Chapter 5: Pregnant

It was night time, but Mo Shaoqing couldn’t sleep due to excitement. He will soon have his own house. Although it’s not too big, it will give him, who has drifted for three decades, a home he can call his own, he was still very shocked.

He also saw it today. Although Mother and Father Mo were still discussing it, they actually decided so early to prepare a “new house” for him. Saozi was obviously unhappy, but she didn’t say anything about it. Imagining that his elder brother might have to take a house loan because of this, Mo Shaoqing felt a twinge of guilt. How can he receive such doting from so many people.

This kind of relationship, even if he got adopted in his past life, he wouldn’t find something better than this.

In fact, Mo Shaoqing who lived for 30 years, had not even dated which might be because he is a little bent or he did not meet someone he has feelings for. The reason why he is not sure if he really is bent or not, was because if he came out of the closet….. then his family’s reputation will be damaged.

Tonight is fated to be a sleepless night.


In another room, Li Li’er thought over the matters about relocation through different angles and decided to discuss it with Mother Li. The next day, she immediately went to her parents’ house. She told Mother Li about her opinion. who would have thought that she would not receive Mother Li’s praise but is instead splashed with a basin of cold water. Mother Li’s words were almost like a stab to Li Li’er: “Are you this foolish to agree to this kind of transaction where you are losing profit, ah?”

“What’s wrong, mom? I think it’s pretty good! Shaohong and I can move out of the house. The houses in the city are surely better than the countryside.” Nowadays, where are the development zones? For Li Li’er, it’s definitely not in the suburbs so she was resentful towards Mother Li.

“Then did you ask whose name will be written in the title?”

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Li Li’er did not think about it too much: “Surely it’s Shaohong. After all, their money comes from him. I also plan to move out, mom. All the money I have saved these few years will all go to you and dad. If I need to give a portion when moving out, then I might need a little bit. Mom~ I’ll borrow 30,000 RMB, okay~” Li Li’er acted like a spoiled child, not knowing her mother had other plans.

“30,000? I can’t. You robber, ah. I don’t have a single cent.” To Mother Li, issues about money was just like someone else asking her to pull out her hair, so she instantly refused.

“But if I gave a portion they might write my name together with Shaohong in the title, la?”

“Common title?” Mother Li suddenly thought of something. “It’s not impossible, but….. If your dad and I gave 80,000 RMB, can they add your father’s name, ah?”

“80,000 RMB? Where did you get that much money, ah?” She knew that Li Li’er’s dowry is only several thousands and a few bed quilts. Even a decent electrical appliances weren’t given.

“Aiya! You ask right away if they can or cannot! No need to think twice. If you want to get a home loan, then we also have to enjoy it!”

“Really?” Li Li’er actually has suspicions in her heart, but after all, this is her parent, how could she harm her! “However, this house is not cheap. How could it be worth more than 300,000 RMB and it’s not even furnished. You have 80,000 RMB and not even a third was given to provide for us, la!”

If you aren’t reading this in or wattpad (posted by user xiao-qi) then you are reading it in an aggregator site! Read it in one of the websites mentioned ; ~ ; don’t waste my efforts jsy.

“Oh yeah!” Mother Li was already scheming in her head. “Are there no other houses? Those less than 200,000 RMB?”

“Yeah, in Donghu’s development zone, but they already gave it to xiaoshu.

“The apartment isn’t for you, but is instead given to a child? I see your in-laws are quite biased. Their second child is 13 years old this year, it would still take eight to nine years before he gets married, but they already gave him a wedding house. You are going to work yourself to death to pay your home loan, and this 200,000 RMB demolition subsidy we don’t even know what year and what month it will be given. I know of Donghu district, this district is compared to the city is much more beautiful, it is also new and with European facilities. There are also kindergartens under construction, with roads being built. Apart from being far from the city, nothing else is bad. For you, this isn’t a good place to pick.”

Li Li’er listened attentively, but also felt that her in-laws would not give the house to them. After all, they already talked over this matter, she can only feel at a loss in her heart.

Mother Li schemed in her mind, if it is not possible to get a single cent, then they can still live in a new house! If they had a house, then they will need money to renovate the house. But how do we get our daughter’s name there and not pay money?

When she thought of this, she could not help but complain to her daughter: “You have been married for a year now, but you still aren’t pregnant. If you want to contest with them then give them a grandson. What can your in-laws do but yield the apartment to their grandson? You wouldn’t even need to pay, ah. They would just write your name directly, it’s for their grandchildren anyway.” Li Li’er thought in her heart, am I not just like you! Married for so many years, but still can’t have a child, ah!


“What can I do? I have no children, and no house. I’m embarrassed to ask my mother-in-law for a house.”


“You really don’t know how to think. You couldn’t have a child this year, then do you think you have the ability to have a child next year? For your future children you don’t plan to…. Ah, that’s right, a child!” Mother Li suddenly raised her voice and scared Li Li’er. Mother Li suddenly thought of an idea, her face was full of joy. She asked her daughter to come near and told her plans.

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Li Li’er was still out of sorts when she returned home, she couldn’t imagine doing her mother’s brazen idea. She was hesitating and did not dare do it. In case she get exposed, then…


“Saozi, are you okay?” When Mo Shaoqing got home, he caught sight of his sister-in-law’s preoccupied manner, so he thought that she fell ill.


Li Li’er, as if dreaming, said it was nothing and went upstairs. Mo Shaoqing thought, It’s definitely not nothing, ah!


During dinner, Li Li’er seemed to have recovered a bit, but when she heard Mother Mo say that they would give them several ten thousands of RMB for renovation, she couldn’t help but think of dark thoughts, and she felt a twinge of guilt.


In their bedroom, Li Li’er found it hard to fall asleep. Mo Shaohong saw his wife’s fretful appearance and listened to her questions about the house. Just listening to him talk about their own house, and attentively describing it, Li Li’er in her mind felt even more upset.


Mo Shaohong was optimistic about their family’s house. It was located in a district built on 2002, a small community located in a larger district. Reforestation cannot be done but it was near the city. It has the benefit of having convenient transportation, although all the good houses were gone and only ordinary units or second-hand houses are left. Their house was not that big, only about 100 square meters.

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Li Li’er listened to Mo Shaohong, who was asking her ideas about the interior design, and answered half-heartedly. She was more focused on the Donghu district she searched online today, it wasn’t completely established yet, but when all the facilities are completed, then the house price wouldn’t be as cheap as they thought.


Not only that, but this year, that kind of style is rare even in the entire Y City, and it was copied from an advanced district in the first-tier S City. As Li Li’er kept thinking, she started to think that the house should be theirs. Unconsciously, her thought scaled towards her mother’s idea.


On the other hand, Mother Li got worried when she received no news. She and her husband thought of another idea, in addition to living in this dilapidated place for decades, she thought of having a good time outside. Her husband just adopted Erzi from a relative. Because of their inability to have a daughter, her husband had always been guilty due to this. The money she accumulated these few years was all spent on their Erzi. She knew her daughter, who she pampered from childhood, and made her temper high as the heavens. Mother Li knew that she would surely agree regarding this matter.


She thought of spending money to own half of the house, but what she had was insufficient. Suddenly, an idea brushed past the clouds and mist. They will wait until everything is right, then move to their daughter’s place to stay there. The Mo family are well-off and will surely not treat them unfairly. As soon as the child grows up, there is hope for her and her husband’s pension. Besides, she thought of a good escape route, if Li Li’er faked her pregnancy then she can live comfortably. After the “miscarriage” then she can use that as an excuse for her infertility.


More than one week passed by and they still have not received any news, so Mother Li could not sit still. She bought some gift boxes and took her husband to visit the Mo family.


The Mo family was surprised to see their in-laws arrive but still ushered them in, while Mother Mo arranged more dishes to  put on the table. On the contrary, Li Li’er looked at her parents as if they were enemies.


Mother Li unreasonably placed the gift box, and sat on the table. She uttered “astonishing” news, surprising the entire Mo family for quite a while. Mother Mo was the first to react, she pleasantly asked her daughter-in-law: “Li’er, this huge matter, why didn’t you tell us, ah?”
“I…” Li Li’er did not know how to react because Mother Li did not tell her anything. Mother Li sneakily looked at her daughter and saw that she was guilty, so she quickly said: “It’s six weeks now! Li’er was supposed to give Shaohong a surprise, but I heard that your house was going to be demolished, so I immediately informed you all.”


“Yes, yes, yes, Li’er, you didn’t inform me, ah.” Mo Shaoshong was so moved, he did not know what to say. He even said three words in a row which showed how much he looked forward to having a child.

[T/N: Mother Li you’re too cruel!! (ノTДT)ノ ┫:・’.::・┻┻:・’.::・]


Li Li’er just recovered from shock when she saw her husband, and in-laws looking at her with pleasant surprise, while her parents gave her a meaningful glance. She felt a sense of satisfaction arising involuntarily, when did she receive this much attention at home ah? It seems her reply does not matter anymore.



Her brain turned, her period was always delayed, it has not come for more than one month now! Maybe she really is pregnant, but if not, then she definitely would not let Shaohong suspect. As a result, she answered: “I wanted to surprise you, Shaohong,” Then to change the topic, she pouted playfully, “Mom, why did you say it–” acting like a little child, and took a seat.


“Haha…” Everyone laughed, and chatted with each other. Their dinner spent with a happy atmosphere.

If you aren’t reading this in or wattpad (posted by user xiao-qi) then you are reading it in an aggregator site! Read it in one of the websites mentioned ; ~ ; don’t waste my efforts jsy.


Saozi – Sister-in-law

Xiaoshu – husband’s younger brother / brother-in-law

temper high as the heavens – this probably came from the idiom 心比天高 or xīn bǐ tiān gāo. It pertains to people whose heads are up their oomf. Correct me if i’m wrong!

pension – author used 养老送终 or yǎng lǎo sòng zhōng, an idiom which refers to the child’s support for the parents until death(?) If you have a better / the proper term to use then tell me ; u ;


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