EGFS 1.1

Chapter 01: Rebirth or Transmigration

In the heart of B City lies the central business district, there are several tall glass buildings, from low-rise to high-rise buildings, they are scattered with a 110-story building at the center that emits fascinating radiance under the sun. This group of buildings is a working paradise that both Z country and even the world’s top talents aspire to work for: Claire Group.

The Claire Group is a part of the top 50 companies in the world, under them are world-class supermarkets, malls, and five-star hotels. They also dabble in real estate and luxury goods and so on. Shao Qing just so happened to work in a company that rents an office building that is owned by Claire Group.

Shao Qing is an orphan who is born and bred at B City. This man’s best feature, apart from his great appearance, was his ability to strive hard. At the orphanage, he obtained an opportunity to study all the way to grad school, and then he found a relatively stable job.

However, companies are huge competition fields, obviously no one can do well independently. In addition to the competitive workplace, there are also those who excludes others, or gets excluded. Shao Qing belongs to the latter.

He has no power, and no relations, so being flattered would be unlikely. He was supposed to be promoted but it got set aside. He’s really tired of this kind of life, so he resigned. Seeing the startled face of his boss, he has to admit, gives an invigorating feeling in his heart.

When Shao Qing, with his stuff, was leaving the company, he saw a group of impeccably attired elites escorting a young man towards the entrance of Claire Group’s headquarters.
He could not help but sigh: “How could the difference between us be so great?”

Some people are born with golden spoons, while others are destined to have a mediocre life.

Of course, at this time, Shao Qing did not know that the man in front of him was actually Claire Group’s new chairman. Otherwise, he would certainly say that the saddest thing in the world is that he resigned, while others are appointed as a new official.

After sending the subsidies he received to the orphanage, he headed home. This home is a one-bedroom and one-hall apartment that he rented in the capital, his solace in this vast metropolis aside from the orphanage.

Sometimes Shao Qing wonders about how great it would be if he finds his parents, he would have a home of his own and he wouldn’t have to work so hard.

But except for a cheaply priced jade pendant, he can’t find anything valuable that could be used to identify his family.  Just relying on this to look for his parents is practically complete nonsense so he can only bury this thought deep in his heart.

“I’ve resigned, and I have to pay the rent, but I have no money.” Shao Qing let out a bitter laugh. However, he has always been optimistic, so he stopped complaining and started to cook.

In order to get by, as soon as Shao Qing became an adult, he worked part-time on all his rest days: advertising, washing dishes, working as an attendant, and giving out fliers, all of these he did without exception.  Among those, he worked at restaurants the most, starting from 5 AM to 10 PM, from washing plates to assisting, this allowed him to learn a lot of cooking skills.

“Ding ling ling, Ding ling ling…”

“Hello, Zhang Yi, ah, is there something wrong?” Shao Qing cradled the phone by his ear as he continued to cook a dish.

“Old Shao, I have huge news for you…Did you know that an especially rich boss has been making rounds to several orphanages in B City looking for a child? He even brought a letter, with bodyguard following him, really super wealthy! So yeah, if you have nothing to do this afternoon, then come over now.”

“Ah? I did not hear about this!”

The one who called Shao Qing was a childhood friend from the orphanage. A really good friend–Zhang Yi.

However, he sometimes speaks exaggeratedly. The big boss he talked about, who was supposedly super rich, Shao Qing felt that this statement is too excessive.

“Ah? No one really told you about this? There aren’t a lot of people who met the criteria, some people moved to provinces after they grew up, I secretly heard that we are born in the same year as the one the boss was looking for…… It’s either me or you who’s going to flourish, hahahaha.”

Hearing his friend’s wretched laughter, Shao Qing hung up the phone quietly. The one they are looking for haven’t necessarily stayed in B City, ah, but he couldn’t fight against Zhang Yi’s enthusiasm because he knows that even though Zhang Yi shows a carefree attitude, in his heart he also longs for family just like him. He just uses his excessiveness as a mask.

Shao Qing never thought of flying to the top and becoming an aristocratic young master. But even so, he wants to believe it will happen and holds a very low expectation, and there is also that token. He must take a look. He really wants to find his parents, even if they are not in this world anymore, he wants to know who he is, where he comes from, and who his relatives are.

Carelessly eating two mouthfuls of his meal, Shao Qing impatiently flags down a taxi to go to the orphanage. As for how nervous he was, it is not as bad as wanting to collapse, but since he got on the taxi, Shao Qing’s heart welled up with a strange feeling. There was a hint of expectation, as if someone was waiting for him, which made Shao Qing even more anxious than usual during a traffic jam.

He wanted to contact President Shao, but President Shao’s actions made him hesitate. President Shao who has always spoken forwardly, but was kind and gentle, at this time unexpectedly stammers. President Shao who always loved Shao Qing, shows an awfully suspicious attitude, which made Shao Qing more eager to investigate.

When the cars finally started moving, Shao Qing kept urging the driver to hurry, hurry, hurry up.

At the moment of the car accident, his mind was unexpectedly clear.

People all say that before they die, they will remember the happiest and most unforgettable times in their life. At the moment, the one he remembered is his hardship in childhood. In order to survive, he had to choose a job he does not like, working hard alone in a metropolis….

So, is this how his life ends?

No, he can’t let go, he lived like this for 30 years yet he hasn’t found his parents, hasn’t even found love. He had always wanted to rent a shop to fulfill his dreams and all. He really can’t let go, for what reason did the Heavens treat him this way?

Then he fell into a coma. Therefore, he did not see the jade in his chest bursting into green light.


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  1. Seems interesting.
    I’m sure the ‘child’ they’re looking for is him right :’)
    And did the Orphanage head sabotage him ….?
    Oh well, hope his second life comes along soon! It’d be exciting~


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