Chapter 3: New Life

Mo Shaoqing continued to explore and discovered that the place is very beautiful. He who has breathed the imperial capital’s smog for no less than 10 years, that arrived here felt like a fish in the water. After running several laps and letting loose, Mo Shaoqing couldn’t move.

[T/N: felt like a fish in the water – It’s usually when you suddenly entered sth then felt really comfortable in it,,,]

Not far ahead is a small roof tile house surrounded by a fence. When he walked around, he discovered that there was nothing in the surroundings of the roof tile house apart from a well, there wasn’t even a single plant. Out of courtesy, Mo Shaoqing knocked before opening the door.

With a quick glance, you can immediately have a panoramic view of the room, at the entrance is a Chinese-styled round table with several small seats. On the left side is a heatable brick bed, while the other side is the study, in between is an undyed desk, on top of it were paperweights, brushes, ink-stones, and blotting paper. There was a Chinese shelf on the right of the desk and bookshelves filled with ancient texts.

Mo Shaoqing scanned the bookshelf and found out that they were all cryptic ancient books, so he gave up. There is a small hut behind the house, inside it was one stove which was clean and spotless.

After exploring the house, Mo Shaoqing continued to look around the front yard where the farmland was together with the rolling hills. On the field were several streams that eventually converges into a river which then flows into the ocean.

Seeing the boundless mountains and endless seas, Mo Shaoqing couldn’t help but sigh, how big is this space in the end.

He guessed that this space could be the utopia established by his ancestors when they wish to be away from the world. Because of chance, this arrived at his own hands, and it could also be considered destiny. After repeatedly kowtowing, Mo Shaoqing decided to utilize this properly, which is using this secret world to accompany him in his world.

First of all, he thought―will there be a panacea here? For example, to improve a human’s physique, he did not want to end up with this stature for a lifetime. In his past life, he always said he’s 1.8 meters, but only to himself that he admits that he’s actually 1.78 meters. That two centimeters had always been the difference between him and Zhong Yi, who laughed at him for quite some time.

As this is important for a man’s dignity, Mo Shaoqing resolutely looked for this, but to his disappointment, apart from some basic furniture, there was nothing in this roof tile house, it was completely clean.

It’s completely clean? No, as a matter of fact, there’s a well over there! Mo Shaoqing quickly stood up, heading to the edge of the well and scooped a bucket of water. He drank a little of the water, it was cold and has a faintly sweet taste.

Afterwards, he drank a little more. Sure enough, after a moment, his skin began to release some impurities. Mo Shaoqing was afraid of being found out by his parents, so he did not dare to drink too much. He had to use the spring water to wash away the black substance repeatedly before he was successful.

Mo Shaoqing then left the garden. In front of the garden was a piece of land. The land was very clean without any weeds, the only drawback was that there were no plants.

After discovering the new space, Mo Shaoqing couldn’t fall asleep, he was too eager to plant something, but he had to sign up for school tomorrow. At the start of the new term, he would now be in third year, so he had to rest now.

For lack of better option, Mo Shaoqing closed his eyes and willed himself to return to his world, and once he opened his eyes, he had returned to his bedroom. The first thing he did after coming out of the space was to check the time. After eating dinner, watching TV for a while, and taking a bath, it should be at least eight o clock, but he walked inside for a long time. It is only half past eight, this obviously means that the way time moves in space is not the same as here.

Ah, God has closed a window for you, actually opened a door for you, flashed a golden threshold, holding such a good idea, Mo Shaoqing went to sleep.

During this time, Mo Shaohong was occupied with blind dates, but after a few blind dates, Mo Shaohong and Mother Mo is somewhat impatient. Mo Shaohong looks great, his academic qualifications are high, his work is proper, and even his family circumstances are not that bad. He is a lot of girls’ dream lover.

However, Mother Mo’s standards are high, if it isn’t because of her age, then it is because of her family circumstances, or her looks. She can always find a mistake. It can be said that most of the girls that the matchmaker introduced have been rejected.

An example is Li Lier, who actually couldn’t even enter Mother Mu’s eyes, but the matchmaker and her family were kind of related, so in front of the female’s side, Mother Mu couldn’t say anything, and could only think of rejecting in private.

The matchmaker had good discerning eyes, and could see that Mother Mu doesn’t like the girl so he persuaded them to go home first. After returning home, Mother Li hurriedly persauded her daughter to pay special attention to the Mo family’s financial situation. As Li Lier’s judgement was also quite high, she noticed that this is different from her previous blind dates. He graduated from a prestigious university, has a good job, and has a car. Even if he is living with his parents, the house was very large so the parents living with them could be considered separate.

The next day, Li Lier brought gifts while visiting. Although this kind of action is unreserved, she is aware of the difference between them. If she is too reserved, then the wealthy husband will get away.

While Mo Shaohong was occupied with decisions related to marriage, Mo Shaoqing was busy experimenting. He did not know if he had a secret stash of money, so he could only think of a method to get a few seeds from their house to experiment.

After observing Mother Mo, he discovered that she loved to plant flowers, so he collected some of the flower seeds and planted it in his space. He poured some spring water and waited for it to bloom.

His life as a third year in middle school officially began, so Mo Shaoqing started to be busy. Even if he had studied this before, he had not been in touch with it for more than ten years. Therefore, Mo Shaoqing had a hard time.

Fortunately, he was still the teacher’s assistant, and a model student. Middle school students are fairly simple, when they heard about his amnesia, they got very concerned about their fellow classmate. It was Mo Shaoqing who was thirty years old that got mixed with these teenagers that felt pressured. After all, he wasn’t a real child.

After surviving the bustling school hours, Mo Shaoqing finally had the time to enter his space. He quickly checked on the flower seeds that he planted previously, but got scared by a small lump of red in front of him. Surprisingly, it only took several days for the seeds to bloom.

Besides the green radish and the hanging orchids, plant leaves and rose seeds are also used. Now, they bloomed particularly well, and are larger than average. Slender and elegant roses blossomed proudly, without any marks of withering, as if the time froze at her most beautiful state.

Mo Shaoqing transferred some of the roses to a flower pot, he thought that he could give these flowers to Mother Mu on Teacher’s Day. Although Mother Mo is a teacher, she’s just an assistant teacher so she rarely received flowers or geeting cards from her students. This always disheartened her, she thought that she doesn’t teach well or that she wasn’t a good teacher. If he gave this to her on Teacher’s Day then she would be very happy.

Furthermore, these roses started an idea on how to make money in Mo Shaoqing’s mind. Although Valentine’s Day and Christmas wasn’t that popular currently, these roses were so beautiul that he might be able to take advantage of the holidays and sell these flowers to earn pocket money. But at his age, doing these things, he was sure that his family won’t agree so he temporarily kept this idea hidden in his heart.

On Teacher’s Day, Mo Shaoqing brought out the pot of roses and sure enough, Mother Mo was very happy. Mo Shaoqing said several words of blessing, making Mother Mo’s eyes water. “Shaoqing has grown. Thank you, mama is very happy.”

Li Lier felt that her opportunity to show off had arrived. Mother Mo’s impression of her was not particularly good, and she herself knew it so she was especially hardworking lately.

“Wow! These flowers are too beautiful. Teacher Yu, you’re really blessed, this son of yours is too filial. These flowers really fit you. Shaoqing, your inisght is really good, where did you buy these flowers?”

Several words were used to make everyone feel happy.

As the saying goes, the woman chasing after a man is just separated by a layer of cotton. Li Lier has been extremely concerned about Mo Shaohong these days, and with this strong attack, Mo Shaohong, this pure and honest person, felt particularly intimate. Today, this attack also improved Mother Mo’s impression of her. She recalled the previous blind date meeting and wondered if she was too harsh.

[T/N: the woman chasing after a man is just separated by a layer of cotton comes from “男追女隔座山,女追男隔层纱” which means that it’s easier for a woman to chase a man than a man chasing a woman… i think…..] 

“Yeah, these flowers are so large and beautiful it must be really expensive! Shaoqing, where did you buy it? Was it expensive?” Compared to Mother Mo of the Romantic Perception Club, Father Mo of the Rational Economy Club quickly raised an issue.

“Ah?” Mo Shaoqing clearly didn’t think of this so he couldn’t give an answer, his brain beginning to think of all kinds of excuses.

“Say, Old Mo, how did I like you? I have married you for a long time, and you haven’t bought me any flowers. You still dare cross-examine my filial son’s gift? You aren’t romantic at all. The point is the intention and not the price, OK?” Mother Mo was a little angry.

“It’s alright, mom.” He cannot just keep watching this holiday turn to a criticism meeting, “I bought it at a wholesale flower market, where things are cheap. And I noticed mama does not like bouquets, so I ordered a potted one earlier. Potted flowers are cheaper than those meticulously wrapped bouquets! The boss noticed I was still a student so he gave me a relatively cheap price!” Mo Shaoqing hurriedly explained. Heaven knows where that wholesale flower market he made up is.

“Wow, that boss is very good!” Mother Mo didn’t doubt his explanation, while Mo Shaoqing had a guilty conscience. That boss is him, ah!

Mother Mo nodded in agreement: “In the future, I’ll always must go to that boss’ business. Which family’s flower market is it?”


“Ah? It’s not– Mom, this is just a trivial matter, if you want to buy anything, i’ll help you buy it! Just recently, you substituted for an English class. You must be busy!” Mo Shaoqing quickly stopped Mother Mo.

“Oh yeah. I totally forgot. Thank you, ah! Then help me order some office plants, I want to send them to the English teacher’s office.” Finally, Mo Shaoqing stopped his mother’s hug. Causing Father Mo to be jealous is out of the question.

After receiving his mother’s task, Mo Shaoqing took some of his space’s plants to the flower market during the weekend to try his luck.

Unfortunately, none of the sellers looked at it, which led to Mo Shaoqing leaving the market. He understands that most of the merchants here are from Y Province where the goods are beautiful and inexpensive, so they are obviously unwilling to collaborate with private companies.



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