EGFS 2.1

Chapter 2: Space

After the old man left, Mo Shaoqing went home with his family. As the car moved along the road to the city, the city’s outdated style was gradually exposed before Mo Shaoqing’s eyes. Simultaneously, he also found out that in his last few years, he was 30 years old and he has returned to 17 years ago.

In this small city, there are no high-rise buildings, no vehicles going to-and-fro, no smooth asphalt roads, people are walking along the shore. This simple and honest style makes Mo Shaoqing, who was subjected to the metropolis, feel extremely contented.

To Mo Shaoqing’s surprise, his dad actually owned a car. In this era, having a car means he ought to have pretty good family circumstances.

Sure enough, as he expected, Father and Mother Mo’s economic ability is obviously great. In the city, they bought an over-and-under duplex that was nearly 250 square-foot. Plus, because it is on the first floor, there is a small garden in their home.

Although this apartment’s appearance is something old-fashioned in the eyes of the future generation, this area in this district can presently be considered a mansion. The whole apartment is probably a 5-bed, 3-bath, and 2-hall layout. The unadorned furniture isn’t the yellow dusty kind, but the ones that doesn’t feel old at all.

His Mo family’s brother toured him around their home, and showed him his own room. Wat else would Mo Shaoqing feel incomparable excitement about? That is having a private space even if it was pretty small. Mo Shaoqing, who since childhood lived in a 20 square meter lodge, had to work independently to rent this private space in his past life.

His room was a typical boy’s room, a single bed by the window, light blue curtains blowing in the wind, sunlight spilling on his desk, with homework, family portrait, and scattered stationery on top, as if the owner never left.

In addition to the textbooks on the shelf, there were also famous books from both home and abroad, it seems that Father and Mother Mo has high expectations for him. On the wall is a poster of a leading male actor who was probably very popular at this time, a badminton racket, and a basketball.

Mo Shaoqing laid on the bed, now starting to accept reality. In just a few days, he had a new life: A young teenage body, an affectionate family, good family circumstances, everything, it simply feels like a dream. If this is a dream, then he really doesn’t to wake up at all. Mo Shaoqing concluded that this body’s life can be considered quite good. Now that he is the turtledove taking possession of the magpie’s nest, he can only silently say sorry.

However, he is still quite curious, is this world still his original world?

Through his understanding, this country is also known as China, and he is currently at a small city known as Y City. Because it is near to many first-tier cities, Y City’s economy is beginning to develop slowly. It is a tourist city with a splendid mountain scenery. The imperial capital here is also B City, it seems that everything is almost alike with his past life.

The key point here is the old jade pendant around his neck. He found out that it is also this home’s family heirloom. Regardless of why such an ordinary jade is a family heirloom, this proves that this body also owns a jade pendant.

Mo Shaoqing slowly walked through the second floor and saw that the study actually has a computer.

As expected, this world’s development is in accordance with his previous world’s timeline, even many major events are the same. So I returned to the past, Mo Shaoqing thought.

After a while, he returned to his room. Mo Shaoqing couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild, since he came to this world, what will happen to the other world’s Zhang Yi? How broken-hearted is he feeling? In addition, why didn’t President Shao inform him that someone is looking for their son? Before the car accident, why did he hesitate when calling him?

While having these thoughts, Mo Shaoqing fell asleep until just before dinner.

When he got up and washed his face, he remembered that he was no longer in his small rented room. Shao Qing is also gone, now only Mo Shaoqing, in a sense, has returned to the past.

On the dining table, Mother Mu meticulously prepared a bunch of meals and even inquired about Shaoqing’s well-being. She allowed Mo Shaoqing to experience the warmth of having a family, and learn more about their family. He is currently 13 years old, recently finishing his second year in middle school, his dad is currently working as a manager of a small company, his mother is a high school music teacher, and his brother, who is eight years older than him, just graduated from college and has recently found a job.

Mo Shaoqing’s grandfather had two sons, the older son is Mo Hanwu, and the younger son is Mo Hanwen, Mo Shaoqing’s father. Las year, Mo Hanwu died due to an illness. His wife, son, and elders behind. As for Mo Hanwu’s wife, Wang Lifang, she too, is a capable individual. Her in-laws take care of her son, Mo Shaoqing’s cousin, Mo Di. Apart from her in-law’s maintenance allowance, she isn’t very involved with them, as she relies on herself.

Grandmother Mo lost her eldest son, which resulted to emotional issues, then her little grandson got in an accident, making her heart suffer even more pain. She suddenly fell ill, making Grandfather Mo think about his family’s fortune which hasn’t been well in the past two years. He wanted to have a happy event, which made him think of the fourth generation. If there is a great-grandson, then Grandmother Mo might get better.

Within the third generation, Mo Shaohong is the eldest, and he just recently graduated from college, his work wasn’t that bad too. As the saying goes, get married and start a career, it is only natural that he get married after having a job. When Grandfather Mo shared his thoughts, the Mo couple immediately understood, so recently they have been busy setting blind dates for their eldest son!

And so, the dinner today focuses on convincing Mo Shaohong to go to another blind date. Anyways, the topic doesn’t have much to do with Mo Shaoqing, so he just listens.

After dinner, Mother Mo cleaned the kitchen, then immediately went to the bathroom to draw water, and commanded Mo Shaoqing, who was watching TV, to take a bath but also reminded him not to touch his wound. She even offered to help him with bathing, making Mo Shaoqing shy and panicky. He somewhat feels happy. It turns out that this is how it feels when you have a family that cares about you, ah?

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