothing for a moment, then nothing night.

On the second day of the dinner table, because of yesterday’s events, everyone was more or less awkward, so the atmosphere was always stiff. Momo thought for a long time, or decided to break the silence, she told Li Lier about the early pregnancy, half of the matter, Momo suddenly remembered what he said to his eldest son: “From today, Shao Hong moved to the room to live, Be careful in the first three months.”

When Li Lier heard that his heart shouted badly, he would have thought of grasping even if the time had not been right. There would not be anything that would happen if he had been born. But in this way, he had no chance, and he really couldn’t say reasons for opposition. Judging from the degree of children, Acer will never touch his own if they live together.

However, she did not dare to refute that Momu Wei Xiarong was more than forty this year. She was well-maintained, and the outstanding temperament of the music teacher made him look particularly young. But Li Li’s heart is envious of such a woman. She and Mo father are the typical forms of male-dominant maids. All in the family are mother-in-law, and she is the only one who learns art. She is demanding perfection for everything. This makes Li Lier very stressed. This is also Li Lier. Always asked to move out.

Donghu Gongguan started work in this situation. Mo Shaohong was even more busy. He was tired every day and went to bed. Li Lier was more than depressed. The child was really hopeless. In fact, Li Lier did not want to deceive everyone from the bottom of his heart. For most of this month, Mo’s people had made her look like a bead. Even her parents had not received such good treatment. Her mother-in-law was no longer “demanding” to her. Let her enjoy it on the one hand and start to feel scared on the other.

In such an environment, the long vacation that did not come for a long time actually came. Li Lier counted days, not much more than exactly two months. Li Lier’s tummy pain was pale, and she could only shirk her discomfort. Mo mother was very concerned and immediately took care of her and served three meals a day.

Time advances in July, and the decoration of Donghu Gongguan’s house is drawing to a close. The family is excited to prepare clothes and a small bed for the little ones in the future. Li Li’s heart is extremely sour. If she really has this child, how good is it? Everything does not belong to her.

After four months of hard work, the bigger issue is coming. As the days get hotter and hotter, everyone wears more and more thin, and Li Lier has become increasingly worried that the house has been completely renovated. Now that everyone is choosing furniture, Shao Hong will soon move back to the master bedroom and his stomach For four months, generally three months, but it is… Flat stomach, three months when you can get through, but it will not work again.

In a few days, the school went on holiday and thought that she would be scared and frightened by Li Li’er when she was under the eyes of her mother-in-law and her brother-in-law.

Li Lier regrets this, and promised her mother this broken idea. She is now riding a tiger! They have seen the issue of pseudo-abortion and miscarriage too simple…



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