EGFS 2.2

After finishing the household chores, Mother Mo returned to the living room. She had experienced unbelievable events the past few days.

“Old Mo, what do you think about our son having amnesia, ah?”
Father Mo locked a box and put it into a safe. “How will I know if it is a blessing in disguise or not, ya! Let’s forget this and not talk about it again.”

“I will, I will.” Mother Mo promised repeatedly.

On the other side, Mo Shaoqing who was comfortably lying inside the bathtub couldn’t help but sigh contentedly. He rarely used a bathtub, the orphanage naturally doesn’t have one, while the public baths as well as his apartment have limited space so he can only take a shower. Now he can actually enjoy himself in a bathtub, this life is truly wonderful.

He accidentally touched the jade pendant in his chest, making Mo Shaoqing pay attention to it. He discovered that the jade unexpectedly has a crack.

As mentioned before, this jade pendant looks really cheap, it is because it doesn’t resemble jade but it looks more like a rock. Its surface is ashy and if not for the hint of green that is seen underneath, it is really hard to believe that this is actually a piece of jade.

And now, the jade pendant’s surface unexpectedly cracked. After following me for thirty years, don’t tell me that you’re actually breaking now? This made Mo Shaoqing, who reached this conclusion, panic and stopped bathing. He quickly wore his pajamas and rushed to his room.

He immediately locked the door, and then looked at the jade pendant. Mo Shaoqing doesn’t know if it is a misconception or not, but the crack seems to be getting bigger.

After a while, he started to believe that it isn’t an illusion, the cracks are indeed getting bigger. Is it really breaking? This pendant accompanied Shao Qing for thirty lonely years, and now just because Mo Shaoqing accidentally fell down the hill, and knocking it , it’s going to break?

Mo Shaoqing thought that being flustered is no good, he can only hold it carefully, hoping it wouldn’t continue cracking. He also wants to find glue to see if he could stick the pieces together. His heart was very anxious, and he feels sad and distressed.

After careful observation, Mo Shaoqing discovered that the cracks revealed a hint of green. He then made up his mind to carefully peel of the jade’s layer.

The green got even more abundant. It turns out that the original appearance of the stone is actually a jadeite. Mo Shaoqing got excited, and continued peeling off the shell.

Soon, the jade pendant’s appearance changed. A shining green color, pure and translucent, and it seems like it emits vitality when in the light.

It seems that there are words engraved subtly, which made Mo Shaoqing move nearer to the stone, it seems like the word “cloud”. In order to make sure he hasn’t misread, Mo Shaoqing brought the jade in front of the desk lamp so that he can look closer. Surprisingly, the jade pendant actually has a landscape painted inside. This made Mo Shaoqing feel very interested and unconsciouly placing the stone in front of his eyes.

Then there was a burst of dazzlement, it seems like he went to another world, the jade shows a distant mountain, and mist rising in spirals as if in paradise.

God, this….. Is this another space?

When Mo Shaoqing was still Shao Qing, he has seen some novels which has descriptions of space dimensions and fantasies about transmigrations. Will he own that kind of space? He foolishly tried to use blood, but it was useless. After experimenting with his blood, he immediately regretted it and thought that he was really stupid, pinning his hopes on an imaginary thing.

After this affair, he stopped thinking of this as a fantasy novel, and placed his thoughts on studying to get accepted into a famous university.

Surprisingly, he arrived in an empty space. In order to confirm his assumptions, Mo Shaoqing took a few steps and tentatively made a judgement. He truly is in a small space, the flowers, trees, even the grass under his feet is all real.

Mo Shaoqing suddenly remembered that day at the hospital, that one grandfather said―there will be a fortuitous meeting? a happy encounter? Don’t tell me it’s referring to this…? [T/N: No way!! it’s definitely you meeting your husband, ah!! Not you getting some overrated space!!]

That grandfather surely knew about his pendant’s secret, not the reason he reincarnated. Or perhaps this body’s has a secret. After all, this “worthless” jade pendant is like a family to him already.

Mo Shaoqing is now feeling regret for not listening to that old man’s words. He wished he could return and carefully ask about the situation, that’s much better than being confused about what’s happening now.

After the upsetting event, could this be his profit from the disaster? Reincarnation brought him parents, a sibling, and now a space dimension. Whether or not this is the Heavens’ compensation, he still has to thank the Heavens. Since I already arrived here, then I, Mo Shaoqing, will live well.

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11 thoughts on “EGFS 2.2

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I wonder if Mo Shaoqing’s circumstances really are that good, especially after that scene between the mom and dad while he’s in the bath.

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  2. I can´t remmeber his original death, why is this about food…somehow I remember that had to go to the orphanage to meet somebody with his friend and that´s all (about his pastlife…) I need to refresh everything…or piling up chapters to have a stronger impression? Ahh us leave to fate ahahah


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