EGFS 1.2

Shao Qing woke up in a hospital, he did not know how long he has slept, Zhang Yi’s buzzing noise wasn’t there, only him lying quietly on the bed.

The ward is very clean, its walls are painted blue and white, the floor filled with low-cost beige tiles, and the decorations are old fashioned, retaining last century’s style.

According to what Shao Qing knows, the imperial capital’s hospital doesn’t look this down and out. Did that kid Zhang Yi send him to a rural area’s hospital to save money? Shao Qing got alarmed by this thought.

His questions were quickly answered, the silence was broken when the ward was opened from the outside, and a large group came in. The doctors came first, followed by the patient’s family like in novels.

“Shao Qing, you finally woke up, I was worried to death, this child ah. If something happened to you, I too….” An elegant woman advanced and took him to her embrace.

The woman was about 40 years old, with a fair complexion, a mole within her eyebrow, and a smiling countenance.

Shao Qing, who had just woken up, was still a little muddle-headed. The woman’s hug made him feel uncomfortable, as he had never been this close to a woman, even if she was middle-aged.

Fortunately, the doctor came to his rescue. He just woke up and he’s suddenly being hugged so tightly that he couldn’t breathe.

“The patient is no longer in a critical condition, he just needs to rest well and stay for several days, then he can soon be discharged.” After a simple examination, the doctor gave his conclusion.

This gave Shao Qing a brief understanding of his current status. This small emaciated body, in which way is it Shao Qing ah, it absolutely can’t be! Even with Shao Qing’s great temper, in his mind, he can’t help but scold this effeminate body. What is it with this situation, ah!

Next was some great aunts who asked solicitously about his well-being. Shao Qing didn’t answer anything he know, everything was answered with “En” and “Yes”. Afterwards, he quickly used dizziness as an excuse, wanting to rest again, succesfully making the woman together with the rest of the relatives leave.

After returning to a tranquil state, Shao Qing finally realized the situation he is in. It is very likely that he is reincarnated, ah, no, it could be a transmigration. Shao Qing carefully inspected his own body and found a piece of old jade with him. This little thing actually came with him.

Shao Qing staggered to the bathroom and saw a familiar but also unfamiliar sight in the mirror. He was atleast 160 cm, thin and small, as if seeing the him more than ten years ago.

The only difference is at that time, he was not well-nourished and his hair was thin and his skin was yellow. Although he is thin now, he has a good complexion.

Could this be reincarnation? But he had no parents, the woman who came in and hugged him was probably his mother, no, the mother of this body.

So this could be a parallel world, or still his original world. Could he have transmigrated and was with his biological parents, or this is still his original world with parents who adopted him? No, in the original world, he is only an ordinary B City orphan. This place is obviously not B City.

The more I think about it, the more I want to stop. Shao Qing told himself that it is important to understand his current situation.

Shao Qing calmly imformed his mother that he lost his memories. It surprised him when his mother quickly accepted this statement instead of correcting Shao Qing’s misunderstanding, he even thought that he needed to console his mother for a long time. After all, she looked very emotional.

Then, this body’s mother told him a lot of things about himself. In short, it is completely different from his previous life.

By this, Shao Qing, ah, wrong, now he’s called Mo Shaoqing, it is truly a coincidence that this body is called through this name, it may be in this way that they are connected.

Mo Shaoqing’s family has four people, apart from his father, Mo Hanwen and his mother, Yu Xiarong, he also has an older brother, Mo Shaohong. In addition to that, he also has paternal grandparents and isn’t lacking in cousins. He has to say, this kind of family, when you’re an orphan, it’s truly very attractive.

This reincarnation, that he can barely call reincarnation, he is very satisfied. And there are still some memories in his head that allowed him to understand the cryptic southern dialect.

After the doctor allowed him to be discharged from the hospital, Mo Shaoqing finally met this body’s father and older brother.

It seems that his big brother is much bigger than him, with a mature appearance, and fair-skin that makes him look handsome.

Dad is an ordinary middle-aged man, dressed in a suit with a gentle temperament. He, however, doesn’t show the ordinary middle-aged man’s physique. He has a well-maintained figure.

The pair is also very concerned about him, asking about his well-being, and immediately assisting him with packing up, not wanting to waste a moment.

At this time, Mo Shaoqing just now became aware that he was playing in his grandmother’s countryside home, and accidentally fell down the hill.

He has been staying in the countryside hospital for several days. The hospital is particularly small, with two low-rise buildings as the inpatient and outpatient department, and a small garden in the middle.

Not so far away, there was an old man, who wore a Tang suit, basking in the sun.

Seeing Mo Shaoqing’s gaze, the old man stood up from his chair, walking towards him.

Mo Shaoqing quickly felt goosebumps in his skin, feeling that he was seen through.

“Grandpa, you…” Mo Shaoqing have no choice but to speak first.

“This little friend has an extraordinary history, ah!” The old man touched his beard. Merely a single sentence and Mo Shaoqing got so frightened that he is nailed to his spot. Could it be that the matter about him being reincarnated got found out?

“I watched the stars last night, it is known for sure that there is a noble who will arrive today, and I came here to wait…. Little friend is bound to have a fortuitous meeting with a foreigner, ah!” After that, the old man gave him an eyeful of expectation.

“Eh….” Mo Shaoqing did not know whether to laugh or cry, he was too guilty, “but, I have no money!” Yes, Mo Shaoqinq felt that this person is most likely a swindler.

“You don’t believe me, aiya!” Seeing Mo Shaoqing’s unmoved apperance, the old man hated iron for not becoming steel, and left in disbelief. “You don’t believe me.”

Mo Shaoqing continued to act innocent.

“Ai! The time hasn’t come, so I won’t say anything anymore. You must take care of yourself!” Then continued basking in the sun.

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